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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band77.5
Band Length61.7
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width16.5
Cup depth34.3
Depth ratio2.1
Wire length33.5
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height10.7
Wing height12.2
Strap width2.5
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Didn't fit

This lovely bra was what convinced me to finally order something from EM. It is so beautiful!

Unfortunately, its only 'ok' on me.

I used EM's sizing calculator (exhaling and pulling tight, as advised elsewhere), and was put in a 70HH. I wrote them, asking for help, and they suggested I try the BM Perla in 70HH, but this bra in a 70J - i thought it was because the SM cut ran smaller than the BM cut, but I think it is more because the materials in this bra are just not stretchy, whereas the Perla's material is.

Which means that this bra is a LITTLE small on me. The stretched band is almost 3 inches smaller than the Perla, but with the extender, the straps still stay on my shoulders, so thats fine (and hopefully I'll find my black extender, those little things are so easy to lose!)

The cups, as mentioned in some other reviews, are shallow and tall. Its not very clear in these pictures, but my larger breast looks a bit squared off in this bra - which is a strangely common problem for me, but apparently extremely rare for other people? There is also loose fabric at the top - more than there was when my Floris was new. However, like the Floris lace, it does not seem to show through, so it seems to be ok.

One thing that really surprised me between the two bras - this SM seems to separate my breasts better, and come higher on me, than the BM. I had assumed the SM would be lower-cut. Of course, it could be in part due to the larger size in this SM - but in my lowest-cut top, the bow of this SM is visible fairly easily (keep in mind, I'm short, everyone looks down on me) - whereas the BM Perla was almost invisible.

I'm hoping the band will stretch some over time . . . but I'm not really confident. This is some really, really firm material. Its one of those mysteries - the bra that I stared at on line for months, imagining how beautiful I'd feel in it, does not make me nearly excited to wear as a more plain bra . . because it doesnt fit as well.

Edit: apparently I had not properly scooped-and-swooped - this bra seems to fit me well now! Hubby says it holds me higher up than some others. and after washing, its not too itchy. Tho the lace under the underwire sometimes gets caught under the cups, and that does hurt.

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  • I've gotten that squared-off look before - I think the bra of mine that does it the most is my Lucy, but it mostly does it on my smaller breast. Weird. I have absolutely no idea what causes it.

    I've always read/seen people say to never use the calculator on EM's site. Also the general advice I've seen is to go up a band size because the bands run tight (my 85HH, for example, seems to stretch to just about halfway between a 36 and 38). Maybe exchanging it for a 75HH would work better?

  • 1

    Yeah, I'm sorta wondering about that, if I should exchange or keep. Maybe I should do a fit request and put it up for a vote lol. Its just so painful, waiting months for a bra. this one is made-to-order and they keep running out of fabric, too

  • I agree. I don't understand how they calculate their sizing. It was way off for me! It put me at a 65E, and I've been doing ok with the 65FF, but could def do a 60G/GG! They seem to underestimate your actual cup size and over estimate band size. I've seen a lot of other women have this same problem when using their size calculator.

  • And YES!!! My last two orders they sent an email saying they had to wait for materials before completing them. This PL Blekitna Rapsodia I ordered is taking forever! I ordered it on 2/20, and still no bra :( the wait is pure torture! lol! But I've had my eye on this bra here (Fiolecik), it looks so pretty! But I, too, was hoping for a "magically round" fit. Still can't find an unlined bra that doesn't make me look pointy. And I thought EM was good for giving that rounded shape with their unlined bras.

  • The other bra I ordered in my size per their calculator (but pulling super tight on my rib measure) and it fit. this one, the fabric just has no stretch to it.

    Someone said the padded ones are rounder? This one isnt pointy, its just a little flattened.

    the pics are a bad angle - hubby was too close and is pretty much looking straight down at me, but there was not enough light anywhere else

  • Wow, noticing that even unstretched band length of this is almost 2 inches shorter than unstretched BM Perla. WTF?

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