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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band67.3
Band Length57.8
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width14.3
Cup depth19.7
Depth ratio1.4
Wire length21.9
Cup height15.2
Cup separation1.9
Gore height6.4
Wing height8.9
Strap width1.6
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Didn't fit

I really wanted this bra to work, and it almost did! The band felt perfect when worn backward, so I think it was a function of the cups being too small. Swooping and scooping made everything painfully tight, so I made things “settle” before I took pictures (some of which weirdly didn’t upload?). Boobage was escaping out the sides and the top, and the wires were really cutting into me right where the front of my body transitions into the side of my body. Even with things settled, it still felt much too tight in the band, the bottom of the cup went unfilled, and my boobs were looking for every chance at escape. I think I’ve got the right band size, but am either 1 or 2 cups two small.

Updated on Feb 25, 2019 Flag this

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    Sorry it didn't fit right. Are you planning on exchanging it?

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    It’s definitely small. Sorry. I think that you’re bigger than me (?) and I need 65HH. Will you try another size?

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    Did you order from breakoutbras? If so, the good news is easy returns, but their sizes often seem different, cups smaller, than bras direct from Comexim.

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    Whoa! Yes, this is definitely too small. Are your body measurements up to date? They look very far afield from the measured depth on this bra, that's the only reason I'm wondering. If you're now a bit smaller, a 2-cup jump should do the trick--if you are still the same as those measurements suggest you may need more depth.

    Are you wearing a J-hook or crossing the straps in these photos? Some people need to do that all the time, so I wondered if that is how you normally would wear this bra? If so, for a good fit you need to not only figure out your conventional cup depth--but then you also need to determine, based on the cup's shape and proportions, whether you would then need to size up FURTHER to get a good fit with the cups tilted more centrally, as they are when a J-hook is used (sorry that sounded convoluted, haha!)

    Perhaps you know this and take it into account systematically already but since this bra was such a tight squeeze, I thought maybe you were still in the process of figuring out this brand. They tend to run small and narrow in your size range, so if you have any side boob volume at all, any time you want to wear the straps this way, you want to make sure that that side volume will have enough room. I have virtually no side tissue but even in brands that run much wider and larger in the cup, if I use the J-hook in my regular size, it can easily displace the outer wire/cup forward juuuust enough to mess up the fit--so I size up 1 cup usually.

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    Wilderness1 and veggiechic Yes, I definitely want to try other sizes. I mostly tried this size because of the 65J 3HC I got recently, which is hilariously huge on me, so I figured I was more than 2 cups off and sized way, way down. It was a Bratabase bra though, not a Breakout Bra, so I can’t return it, but I got a very good deal; it’ll eventually get listed when I don’t need it around for comparing sizes/fits/cuts within Comexim.

  • Calluna I’ll definitely try another size, probably 65HH. I tried a 65J Ingrid from Breakout Bras, and never reviewed it because I didn’t quite know how to put into words that it felt a little too small swooped and scooped, but comically huge as soon as things settled. The 65J 3HC I got recently threw me off though in terms of sizing and made me think I was thinking way too big, but maybe that’s just because it’s a different cup cut than the others I’ve tried?

  • wendybien my body measurements are from October 2018, so it’s been a while. I haven't had to change clothes sizes in any way or had any major lifestyle changes, so I haven’t thought I’d need to update it. If anything I’d assume I’d gone smaller, but I’ll check up on that when I get the time.

    And no, actually, but I am one of those people who has to have them crossed all the time, so it’s funny you mention that! My right shoulder has some issues, so it cannot bear much weight, and just about everything will immediately slip off of it unless it’s at an angle that it can’t, or tightened to hell and pushed as close to my neck as possible (which is what’s been done in this photo). This bra has no j-hook and can they multiway, but once I find a bra that fits me, I plan to alter the straps to multiway. I had no idea though that it could change what size bra I’d get.

    Years ago, a 26GG/55J from Anna Pardal by Comexim was the only bra I could get to fit me. Perfectly! But time passed, and I’ve clearly changed sizes, so I’ve largely been focusing on Comexim since they made the only bra that fit me before. I’ve tried a 65J from Breakout Bras (maybe too big? Fit weirdly to the point it was hard to review), a 65J 3HC (HUUUGE on me, even more dramatically than this bra is small), and this bra. I’m going to be trying a 65HH plunge next. I know I’ve got the band size right, so now it’s a matter of cups.

  • wendybien Sorry I failed to tag you in the above post, I tried!

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    Robras ok I am a teeny bit less confident about the effect of crossing straps since I really only have 2 bras where I do that, but when I think of how they work with straps crossed vs. not crossed, and just picturing what it does in terms of repositioning the cups, I do think it will still have a similar effect to a J-hook--just more of a moderate effect because crossed straps aren't secured to one another in the middle of your back so there's a little more leeway for the boobs to "pull back" against the tension of the more-centered straps compared to the really strong central pull from a J-hook..

    But so, yes, if my reasoning is right, I would think you'd still benefit from choosing sizes based on the assumption that your strap positioning will tilt the cups in a wee bit and even bring the outer wire ends forward slightly. This does open up more space at the center which is good for fitting center fullness, but can also create more than you need causing either spillage in the theoretically "right" cup volume or gaping in a larger volume. Plus, since Comexim is notoriously narrow, this effect might cause you to get wire sitting on tissue at the sides, idk, hard to speculate. I see you have an unusual number of nonwired styles in your bra list so if you've noticed lots of bras cause discomfort in the underarm area that might be a factor to consider, together with wing height of course.

    Just generally, I've noticed--and heard other people comment--that changing size, or even going back to a size we've been before, typically changes our shape enough that the same brands that used to be perfect aren't great anymore, and the brands we couldn't wear sometimes now turn out to be an excellent option. So don't be scared to experiment--you may find new choices out there!

    I do remember that in the past couple years, at Nordstrom Rack, amazon and elsewhere I noticed a lot of paramour/felina molded cups in racerback styles. Most of them fitted freakishly large in cup and small/firm in band: I needed a 34 (34!!!) band to be able to breathe (bearing in mind my underbust is a bit under 28" these days, snug not even break-the-tape tight). So, I am not sure if they are still in circulation or if they have since rectified the weird sizing but if the same ones are still around, I think they could be worth looking at for anyone who needs this centered strap positioning.

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    Robras i believe multi-way conversion is one of the alterations you can request from Comexim directly as well.

  • cupandahalf Yes! I’ve asked about this. I want to make sure I get my size correct before I place an order though, so I’ve been delaying it.

    wendybien First off, thank you for all the info! I pretty religiously stick to multiways over the J-hook because with one shoulder so sunken, the hook ends up way off center and uncomfortably under my shoulder blade.

    I had NO IDEA about that with regard to changing sizes – I thought your shape always stayed he same, and only your size changed. Mayhaps I’ll have a bit of exploring to do!

    I have a ton of non-wired bras. 80% of which are not listed here because I haven’t gotten around to all of them! Anyhow, that’s because it’s a lot easier to find sports bras that multiway and let my shoulder move pain-free than it is to find underwire bras in the right size. I get little support, but I can cross my straps in the back.

    Bras being too tall and having wings that come too high at the sides is a chronic issue for me. Charlotte form Parfait by Affinitas fits me PERFECTLY in 28H, except its wings and wires are too high at the armpits.

    I live SUPER rurally, so trying things on in-store is rarely an option :/

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Fit information

On Nov 2018 View measurements

Underwire length:
Is too short on the side, boobs escape
Bottom of the cup:
Can't quite fill it
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)
Band fit:
I can fasten it, but it feels too tight
Cup's width:
Outer cup cuts into breast tissue in the sides

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65G - Comexim » Basic Plunge Bra (170)

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65G - Comexim » Basic Plunge Bra (170)

65G - Comexim » Basic Plunge Bra (170)

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