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Bra » Ewa Michalak » S Marcepanowa Magnolia (695) » 60H » Bras » Owner


Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band62.2
Band Length54.6
Stretch ratio1.1
Cup width15.0
Cup depth26.7
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length26.9
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.8
Gore height7.5
Wing height11.4
Strap width2.0
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This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Oct 03, 2015 Flag this

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  • 2

    Wow, I like that it doesn't have the lace on top like the CHP version. Which specialty store did you get that from?

  • 1

    I would buy this again in 60HH if you get a chance, I actually think this shape could be perfect for you--just a closer fit in the size between the one that was too big and the one here that doesn't quite tack. I'm curious, what is tenting?

  • Chezeb3lla you look amazing as always :) this looks great on you! I am happy the mystery bra turned out to be a winner :)

  • 2

    Bumblebean it's from Brava Lingerie in Australia :) Here's the link:
    WendyBien thanks for that, but they didn't have this left in a 60HH so it was 60H or nothing. And it's still a very close fit thankfully! Tenting is where the skin in between your breasts is lifted. I have it very mildly as I am so close set, so gores are always a bit tricky. Definitely trying a plunge style next!
    Tanzi thank you so much :)

  • Ugh so I got one of these from Brava too and I'm pretty annoyed that nobody anywhere else in the world will have tried it because that means very few reviews :/ I was hoping to find lots of reviews to see if somebody else had the fit issues I had.

    I'm full on bottom and center full with hardly any other fullness on top. 75 backs are a good fit for me with Ewa it seems. I found the 75J in this fit near the straps, but was too small around the middle. The gore didn't tack my center fullness was too much for the cups either side of the gore. I think I would gave gotten more quadboobing during the day as my center fullness pushed out of the cups.

    The 75JJ has a perfectly tacking gore and the cups fit beautifully in the middle BUUUUUT it gapes near the straps. Even with lots of scooping and swooping. I obviously don't have enough fullness in that area :/

    I bought it anyway as the shape is BEAUTIFUL so uplifted and perfectly round from the side (just like the purple shape Bras I Hate illustrates in her bra shape post- most bras give me the green shape which I'm not fond of) and front and center from the top (like, not east-west which I hate) and with a tightish top over the bra, the gaping near the straps is kind of flatted.

    I was hoping I could find others who have this fit issue, but want a super round shape like this :/

    I found the padding that comes with this bra is HORRIBLE- it seems really weird to me and makes the bra look really lumpy. I might have to experiment with other types of padding to address the gaping :/

  • Squish, it's nice to meet someone else who has this bra :) I know what you mean, it seems crazy it hasn't been released anywhere else in the world. But it seems we do have similar sort of of issues with it. Even though I'm more FOT I still get gaping and have trouble with the gore. I've tried fiddling with the padding as well, which I don't find horrible or lumpy, but I've discovered it works best for me with the padding taken out. I love the shape I get with it too. Sounds like your 75JJ is pretty close to a good fit, apart from the straps.

  • Thanks for the reply here Chezeb3lla :)
    Did you find the fit of this if is the same as other Ewa S style bras you've tried? I also got a Szykus S style (not an Australian exclusive!) in the same size and I found the fit is much the same.

    I seriously wonder if the padding that came in mine is the same as what comes with other bras of this style. It's not like any bra padding I've seen before!

    But guess what? After trying on this bra and the Szykus I got again the day after, there was less gaping! I think my boobs fluctuated up a whole cup size between the two days! So the fit of this and the Szykus isn't perfect on me and will change slightly as my boobs fluctuate, but I think it's pretty good.

    I've got till the 12th of August to decide if I love these enough for $80AUD a bra.

    And yeah, they should absolutely release these world-wide! I'm sure there would be lots of interest. So weird that they'd make it just for Brava Australia :/

  • No I find the fit a bit different to my other S styles. I have Nostalgia and Kwiaty, both popular S's, and they both fit much better in the cups. But they are both HH's. Although because I already get gaping in this I really don't know if sizing up a cup would help or make it worse :S but either way I do find the structure of the Marzipan to be more rigid. My other two seem to have more flex in the cups so they mould to my boobs better. It really is a bit of a strange one, but I'm glad it seems it might work for you :) and Syzkus is gorgeous too! I've tried that one on before but in a way too small size :(

    Personally I think they're worth it. I ordered one bra direct from EM not long ago and it came to $86 all up. I actually love using Brava because it's pretty much on par price wise and I get the option of free returns! Plus the bras are beautiful quality, no doubt about that.

    I've got some PL (plunge) styles on the way direct from EM (don't ask me how much they cost, yikes!) but from what I've read the plunges work much better for us close set ladies. So hoping they will work for me, and might be worth you checking out as well if you dare to order direct :)

  • 1

    Squish1901 Would you consider adding your new bra(s) to Bratabase? It'd be SO helpful for others to have the measurements and also read your thoughts/review about the bra (especially since this model is so exclusive!) :)

  • Yes I absolutely plan to :) Just haven't gotten around to it unfortunately.

  • *Plan to list photos of and reviews of my Ewa S styles, that.

    And that's interested about this fitting a bit differently to other S styles...

    I'm trying to find out if Brava can order any styles you want in your size from Ewa on your behalf and charge less than Ewa does with shipping. If so, I'd never feel any need to order direct from Ewa.

  • Squish I wish!! It would be so good to order everything through Brava, and I have actually asked them about this before. They can't really commit to doing it as they only order bulk shipments, not one off bras here and there. They said this may change in the future, I guess depending on demand, but for now it's just when they get their big drops in. Which is still awesome as they always order a pretty good range of styles and sizes. I know you can reserve specific bras they already have coming in too.

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