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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band85.1
Band Length70.1
Stretch ratio1.2
Bust perimeter104.8
Cup width17.8
Cup depth26.9
Depth ratio1.5
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height16.5
Wing height11.4
Strap width3.0
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Labeled as

US34 5D/H




Breast shape/characteristics: Mostly even fullness, wide set, wide rib cage, average projection, wide rooted, higher on chest. Broad shouldered and 6'0".

I noticed there isn't much information on here about the differences between the underwired and nonwired Panache Sport. I've owned both, and so far I highly prefer the nonwired. Here's why:

The cups are made of slightly stiff foam that better molds to the shape of my breasts and does not dig into my rib cage. The wires in the regular Sport, while supportive, gave me red marks after only an hour. While this may be a tight band issue for the original Sport, the band of the nonwired is actually tighter, yet leaves me mark-free.

The cup shape of the nonwired is better-fitting. The cups have more projection and are not as open at the top. There is more depth at the bottom of the cup, making it more compatible for my slight bottom fullness. The top of the cup is higher on the chest and reduces depth gradually for a more tailored fit. Another aspect of the high rise is the higher side wing coverage, which helps contain more migrated tissue and bring it to the forefront. The regular Sport is too low cut for tall, even breasts and contributes to orange-in-glass effect, as well as not being quite as good at keeping side boob in and forward. I'm wide-rooted, so side wing support is critical for good fit.

The higher cut of the nonwired also contributes to its superior bounce-control. While the original Sport no doubt is true to its word about eliminating most bounce, I feel like the nonwired is close at eliminating 100% of bounce. In the nonwired, my breasts are totally immobilized. Even doing jump rope, I don't feel them move at ALL. I've just gotten it so I haven't tested it with many forms of movement, but it seems to be able to reduce more bounce than the underwired. However, I do understand that it is possible the foam may lose shape over time, which I will be looking out for. So far I believe the band is firm enough that that problem won't actually become a problem more quickly than any typical underwired bra.

May or may not be relevant, but I figured I'd add it in: the nonwired is currently cheaper than the wired and you can currently find it on Amazon for under $50, $20 cheaper than the regular underwired.

I think Panache really did right with this bra. It supports just as well, even better than the underwired without the irritating wires. The shape is so much more compatible for even and full in bottom fullness. In the regular, I'd have to size down to make the bottom of the cup fit my shape better, while adding on the issues of smash and quadboob for my top. This is probably the best part about the nonwired: it's actually true to cupsize. If you're a 34FF, you're probably a 34FF in the nonwired Sport, regardless of FOB/FOT.

I'm strongly considering buying another one. It's so comfortable, supportive, and better fitting. I recommend anyone who was not impressed with the underwired Sport or who wants something like the underwired with better support, to try the nonwired version.

Updated on Jan 08, 2015 Flag this

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    very helpful review, i'm excited to get mine!

  • 1

    Wow, this was a super convincing bra.

    I own and have mostly enjoyed the regular Panache Sport underwired bra, but in 30GG it's just a little bit too tight. Unfortunately since you are apparently the only person on this site or Amazon to order one (seriously, it has 3 reviews there, compared to more than 1000 for the underwired version), I had to guess at my size, but I feel like the 30GG is a little big in the cup and small in the band, so hopefully 32GG will be perfect.

    Plus, free and hassle-free returns. (I love Amazon, but usually despair about getting bras from there because my size is NEVER one of the ones on sale. Not so this time, mwahaha.)

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    melifish Thank you, glad I could help.

    @rainbrasspetals The bands for sports bras tend to run on the tight side, so you probably made the right call. I'm usually a 32G but have to size up a band for a couple brands, Panache included.

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    Thanks for this review! I was only able to find the wired one locally and they didn't have my exact size in the store. In the 30 band (which is right for me), I wasn't thrilled with how much I could feel the underwires. I finally gave in and ordered one from Amazon but I did size down in the cup, which now I realize might have been the wrong thing to do. Then again, I have very soft boobs, so maybe not? Anyway, I had a hard time finding any good reviews and I'm much shorter than you are, but I hope I'll find the same 100% bounce reduction in the non-wired. I want to use it for jogging, but all the sites label it as a low-impact bra, so your input is useful.

  • This is exactly the comparison I most wanted to read. I have the wired Panache Sport Bra and the wired Panache Sport Top. I've been admiring the purple non-wired bra. I hope you update later with a detailed comparison once you've had a chance to put the non-wired one through its paces.

  • 1

    littlechichend , do you have an update for us? I finally ordered the wireless Panache Sport Bra, but the Latte color I wanted was only available in 32FF. My wired Panache Sport Bra size is 30F. Your review said the wireless bra's band runs tight. From Bratabase measurements of 32F, it appears 32FF may work for me.

    I am interested to hear if you continued your wireless vs wired comparison while working out these past many months.

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    learningaboutbras I've been wanting to make an update for a while now, but life got crazy busy. I actually just got a wired one a couple days ago that should be shipping soon. I want to post a more informative/helpful update once I can upload more pictures. I can tell you that I'm starting to notice my nonwired is getting a little crinkled where the cup meets the band. It's unfortunately noticeable under clothes. However, tightening the straps and going tighter on the band seems to help.

  • Hello did you try anything new ? Did panache change anything?

  • Hello did you try anything new ? Did panache change anything?

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