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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band69.9
Band Length54.6
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width12.7
Cup depth23.6
Depth ratio1.9
Wire length22.9
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.3
Gore height5.8
Wing height10.2
Strap width1.8
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This is my first Anna Pardal bra, in the "Sophisticate Balconette" cut. I'd almost completely given up on Comexim after 3 failed attempts. But what a wonderfully pleasant surprise this bra turned out to be!! THIS bra is that "perfect fit" I've been searching for!!

I never would've even come close to achieving this amazing fit if it weren't for Jaimie's help at Bra Obsessed!!! If I had ordered this bra myself, I know I never would've ordered it in THIS size! Thankfully, Jaimie knows exactly what she's doing! She's terrific! After reviewing tons of pics and analyzing my size and shape (mostly by looking over my entire Bratabase profile) she was able to recommend the correct sizes for me to try. If they didn't fit, I could easily return or exchange them. But there is no need. Every bra (all 4 of them) that I ordered thru her with her suggestions has fit to a tee!!! I'm so happy!! And I'm super grateful she was kind enough to take the time to help me so much!! I can't find a single thing wrong with this bra. It feels like a perfect mold of my own boobs!! Haha!! I've never had such a perfect fit in a bra!! The gore tacks perfectly, without digging in, the cups are filled perfectly without any gaping or quad boob, the edge of the cups lay perfectly against my boob, the straps are perfectly placed, the wires hug the outside of my boob just right, the wings are perfect height and the band is exactly how I like it - tight and snug on the first hook. And with 3 rows and 3 columns of hooks I feel the extra support I like without the band moving an inch up my back. I've kept the bra on since I first tried it on over an hour ago and still no complaints. A bit snug, but not uncomfortably so. The cups are a little crinkly right now but the bra just needs to be broken in.

I will say, the band and cup on this do run on the smaller side. Just to give you an idea, I normally wear a 65FF/60G in Ewa Michalak, and a 28G in most UK brands (32DDD in VS). So I wasn't expecting this bra to even come close to fitting in a 30GG!! But I'm very happy I listened to Jaimie and took her advice" alt=":)" /> The band on this bra only stretched to about 27.5"!!! It's more of a true 28 than it is a 30. So I would def suggest sizing up in both band and cup.

Overall, I'm ecstatic with the fit of this bra. And I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you shoot Jaimie an email at Bra Obsessed if you're having a hard time pinpointing your size! The bras may be a bit more pricey, but it's so worth it!!!!!! That price includes special, individualized, personal fitting/sizing assistance, along with the convenience of not having to special order in Polish!! Lol!!

Finally decided to pull this baby out for a nice, cozy rainy day. Wore it all day and night but when the time came, I couldn't wait to get it off!! Not the most comfortable bra I've worn. And I just prefer a smoother fabric under shirts. I also feel like it was a bit too minimizing. I'm a padded bra kind of girl, and I like a bit more "oomph!" It's a shame, esp since Anna Pardal is no more" alt=":(" /> But I would've loved another one in a different fabric and perhaps with cookie inserts. It would be my dream bra! Hopefully, it just needs to be broken in, it's still pretty stiff and scratchy.

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Feb 09, 2016 Flag this

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  • 2

    This is so gorgeous on you! What a perfect fit! :) That color is so lovely for you. So glad it worked out well!

  • 3

    Looks absolutely perfect on you! That deep red is so rich and sophisticated looking. Did you order this bra with any alterations or is it just a normal 30GG? What a beautiful fit!

  • 3

    Thank you :) It's so pretty, even prettier in person!! I LOVE the red print with the overlaying black mesh!! Honestly, all 3 previous Comexim bras that I have tried were with alterations - the Snow with a reduced gore, the Brigitte with both reduced gore and cups, and then the Dottie with just reduced cups (hot disaster!). I was advised by Jaimie (and other fellow BTB users) to try the bra with NO alterations! Anna Pardal does have some adjustments that are standard since they are so popularly requested. The ONLY alterations I asked for were the 3 rows and columns of hooks, and the overalapping wires since I have very close-set boobs - I left everything else as is. So there was never any need to alter the cups or the gore. I think next I'll try another Comexim bra the same way, without all the alterations!

  • 3

    I think I mentioned that once, that you don't appear to need reduced cups ;-) I suspected you were in this size range. I'm soooo glad you finally got a Comexim that fits, and it really looks amazing on you :) I sense a bra wardrobe re-do coming up!!

  • 4

    I agree, lovely fabric on this bra and it is indeed a PERFECT fit!
    Your boobs may be growing if you previously fit in a VS 32DDD because that is a significantly smaller cup than this Anna Pardal, not to mention a lot shallower, so the real available cup volume on the front of the body (where you need it) would be even smaller.

  • 3

    wow, sooooooo pretty! It looks great on you!

  • 1

    YES!! That was you, who suggested that. So, thank you!!! Lol!! You were def right! I really didn't think it could make such a huge difference in the overall fit! I went from horrible disaster to Hallelujah!! Lol! And this is def a good thing, but not so much for my wallet. that I know my size, it's all over. Lol!!

    And i def wouldn't mind if the girls may have gotten a tad bigger ;) Always a plus. But this bra does run small, the measurements on this bra are smaller than most of the 28G's I've tried (not just the band, but the cup width and cup depth)!! I'll have to re-measure myself to see. But that is almost always the problem I run into with VS - cups too wide and depth too shallow. But heaven forbid they expand their size range beyond a 32 band or a DDD cup!! Lol!! So outdated.

  • 2

    lcl0706 One of AP's design features in G+ is reduced cups, so this does actually have reduced cups. In this size, the straps are moved in 2cm and the gore is lowered as well, compared with a regular Comexim or AP Classic Plunge.

  • 4

    OK ignore my earlier comment... I just looked at the record of your VS habit. You're right, those are just too small. There is a reason all the VS models actually have quite small breasts. Those bras are not made for busty people, much less busty and projected!

  • 1

    Yes!! On the AP website, it shows which alterations come standard, as they're most frequently requested. If you wish not to have them, you can "uncheck" what you don't want. I'm honestly not quite sure since I didn't order this myself. I went thru Jaimie at Bra Obsessed and it was suggested I leave everything as is. I do know with this "Sophisticate Balconette" cut, the cups (and the gore I believe as well) are already reduced some. And the straps are moved in 2cm, which comes as part of the standard alterations. This cut is like a cross between the Balconette and Plunge combined. Check out the Anna Pardal site. You'll see the different styles and what comes standard. But this cut is EXACTLY what my girls needed ;) It's perfect! I'll have to ask Jaimie exactly what alterations were made.

    And VS, ugh, I love 'em and hate 'em!!! And the fit is far from perfect, never even comes close (esp for us sub-32 bands). Last time I was there, they had maybe 3 32DDD bras total in stock and the girl kept trying to talk me into "my sister size" of a 34DD! Lol! I told her I had a 27" underbust and could barely get by with the 32, and I was swimming in the 34's. She had no words, haha, looked like a deer caught in headlights! She simply apologized and suggested I order online for a "wider selection." I said "No thank you, but have a nice day!" And I walked out empty-handed.

  • 1

    This bra looks freakin amazing on you!!! The color is just fantastic. I totally feel you pain when it comes to VS. So many cute bras, but the lack of sizing makes it impossible to get a good fit. So glad this one worked out for you. Absolutely beautiful.

  • 3

    LMAO at the 34DD on a woman with a 27" torso. I'm convinced most of the VS sales staff aren't really sure what the letters and numbers in the sizes actually mean. You could probably wear the 34DDD upside down as a banded pair of butt pads ;-)

  • 1

    LMAO!!! Not a bad idea, my butt could use a little lift as well ;) But it's a shame, I seriously wonder just HOW MANY women will be subject to their selling tactics, and will suffer from an ill-fitting bra! I used to!! I was wearing a 34 band before I found this site!! I had NO IDEA about proper bra-fitting, or sizing, or how to measure myself! I'm so thankful I found Bratabase!!! :) And all these Polish brands!!

  • 1

    wendybien Now I know what to do with those nearly-new VS bras rotting in my dresser!

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