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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band74.4
Band Length58.9
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width14.6
Cup depth29.0
Depth ratio2.0
Wire length22.9
Cup height17.8
Cup separation0.6
Gore height5.1
Wing height11.4
Strap width1.9
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After my recent Pl win with Biscuit, I definitely wanted to add Cappucci-nowy to my collection. I’ve wanted this bra since the first arrival of the Cappuccino.
*All pictures taken without the cookies.
I actually love this bra! It’s a very date night sexy bra. It’s more open then Biscuit, with Biscuit giving more of a sweetheart shape, but I’m not mad. The tan color is nice and looks like a tan color on my skin tone. The black lace is nice and I love the strap detail that runs up the front of the straps for a few inches. The black lace over tan runs along the bottom of the rocker to the side of the bra where it meets the black back-band fabric. The the back-band has a 3x4 closure. The straps are black with a sheen finish to the center of the elastic with scalloped edging. There is a black satin knotted bow on the center gore with a diamond pendant. The bow knot has a loop that allows you to attach the fancy elastic straps. The elastic straps also attach using small black rings that are where the small black bows sit on the top of the front elastic detail.

I purchased the panties in my usual size 38. These definitely give off a girdle vibe lol. But these aren’t your grandmother’s girdle. They definitely give compression and shape you. I feel due to the compression fabric they run a little on the small side if you’re just looking for regular feeling undies. There is a sheer nude overlay over the nude center panel with matching black lace lining the edge. There is a nude satin bow at the top of the front. The side hip portion is a solid matte power fabric. The panel from the side to the back is a more sheer black power stretch fabric that then attaches to the back portion of matte power stretch fabric that covers your behind. There is a black bow at the back top. All elastic is black. There is a tan cotton gusset in the crotch of the panties. Very cute, almost has a retro vibe to it.

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Updated on Jul 02, 2021 Flag this

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  • 1

    If you look good in black, the world is your oyster in lingerie, lol. I like how tan cup compliments your skin tone - very flattering, I think! Great purchase!

  • 2

    BraOdyssey I wish I looked good in black lol. I have dark dishwater blonde hair and swamp water green eyes lol. I think the tan on this helps me get away from it looking too harsh on me. I’m more of a navy or grey kind of girl. I wish Ewa would make more PL’s with color. I’m tempted to ask if they can make me a PL Amazing.

  • 2

    Yay I’m glad this worked for you! It looks great on you. It really is a stunning bra in person IMO

  • 3

    The band on this one in my size was hella tight. Looks like yours was tts

  • 2

    margesimpson I’d say this is pretty TTS. Usually black bras seem to always run on the small side, so it was a pleasant surprise that this one didn’t. I’m finding that I get better band fit in Ewa bras that don’t have the lace that continues on to the back-band.

  • 2

    Yeah I find the none lace covered bands are usually too small. But some of the non lace ones in my size range are inconsistent. Thank goodness for bra extenders! LOL

  • 2

    Looks so good! Thanks for comparing it with the biscuit. I almost ordered the biscuit from Levana but I went with this one instead and hopefully it gets here soon (USPS has it somewhere). Knowing myself, I will probably end up with both lol

  • 2

    WildWolff Lol I ended up with both since I figured I needed a nudish color as well as a dark color. I purchased both from Lavana and can confirm USPS is crazy slow. I swear they must have walked from the bra shop to my house wearing it fit it to take this long lol. My biscuit nursing bra (for cross back bra science) was supposed to be here today. But as usual, it’s “running late” and the delivery day will be rescheduled. I’ve had DHL ship from Poland faster than what it takes for a bra to come from Pennsylvania to Southern California lol.

  • 2

    Happy2BraShop yeah mine was supposed to be here today and now it just says "arriving late." I've had two other orders from Levana that have come in 6-7 days. I could pay more for better shipping but less money on shipping means more money for bras lol. I'm assuming it's the holiday weekend backing things up. I will keep shopping from Levana because I love Judy and it's much easier than ordering direct. If you want bras that she doesn't have listed she will order them for you. She also let me know recently what styles she had on the way in my size and I may end up with some of those lol

  • 2

    WildWolff Totally agree. I’ll definitely keep shopping there. Customer service is amazing! It’s just a bummer our postage system lags like crazy.
    I also like ordering direct for EM. I’ve never had a bad experience, and I’ve ordered a few custom pieces. Right now I’m waiting for my Heaven to get mailed out.
    Every time a new bra comes, my husband gives my pile of bras I don’t wear a look lol. It’s my pile of “one day they might fit again” even tho I know they never will lol.

  • 3

    Happy2BraShop I have yet to order directly. I planned to this summer but right now I'm kind of between cup sizes and may be growing/migrating a bit so I'll wait for that to settle before I make a big order.
    My husband is somehow not at all upset with my ever growing bra collection lol every time I get mail he says "is it a bra?" but we both have a budget for our hobbies and he spends as much on a video game as I do on a Polish bra.
    If you have anything Polish in your don't wear pile in my size I would give it a happy home! But I get the feeling of not wanting to get rid of something you love.

  • 3

    WildWolff I’ll look to see what I have. I know I have some 65G’s floating around that never fit me or probably never will fit me again lol. I’d rather them go to a home where they’ll be well lived. I’ll look tomorrow to see what I got. :-)

  • 2

    Happy2BraShop that would be awesome! No rush though, it's a holiday weekend.

  • 3

    Happy2BraShop , if you have anything in my size that you want to part with I will happily take a look! : ) But I think my band size is 2 inches bigger than yours. I still wear 30's for the support. Plus, I like pastel colours...Plus, I'm in Canada, but I think Paypal shipping is the best way? I just found this article and it was cheaper to ship to the U.S. (with tracking, no less...) than to ship in my own country with tracking. But I will gladly pay used bra prices & shipping, but only if you want to get rid of stuff. Hah! that's so funny you're in SoCal - I lived in SoCal for 3 years, and in California for nine years. It where I got all of my freckles, lol.

  • 1

    Are the psnties made entirely of the compression fabric? Does it cause quad-bum?

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