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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band70.0
Band Length56.0
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width13.5
Cup depth24.5
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length28.0
Cup height20.0
Cup separation1.8
Gore height8.5
Wing height10.3
Strap width1.9
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Where to start? OMG.

OK, to begin, this was the first Polish brand (in fact, this particular set) that I "noticed" after first trying Ewa Michalak.

How, why, I don't know, but this brand(and set) has been on my radar for more than 6 months. At regular price, Samanta is a little "pricey" though (i.e. like EM) so I was nervous to try without being able to make returns.

But, when they had a sale and I had already tried so many other Polish brands, I sent MagdaBras4you a message asking her to please place me an order so we could try the brand.

I am not disappointed. At all. This was money well-spent.

This brand is QUALITY. There is so much good to say about it. The fit is different though, as will be apparent from my photos, measurements and comments.

Delight is peach. PURE peach. This is probably the "prettiest" bra in my drawer. When Magda received it, she too, immediately LOVED the colours and embroidery.

This style, A922, is Samanta's deepest, fullest cup and is the style they recommend for large, soft breasts. I don't have particularly large or soft breasts, but I do have very projected breasts and I was told that this is also their deepest cup, so I decided to try it. I also chose this one over their other softcup styles because all the others have detachable straps and I LOATHE detachable straps. Seriously. It's hatred.

Anyhow, I digress.

This bra has U-shaped wires. They are true and pure U-shaped. The cups are narrow and VERY deep. VERY deep. I barely fill them. Just barely. If I scoop and swoop, I don't fill them. OMG. For the first time, I don't scoop and swoop. In fact, there is a little bit of empty space at the bottom, as can be seen by the wrinkling in the pics.

Let me tell you, there is SPACE at the bottom of this cup. If you are FOB, this bra is a pure goldmine because that's where it's space is.

Also notable is how sheer this bra is considering that it comes in sizes so much larger than mine. This is soft, sexy and feminine. Even the side sling almost disappears.

The cups on this bra are tall though. Very much so. They almost eat my armpits. I wonder what it would fit like if I sized down...

...but at this size, I get a SOLID tack. Top to bottom, full tack. Yoo-hoo.

The cradle and gore are also the same power-mesh lined knitwear as the band. STRENGTH. This band is firm and VERY TTS for a 65. If you struggle to find a tight band, look no further. These are like Ewa bands. And, Samanta even makes size 60 bands. this size, only 2 hooks per row. This is a bit of a disappointment, but VERY common in my size of 65G.

Straps. These straps are decorated and PADDED. These have got to be the dreamiest straps I have ever experienced. They're also on the semi-soft I have from this brand, btw. The BEST. I LOVE them and they have plenty of room for adjustment. I am only half way up with the slider.

The panties have no seams on the edges at the back. Zero panty lines. This is terrific. They are VERY TTS for a Small. I find them a little loose, which means they are TTS for a Small.

This bra set is gorgeous and of very high quality. The fit is different though and the resulting "look" is different. What do you all think??

Updated on Jul 10, 2019 Flag this

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    gratiat Had asked if this bra could compare to the Ewa Michalak SM style. This bra fits nothing like it a SM. SM is MUCH shallower at the bottom of the cup, so it gives more of a push up effect than this bra. In terms of style, quality, beauty of embroidery: yes, ABSOLUTELY on par with EM.

  • gratiat

  • 1

    Another wonderful and enlightening review!!

  • 2

    Fabulous review! Keep ‘em coming. I’m making my shopping list. :D

  • I love the peach! Looks great on you. Where did you see the 60 bands? Last I looked they only had a 65M.

  • Stunning!

  • 1

    Sovavosi Not many left...largest cup in 60 band is K.

    Maybe they're phasing out because their bands are pretty small as is, and not enough demand.

  • 1


  • AGBras not surprised. Thanks anyway!

  • 1

    OMG this is beautiful-thanks for the comparison to SM. I still love it so much and I'm definitely adding this to my dream list. It looks amazing on you, and it's useful to know it runs deep.

  • 1

    Agree, this is a great bra. I have one exactly like this and in fact, I happened to wear it today! It's was very hot here today and it's a good bra for hot weather.

    It suits you very well - great fit!

    My breasts and soft and heavy and this provides lift and support for them.

  • That looks amazing! I would love to try this brand.
    It does look like the bra is really high in your armpit; does that big you? I have that issue with Ewa bras more often than not, and it makes them nigh unwearable until I move that elastic and the straps over so they are narrower. (Thank goodness for sewing machines)
    Would you say the straps are set wider, the same, or narrower than Ewa bras?
    Also, if you don't mind me asking, how much did this bra cost?

  • I meant "bug" not "big" you hahah

  • mandapandarawks you kill me. Lol.

    The straps aren't really wider, but the cup is taller, so yes, it comes up into my tail of spence about 1/2cm more. It bugs me a little but I'm not particularly sensitive and I wear a different style bra everyday so irritation is very very rare.

    I did a photo comparison for you of A922 vs BM:

    This season, Samanta has released a new full cup style - A143 - that seems to have closer straps. I'm eager to try.

  • 1

    Oh that comparison helps a lot! Thanks for taking the time to do that. :3

    I might have to try one of these. This brand is on my next to buy list for sure!

  • mandapandarawks my pleasure! I realized that it would be good to put them with the rest of the pics of the bra for future reference, so i did.
    NB. In semisoft I can get away with 65G but should size up and A142 in need 65H. This cut is definitely the deepest I have ever had in 65G apart from a KL Sicila that I own which is uncharacteristically deep for that brand/size.

  • 1

    mandapandarawks - if you would think it might be in your size range and you'd like me to send you my 70H to try on for idea on fit, PM me. I think I owe you one as I am the current beneficiary of the neon Kostar that's floating aground the universe looking for someone to fit.

  • Ohhh, that would be awesome! I'll send you a PM :) If the cups are super deep, it might fit me!
    Lol that poor Kostar bra... I hope it finds a loving home.

  • Ooh! I love the peach! The idea of deep cups is wonderful, but it’s the cup height and armpit eater that scares me from it. I need 9.5-10” depth but it’s really dependent on 1) how wide the wires/cups are 2) how deep at the wire they are 3) how tall the cups are and 4) how open or closed off they are on top.

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