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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band83.8
Band Length62.7
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width16.8
Cup depth33.7
Depth ratio2.0
Wire length32.5
Cup height0.0
Cup separation0.0
Gore height10.2
Wing height10.8
Strap width1.9
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Didn't fit

So this bra has been languishing in my drawer for months, due to it's terrible fit. Same issues that can be seen in a handful of other user's pictures here: tons of gaping at the top of the cup, a weird sort of orange in a glass effect at the bottom with the lace all distorted, and a simultaneously saggy and pointy appearance.

Not to rehash strapgate all over again BUT...
I moved the straps inward and the difference in fit, appearance and support is ridiculous. So much better. Where there was tons of gaping before, I actually get some quadboob now. The shape is more subtly rounded and the weirdness happening at the bottom of the cup is pretty much gone. I think I could stand to have a bit more immediate projection in the cup but it's not glaringly apparent.

Is this a perfect fit? No. But it's wearable and now I know the strap alteration works on the lacy bras.

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  • Is there any way you could go over the steps to do this? I understand if you do not have the time but I end up with this problem even with broad shoulders for some reason; I don't know if it is in respect to my breast size possibly for my frame but who knows.

  • 1

    There's a fairly detailed example with photos on the Dressing Curves blog here:

    Truth be told though, I never bother pulling out the sewing machine for this but I handstitch pretty quickly & neatly.

    For this alteration, I didn't need to make any adjustments to the arm hole so basically I very slowly & very carefully used a seam ripper to remove the lacy cup from the strap, including the triangular support fabric. I left the elastic attached and just cut it (after the seam ripping!) where the elasticized lace section met the elasticized strap area.

    You can kinda see on my close up pic - there is now a section of lace between the two elastic areas (on the cup, under the arm & the triangular strap). I found that the lace stayed fine on it's own & didn't need to be reseamed into the elastic at the armhole. You can also kind of see that on my lovely armpit picture!

    I suppose it might look more "done" following Nesoa's instructions but since I'm lazy & it doesn't seem to negatively affect the fit or appearance I didn't bother.

  • If you do it the dressing curves way, you will get a better result in the long run. Just moving the straps in without attaching the strap to the armhole makes the cup more shallow. The Dressing Curves method basically maintains the balance of force, so the strap will continue to "pull" on the edge of the armhole, maintaining the depth of the cup and moving the boobs forward and centerish.

    So, if this bra fits you better with the strap pulling on the center, that indicates you could do with a more shallow cup. Which is good news, really, because there are more shallow cups out there than deep!

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Fit information

On Nov 2013

Center gore placement:
Doesn't lie flat against sternum
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)
Strap separation:
Are too far apart

On Jul 2013

Center gore placement:
Doesn't lie flat against sternum
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)
Strap separation:
Not a problem

This bra didn't fit her, but these did