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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band76.2
Band Length57.2
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width12.7
Cup depth18.8
Depth ratio1.5
Wire length20.3
Cup height13.7
Cup separation1.5
Gore height4.1
Wing height8.9
Strap width1.3
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Used to fit

I've worn this bra all day and I have many good things to say about it.

First off, I was a tiny bit concerned that 65E would be too small. Ewa's calculators generally give me 70D/70DD, so for me, I think her calculator mostly works. So far I'm assuming my size range is safest using her calculators, and I've read a lot of others who wear bigger sizes having issues with it.

With that said, between uncertainty about my size and what I've heard about inconsistencies, I was really concerned about ordering directly from EM's site.
With what I received, I would definitely order again.

I decided on 65E in this and Paris Paris (that's actually what was left), thinking, it'd be better to wear an extender than have a band that's possibly too big. I'm happy with my decision, because this in 70DD would have been...meh. Paris as well.

I did order a 65F in Kleksik and I'm not super fond of the fit. I think if I'd size up in this it would only work with the pads.
In the photos I've added, I kept the pads in and there's very minor quad when I move my shoulders a certain way, mostly due to the cups being a tiny bit too far apart.
Otherwise, I'm not bothered by it at all and I really enjoy the fit. I am positive that taking the pads out would make the quad stop altogether.

Cups are up front and centered, wires are very narrow. This bra is heaven for my boobs.

Padding is similar to my Comexims, maybe a tad more stiff but nothing like...Deco-esque, or old VS pushup, moulded -stiff.

Band is decently stretchy. It's un/fortunate, but today after receiving my Ewas, I can confirm what a lot of other people are saying about their sizes and bras usually being somewhat inconsistent.
I saw in reviews that this band is stretchy, and it is, but mine isn't overly so. I'd say it stretches to 29", 30" max. I lucked out.

The thong is stretchy, thankfully since at one point I changed my order to a 36, and then changed it again to 38, but received the 36. It fits perfectly." alt=":)" />

The shape I get from this bra isn't the same as my Lawenda Ch(I guess that's what's called "cakes on a plate"?), but it is actually very similar. With the pads, I'm pushed up and get perfect amount of cleavage. That is, not over done.

Straps are fully adjustable and comfortable. Cups are lined with, I believe just a simple but soft cotton. I forgot I was wearing this a few times today, which is always nice.

Band is a stretchy, but I feel, higher quality, soft/silky mesh.
I wanted to talk about that material on the thong also, and bring up something I notice about Ewa/Comexim thongs as opposed to other thongs I've bought from stores in the US- especially mesh or lace.

If you're not a believer in thongs simply because of their comfort level as opposed to appearance, give a Polish thong a try. Idk if anyone agrees, but so far they don't seem to use thin, scratchy/rough material, or tight elastic in the bum area as I've experienced with many VS and department store thongs. G-strings are pretty much what I stick to from US stores, in a size up to make sure any elastic isn't cutting me because whydeargodno.

The Ewa and Comexim bottoms I have are..maybe oddly long-ish, but they don't ride up, scratch or cut me. I think the design and fabrics they use are very common sense and I, and my body, appreciate it.

And that's all the semi weird talk.

I find the band supportive enough in my size, and comfortable.

Appearance-wise, the cups are a light teal (?), with black (cute)floral lace overlay, a mesh band, small black strap bows, lighter blue inner cups, and a bigger black center bow with rhinestones in a circular pattern, surrounding blue ribbon in the center of the black bow.

My boyfriend said it made him want to wear a tuxedo, so uh. Fancy? Haha. I guess it's a little "fancy". I was thinking chic, but the floral lace is really cute, so it's not totally fancy/mature/whateveridk.

The thong is the silky-ish mesh in the back and hips, with the light teal in the center and the same rhinestones in a circular pattern in the center top.

The shape the bra gives is rounded, projected, and uplifted as mentioned.

So far, comfort and appearance get 10/10 from me." alt=":)" /> it's not a perfect fit due to the cup separation (the wires touch, but the actual cups are a little far apart. Have a feeling I may do better with an S but I think they start at 65F-which I think would only work in unlined :, ( ), but other than is 9/10.

So pretty much. Another perfect bra." alt=":)" />

I'd recommend this to anyone needing narrow wires. These seem the perfect width, so I imagine they're pretty narrow indeed. xD
Someone needing projection , and tbh, I feel like this bra could work with many different shapes. I'm shallower on top, have long roots, and have an even shape with tissue mostly all directly behind the nipple ">", and this still gives me a round uplifted shape.
My left side is bigger and leaning more towards FoT, right side smaller/more FoB, and I do good with most FoB friendly bras.
I don't think I'd recommend for super FoT, unless you consider sizing up perhaps because I feel like the cups are somewhat closed on top. Not positive, but those are my nooby opinions." alt=":p" />

Also wanted to note that I didn't experience any issues with strap placement, but I also have slightly broad shoulders. I think this should be ok unless you have much narrower shoulders. I will measure the distance shortly.

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Jul 26, 2015 Flag this

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    Love this bra!!!!

  • pumkinswife Thank you! It's a lot prettier and comfortable than I had expected.
    This one's my favorite of the bunch. ^_^

  • 1

    Wow that's pretty! Your cleavage, whoa. I like it! The bright blue is nice against your skin tone, it really pops. It's definitely got a sophisticated look to it.

    I'm 100% with you on the underwear. I find myself picking at American thongs often because they want to be where they don't belong. I haven't had to do that with any Polish ones. They stay put and become invisible. Big fan :)

    Did you try this without the pads yet? In the one side profile picture you have, it looks like the bottom of the cut cuts in a bit then comes back out for a more rounded shape (showing up as 10 out of 12). I wonder if that's the pad taking up too much space?
    You can't see it through your shirt, so I wouldn't quibble over it myself, but I am curious.

  • 1

    jlcl119 Thank you ^_^
    I haven't tried it without the pads, but I'm going to today and I'll add more pictures without them.

    I noticed that too. There's a little center cutting that I noticed more in the pictures as well, and I really think I could do without the pad in the left because that side is almost 1 cup larger and I think it shows. Like I noticed I was getting more cleavage in my left side, and not as much from my right. Lol

    The quadding doesn't show through that shirt, but I have a feeling it might through something a little tighter.

  • 1

    Ok yeah. With the pads, the centers measure like 6.5" Dx
    With or without, the top of the cups measure 8", and without pads, centers measure about 7". It looks a lot better without them imo.

    I'm actually a little curious what the 65F would be like, but so far the cups seem to be a much better fit without the pads.

  • 6.5 is a touch small, haha. Great for dates though!
    I bet you'd get gaping in a 65F, I don't think you'd fill out the top.

  • jlcl119 Yeah, I think you're probably right xD

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