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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band72.4
Band Length58.4
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width13.7
Cup depth25.9
Depth ratio1.9
Wire length26.7
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.9
Gore height8.3
Wing height9.1
Strap width1.3
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When I finally came to terms with my 30F Swan print Lily being about a half cup too small, I swapped for a size up in blue, unsure how it would fit.

So, this is pretty much my perfect bra. I was afraid of that, as I have too damn many bras and can't part with any of them! But seriously, this is made for my shape. The only minor complaint I have is slight gapping on my smaller side, which happens in every single bra ever. The band on this one is tighter than my swan band, which is great - it actually only stretches to just over 28" whereas I was closing my swan print band on the middle or tightest hooks. If I wanted to nitpick I could say the wires are 0.2" or so too wide, but I like the overall shape so much I think I can forgive that.

I like the blue and pink colorway, but miss my swan print. Somebody please confirm - does the swan print run large? I thought I'd heard that, and this blue one would seem to confirm. It's tighter in the band and the cups are not what I would think a full size larger would be. If I accidentally-on-purpose stumbled across a 30FF swan print somewhere *cough* eBay *cough* would it possibly be too big?

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Aug 04, 2015 Flag this

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    Love it, the color really pops on your skin tone too. Very flattering and summery.

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    This looks great on you! :) You're going to make me end up spending my money on trying one.

  • Thanks! Petite it's a great bra really. Tons of lift, narrow wires (wider than Comexim though), gives a great shape for even boobies. I love it so much if they're still around on eBay when I get some more dollars, I'll probably get a swan print one again. I love that print, it's so quirky & not too girly.

  • I do really love the swan print as well, I think it's a bit shallower and wider in my size than in yours though. Also, I'm a bit worried about the gore being too high and wide. But it's so tempting!! Ugh life if difficult when you want all the bras.

  • Tell me about it. Lily is probably slightly wider/shallower in your size but I doubt by much. The gore is high-ish but it's narrow, the wires touch at the top of it. Higher gores don't tend to bother me even though my boobs are close set at their upper roots (the roots touch actually). This one sits at an angle, on my right breast tissue, unless I reach in & reverse scoop & force my boobs farther apart. But it doesn't hurt. YMMV.

  • Oh I didn't realize they were that narrow! I wish Lily was scaled less because it's 5.3 wide in a 28F and about 5 is my max. I'll probably try it anyways because it's so cute and I would die for a round shape like that.

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    You might get along with Lulu Tout's unlined bras. I am waiting on delivery from figleaves, it'll probably be next week. I found a purple one on sale for $20 - I've never had a purple bra and it's my favorite color! The downside to Lulu Tout is the smallest band they go is 30, but they run really tight like a 28. The last figleaves bra I had was a 30FF Just Peachy that measured 4.9" wide. LOVE that, but it's too deep for me. So I'm trying a Lulu Tout because the few measurements on BTB suggest the LT unlined bras run just as narrow. I freaking hope so, I'll report back once it gets here.

  • I don't have any swan print Lily, but I can tell you that the Aqua 30G is smaller in cup than Magenta 30G. I regretted buying my Magenta 30G on ebay because it is unwearably too big, so much extra fabric on top of cup leads to poor support, and the underwires feel wider, while the 30G aqua is a perfect fit on me (what gives?! frustrating). This is consistent with what I've read from others: the Aqua runs small in band and cup compared to other colors (I don't know if I read about compared to swan specifically, but that's the gist.)

  • Other than the bands, Freya unlined plunges work fairly well. They also show up cheap all the time because they work for so few people in my size. It's odd, I have fairly small (by full bust standards) breasts that act like large ones in all the fitting issues and heaviness I have.

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    Thank you Jane, that's what I thought I had read. So frustrating! The 30F swan Lily was just barely too small, just enough to be annoying. I'm afraid a 30FF will be too big, & no 28Gs seem to exist anywhere anymore to see if that would be any better, plus it seems like the 28 band is what I'd need in other colors. As much as I adore the swan print there's no point in having one if its too big. Grrr.

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    I am the EXACT same way with 30FF magenta Lily - just barely too small, looks fine but a vague sensation that my boobs are fighting the bra? hard to explain. Anyway, I feel your pain.

  • There's a 28G on Amazon right now at the very bottom. It's sort of expensive though.

  • janearmena Yes! That, exactly.

  • PetiteCollegiate ouch, $55, and it's the aqua one which I already have. I know that fits well in a 30FF. A 28G in swan print is a mythical unicorn these days. Oh, bras that fit... why couldn't I find you earlier before Lily was discontinued.

  • I'll keep my eye out for you! I'm sure it exists somewhere!

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  • Squeee! Eesh, even $45 seems like a lot right now. I'm going to have to have a chat with my wallet and conscience.

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    Maybe they have an extra promo? A lot of places will give an extra 10% just for getting on their email list. But yeah, that's the story of my life. My boobs have expensive taste.

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