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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band88.9
Band Length66.0
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width16.5
Cup depth31.0
Depth ratio1.9
Wire length33.0
Cup height0.0
Cup separation2.0
Gore height10.7
Wing height10.7
Strap width2.0
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Hasn't set fit

I finally got my first Ewa S - and its SO pretty! I love this turquoise color and the bright floral pattern. I dont think my cell phone does it justice. When I showed it to my husband his first response was "well, it sure is colorful."

I have been told that you should go up at least a cup size in the padded EMs compared to the unpadded. My BM 70HH is too small in the cups, and my SM 70J fits in the cups but is too small in the band, so I ordered this in a 75J. I looked at the reviews of the Edens from 2 years ago, and saw that the bands ran tight - but this year's Eden does NOT run tight. In the pictures you see me stretching out the band when it is on its loosest setting. I am wearing it on the 2nd row in all other pictures, which is fine - and makes me glad that the bra has 4 rows rather than 3. (or is that columns? I dont know!)

The bra comes with removeable pads. In the pictures you see, i have one pad in my smaller breast and none in my larger side. However, you can see quite clearly in the side view that I have 'bubbling' . . . not quite quadding, I think, but definitely some breast tissue bubbling up above the edge of the bra. However, because of the thickness of the bra I think, you can not see this at all under a shirt. I dont love it, but I think I can live with it.

You can also see from the above shot that my larger breast is not contained in the cups as well as the smaller one. If buy another S, it will probably be a 75JJ or a 70K, to see if that works any better for me.

The bra is very comfortable. I love the wide, stretchy straps - i actually have them adjusted pretty long, which makes me wonder if they would be too short for a taller person?

On one of the side shots you can see my 'shelf' effect - i feel like my breasts are coming straight out from just below my collar bone in an unattractive way. I think this happens with all bras that support me fully, though.

I have to say, my boobs look much bigger to me in this bra. This is why I generally avoid padded bras - even that little bit of padding makes me boobs look even more ridiculously huge to me.

I wont get rid of this bra because I love it, it is close enough to fitting, and they are completely out of material. Did I mention I love it? So pretty! But I do not think I've found my perfect EM S size.

Updated on Aug 14, 2015 Flag this

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  • (ack, hate seeing it here w no pics, hope they are approved soon!)

  • 2

    Looking good, beautiful bra!
    It's like Kwiaty's cheerful sister ;)

    Yeah next time you could size up I guess, but if this is comfy I would surely just enjoy it!! :)

  • 1

    This might be weird but I like the shelf effect.

  • I've heard that from some ppl, idk. I hate being BOOB with a body attached. but i suppose maybe before I die I can learn to like it.

  • I think the "bubbling" is ok.. Its noticeable in the angeled side picture but not in the above picture.

  • I think the "bubbling" is ok.. Its noticeable in the angeled side picture but not in the above picture.

  • I think the "bubbling" is ok.. Its noticeable in the angeled side picture but not in the above picture.

  • and yes, seeing my pics here suddenly made me realize that it is the same color scheme as Kwiaty. But I love this one and that one was too busy for me. Just glad I have one I love!

    wondering if washing will make it any less bubbly.

  • Wth! Sorry for the repeated comments. I wasn't adding the comment... Well apparently it did just didn't show it.

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    Omg, it's so freakin' pretty! I noticed it's available on the site again, so they must have gotten more fabric. I will definitely be ordering this baby after they return from vacation (unless you wanna sell me yours, haha!)

    As far as the fit, I'm very, very glad you did not go with 70J like your SM Fiolecik. Ha, remember when I told you that my 70JJ - Ewa Michalak » S Orzechowa Pralinka fit, but I could probably also fit into a 70K/75JJ? See what I mean now? :)

    I think the way this size fits you is actually how the S bra is intended to fit. If you look at the models on the EM website, you'll notice they all have that "bubbling" and "shelf affect." I'd bet money that Ewa herself would be pleased with the fit. The S bra really puts the girls out there! I had a feeling you might be more comfortable with something that fit closer to a full coverage balconette, which is why I wondered if 75JJ/70K might be better. But, I have to say, as it is -- I think it looks great!

    After EM comes back from vacation, let me know how you feel about this size. If you really think a cup size up would be better, let me know. I could order the size you want (75JJ or 70K) and then we could do a switch-a-roo or something. I like the "bubbling" and "shelf affect", so I definitely don't want a larger than 75J/70JJ for myself. :)

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    pumkinswife I know, sometimes the site hiccups - and for some reason these comments are not able to be edited?

    And bumblebean, thanks for the offer - I need to wash it and wear it a few times and see how i feel. I swear if someone offered to trade for a larger size of my BM Perla I'd jump lol. I LOVE that silly thing but i fall out of it every single time i wear it.

    The fact that the bubbling is not visible under a shirt makes me think I'll keep it. But i do need to wear it a few times to be sure.

    Good to know its back in stock tho.

  • The shelf effect is obtained when the boobs are lifted high and not allowed to project out and form a point. This means the mass of the breast is pushed up and in against the body. With fuller coverage cups you don't really notice they're doing it because the cups cover it.

  • But i see it most with a shirt on? It does seem worse with more lift tho.

  • Shirts aren't usually made of the same material as bra cups--the material has way less tension. !

  • Little update - wearing it this morning. On the dog walk, my comment about having hardware strapped to my chest came back to me. But I first said it about Panache, where the wires were so painful I felt like i was in a vice or something. this just makes my breasts feel like they are held more firmly! Of course, I'm sure it'll soften up some, but its the first padded bra that really fits that I've tried. I think I could get used to this.

    Keep trying to convince hubby he'd really love the black strappy one!!

  • Update about shelf look - wore a newish shirt - bought it for a special occasion but forgot to pack it! I hated how shelfy i looked in it, when i was wearing my EM bras with it - just wore it today with a Floris and loved it . . . the separation of the floris seems to totally counteract the shelf look.

    i'm finally realizing that for the high-necked shirts I've mostly worn, the floris projected separation helps to make it clear what is boobs and what is not. I have very few low-cut tops, but the cleavage-producing bras really dont look at good without them.

    might need to rethink the wardrobe a bit . . . .

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