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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band78.7
Band Length67.3
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width14.0
Cup depth21.6
Depth ratio1.5
Wire length27.9
Cup height0.0
Cup separation2.5
Gore height8.9
Wing height8.9
Strap width1.3
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Didn't fit

Well, it arrived! Beautiful bra, just as lovely as I thought it would be.

First of all - all those reviews the band runs tight? Not applicable to this one! I can easily hook it on the middle hooks, could do the tightest. The tag reads a 30, but to me it feels and measures like the 32's from this style. In my case, I could have done a 28. I do like the 3 hook closure and how wide the band is all around. *update* - I measured my ribcage a bit wrongly, oops. No wonder it's too big.

Cups - oh, so very strange. I have major gapping on my smaller breast. My left and larger breast fills out the cups, at least to the point where I don't think I could have gone down a cup size. My boobs aren't THAT much different, and usually I don't have this much of a problem with my smaller one. But you will see in my pictures once they are approved, how I have so much empty space on my right side the cup wants to fold over on itself" alt=":-(" />

Gore - comfortable, and I was worried about that. The last time I had this tall of a gore it was painful.

Wires - I measured 5.5"

Otherwise - the cups are pretty tall on the sides. The wire doesn't poke my underarms but the side of the cups at the top wants to rub on it. I will have to wear this one a couple of times to decide if it is a keeper or not. It's not the magical perfect bra I'm constantly searching for, but I've definitely worn worse.

*Update* - I returned it. Can't do the armpit murder" alt=":-(" />. Too shallow. Too wide. Story of my life.

Wild Pink colorway

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Aug 03, 2015 Flag this

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  • curious about the photos to see if I can help you decide!

    I don't think I can rid myself of my Charlotte...decisions, decisions...

  • They show up on my end, but I haven't gotten the approval notification yet. I've had this thing on for 15 minutes and my armpits are mad at me. I think, unless the side fabric softens or wears down or something, that will be the killer for me here. I did the best scooping & swooping of my life & still have gapping on my right side but definitely could not have done a 30F on my left. I'm pretty disappointed at the moment.

  • I guess you're's not the one :(

  • 1

    it does soften up! I love my two charlottes but i thought they were going to kill my armpits at first

  • That's good to know!

  • So after a couple hours I'm thinking the straps are too wide. They don't fall off my shoulders but if I pull them close together with a clip in the back and make it a racer back, it's more comfortable on my armpits. Doesn't stop the gapping on the right side, though.

  • I'd try a 30F, anyway, if you can find one to try with return shipping like on Amazon. It could solve the gapping and the strap width, and only cause minimal overflow on the larger side. You never know.

  • Or actually, you said the band was loose? Try a 30F and a 28FF, if you can.

  • Well the band on this bra is bigger than I expected it to be based from the measurements on this site, and all the reviews that it ran tight. But I wonder if mine is just a minority? I don't know. The measurements on the 28FF band would be too tight if that's what I really got. That's why I didn't order a 28 band to begin with. But my bra measures 2" longer than the table here on BTB... ugh!

  • Oh and if the wires are even a tiny bit narrower on a smaller cup size it'll be a no go for sure. They are barely wide enough as it is.

  • Your breasts are going to vary in size at different points in the monthly hormonal cycling. I kept the Panache envy 32F for that exact reason, though most of the month it's not quite big enough.

  • 1

    valentine556 I had that exact thought earlier today... I just realized my boobs are a bit tender and I believe AF is on the way. Give me a week or so and this bra may be hilariously too big in the cups! But hey, it would serve a purpose for one week per month.

  • oh and myfashioninsider are the pics showing up yet? I never got the "approved" notification.

  • 1

    I think so, your bra is pink, right?

  • Yup!

  • 1

    Shark week is usually the one that any water retention I may have been experiencing is reduced, but my research has indicated that the breasts are at their fullest at approximately the time in the cycle where your chance of getting pregnant is the highest.

  • valentine556 shark week! bahahaha!

    I'm wearing this one around for the 2nd day and ugh. My armpits. It's so cute and I loooove how it contains my muffin back & I hate to let it go but I don't think this is gonna work for me. My armpits feel rubbed raw. Plus the band is on the tightest hook easily, and I don't think the cup width will allow me to go down to a 28FF. Theoretically they should be the same but man these wires could not be one iota any narrower. So frustrating how a bra could be too narrow in the wires but too wide in the straps. I'm afraid any bra that contains the back roll/muscle will be too wide in the straps :-(

  • Parfait padded/t-shirt/half padded style tend towards being shallow in my experience. The un-padded are wildcards.

  • 1

    Try a 28G then. It's a teensy bit smaller in the cup depth, has a smaller band, and the wire width is the same.

    I know sometimes when a bra is a bit too big in the band AND the cups, I find going down in the band and keeping an equivalent cup is usually the best option for me, whereas going down in the band and the cups is often too much. Ex. Freya Deco, my 32F got too big in the band and the cups, I replaced with 30FF, and it's perfect. Maddie and Darcy-- 32FF's got too big everywhere, bought 30G's, which are perfect. However, replaced my too big Patsy 32F with a 30F, and I quad out.

  • That's helpful courtnelius If I get this one sold I'll look for a 28G. Right now I'm like, prioritizing my want list with my budget and what I've got left that I'm trying to move lol

  • valentine556 I always thought I was shallow-ish. I definitely need the wide underwires. But having that much side of the cup/strap/whatever rubbing on my armpit is a no. It's possible to structure a bra without that - like my Jude is even wider wires but the straps set closer in. The Charlotte just isn't designed for frame apparently.

  • my frame* fingers outran my brain.

  • I'd buy it from you if it were a 30G.

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Fit information

On Apr 2015

Strap separation:
Are too far apart
Bottom of the cup:
Can't quite fill it
Top of the cup:
Wrinkles, can't quite fill it
Band fit:
The band is definitely too big
Cup's width:
There is empty fabric on the sides (Cup too wide)

On Apr 2015

Strap separation:
Are too far apart
Cup's width:
Outer cup cuts into breast tissue in the sides

This bra didn't fit her, but these did