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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.7
Band Length58.4
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width12.7
Cup depth20.3
Depth ratio1.6
Wire length20.3
Cup height14.0
Cup separation2.5
Gore height4.3
Wing height9.4
Strap width1.5
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Didn't fit

I love this bra. I wanted to wait to write a review until I wore it a full day, but I can't.

The color is slightly different in person. It's somewhat difficult to capture. It's like a gray tinted mauve. I guess technically mauve is gray tinted, but this is..more so.

I'm going to be writing in my blog soon, if I can figure Wordpress out on my phone, so for colors that are difficult to capture, I'll add color examples of what this and other bras I own actually look like irl. I guess for the most part, the pictures are pretty accurate.

The straps and center bow are a delicate, pink tinted lavender.
The fabric is very satin-y, which is something I've been looking for for quite a while.

Cups and up front and centered. I definitely think I like the Ch/Chp better than the 3D, MP, and Pl.
The 3D tapers off slightly so it doesn't totally hold my boobs in the center. I believe that's the way the bra is supposed to fit, looking at other 3D's and the fit on EM models, but it's not a favorite.
I should note that I don't dislike it either though, I think I've just discovered that Ch is my favorite from what I have from EM so far." alt=":)" />

These cups leave some space in the center and taper up, slightly. That sort of fit doesn't normally work for me, but this is still low enough, not too tapered, and not moulded, so it ends up working out.

Speaking of which, similar to Comexim and my Lawenda Ch, the Paris Paris is pretty lightly padded. A little more than Comexim, but not by much.

Center wires are still touching, and as always,wires are narrower and centered.
Padding is plushy and super comfortable as I've experienced with my other Ewas and Comexims.

The band on this is the tightest of the bras I received. I haven't taken measurements yet, but I'm going to guess it stretches to about 28", maybe 28.5" because I can still hook it, it's just a little uncomfortable and I'll be wearing it with an extender for now.

Cups give a nice rounded look. I'd say the cups in the Paris 3D are a bit different than the cups in my Rapsodia Pl and my Lawenda Ch. The Ch seems to run large, Pl runs about TTS, and the 3D seems to be just a tiny bit little less deep than the Pl.
I don't believe I can wear the pads with this, but I probably wouldn't size up either.

I started wearing bras that were too roomy, and my boobs would float around in the cups after a while, so at this point, I'd rather have a slightly small cup than a slightly big one.

The shape it gives is similar to the Pl, but perhaps a little less cleavage-y, even with the pads and seeming a tiny bit too small with them in.
I think that may be because the Pl was cutting in at the centers a bit, but even with the pads out and not cutting in, I think it was more of a cleavage bra.

Overall, really love the bra. Love the pink tinted, lavender lace detailing on top of the cups.
Comfort is an 8/10 for me.

I'd recommend this to anyone more narrow rooted, who has closer set to maybe 1-2 finger width distance between boobs. I think this bra could work with that." alt=":)" />
Shape-wise. I've gotta say, I'm new to EM, and I feel like her bras are intended for either FoT, even, or soft tissue FoB. Her cups seem to increase in depth as the cups get higher. I think this is intended for pushup effect. Firm FoB might work. I really don't know for sure because I'm just getting acquainted with these bras and this is my first 3D.

In any case, I'd still recommend anyone who needs narrower wires to try EM and Comexim bras no matter what their shape.

The Paris 3D in particular I think would work with slightly FoT, slightly FoB, or even. Either extreme I could see having some fit issues, such as needing to size up or possibly cup gap.

For anyone with a similar frame + size, I haven't experienced any problems with the straps. I measure about 11" across from collar bone to collar bone end (at shoulders). Maybe that can help someone else who has a smaller frame estimate if the straps should work ok for them also?
I saw that was an issue with EM, so I'd like to keep addressing it in my reviews (and edit+add to those I've forgotten!).

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Jul 26, 2015 Flag this

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  • 1

    jlcl119 I forgot to tell you earlier that I added pictures for this! :)
    The color is a little difficult to capture, but I tried my best :)

  • 2

    This looks great on you! Ugh all of your reviews make me want to try EM. It's so expensive though in my size and I'm not even sure which models she makes custom. This is gorgeous though!

  • 1

    Ugh that color! How do you think it'd work as a pseudo nude?
    I think you're right, PL is cleavage-y and the 3D is almost a little minimizing, very compact but up and rounded, despite it also being a plunge.
    I think that's a good fit on you. It looks like your first EM order was a success!
    You have another PL and 3D coming too, don't you?

  • 1

    This is beautiful!!!

  • PetiteCollegiate Thank you! Do you need a 28 band?
    Definitely look for reviews on any models you want, if they're up.
    Some 65 bands seem to run fairly tight, but then there are others that are unfortunately stretchy or, forunately TTS.
    I have to measure, but really sure this one is about 28" or 28.5". :)
    I think the ones that can be customized have size options listed below the pictures, but I'm sure you can email and ask if you don't see anything listed just to be sure. :)

  • jlcl119 I think it could work as a pseudo nude. :) I have a feeling it might show a little bit, but I doubt much. I'll try it under a lighter shirt tomorrow and let you know if it works. :)

    And yep! That's it exactly. :)

    Thankfully it was a huge success! I was so worried lol.

    I have the Wrzos Pl and Szafirek 3D coming tomorrow. :)
    And, I just ordered a Freya Starlet from Amazon. I think I need to stop buying bras for a while. Dx ..after I replace my Joy Longline.

  • lcl0706 Thank you :) I love it!

  • 1

    Oh, I'm excited to see the Szafirek. If only I hadn't been asleep!
    I hope the Starlet works out for you, the color is so pretty.

  • 1

    For a bra as expensive as EM I'd really need a 26 band (which she doesn't really think exists). Anything that's so much on an investment I really want to be perfect! I have a 3DM that's tight enough so I might be okay with their 60 in black colors. I'll probably keep stalking the EM listings here and on braswap :p

  • jlcl119 Still all yours if I decide against it! :) Today is one of those days I really miss living in my previous town that got mail at 11:00am xD lol
    And thanks! I really love the color. I wish they stuck with soft tones for the Starlet. It reminded me of a mermaid bra xD haha I can only imagine it in pastel, or almost pastel, jewel tones.

    @PetiteCollegiate I understand. That's exactly how I felt ordering from EM, and even Comexim even though they're less expensive. I think stalking the listings is a good decision for now. I rememver seeing a 55F listed recently, so they're out there, just don't see them too often. :)

    It does look like CHP Marcepanowa Magnolia and Chp Owoce are available in 55 band (C-G I think), and Elegance, Kabaretka, and 3D Beżuś are available in down to a 50 (D-G) :) A lot of others it seems start at 60 though. :(

  • *remember

  • 1

    I'm with you on the Starlet. The vertical seam bra is very much like a seashell bra. They definitely should have stuck with soft colors.

    @PetiteCollegiate it may be worth posting an "ISO" post on reddit or the Facebook page.

  • 1

    Love it! I ordered it in 70F, with Amorek, nostalgia and Lesne. We are similar lookwise and statswise so I am eager to look at your blog :)

  • B_V Thanks :D oooh, I was about to order Nostalgia and Lesne. Amorek looks super pretty too.
    Can't wait to see your reviews! :)

  • B_V also, I added my blog to my profile but haven't added anything to it yet. I'll send you a link after I add some things tomorrow :D

  • Perfect! Thanks :)

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