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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band84.8
Band Length61.0
Stretch ratio1.4
Cup width13.0
Cup depth27.9
Depth ratio2.2
Wire length26.7
Cup height19.1
Cup separation2.0
Gore height6.6
Wing height8.9
Strap width1.5
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My shape: FOB, narrow roots and shoulders, soft tissue, projected
Appearance: This bra is simply beautiful! It's a semi-sheer, 3 part cup with delicate blue and orangish floral embroidery that has sparkly silver threads interwoven through it. The back of the band is a light blue satin. The embroidery travels up the straps about halfway.
Fit: So I misunderstood the sizing of this bra, thinking the redditor I bought it from has given me the UK size. I did ask her if the sizing was UK and not EU, and she assured me it was. Well, lo and behold, my suspicions were right and this is two cups too small. (It's a 30:7 and I wear a 30:9 or 30:10, depending on brand) It fits on the bottom and the straps are nice and narrow, but it's not projected enough for me at all. I am so sad, because it's so pretty and the straps seemed nice and narrow, just how I like them!
I'm going to try to find a similar Gorsenia bra in my for real size, and hope the straps aren't too wide with the larger cup size.

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Aug 03, 2018 Flag this

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    It is a gorgeous bra!
    Just an FYI, Vivaine does run large compared to other Gorsenia models by about 2 cups (at least in the 65M.)

    The other models in the same style (like Soleil) are the same way.

    In 65M Viviane/Soleil were 1"-1.5" deeper at the apex compared to the other Gorsenia models in the same size I tried, but the overall cup was also roomier making it more like 2 cups larger in comparison. (Can compare my Soleil & Vivaine to Attina, Aida, Mistyrose in 65M, and the Soleil in 65K as well for details.) :-)

  • Oooo, I wondering how in the heck I was able to even get the darn bra ON! It didn't squish me as much as a normal bra 2 cups sizes too small would, except on my larger side. I was trying to fit into it so hard, hahah!
    So what are other styles like this one, so I know what to look for?

  • 1

    Ohh, nevermind, I see a bunch already listed up there! How have I never used that part of Bratabase in all these years of being here? GEEZ! LOL!

  • 1

    I know next to the bra it does say "bras with same cut" but I am fairly sure those are not all correct.

    I'd tried Soleil then saw Viviane which looked identical except blue instead of yellow so I tried it. In between I'd tried the others I listed above and found them to be too small in the cup and nothing like the Soleil. :-(

    I haven't figured out a style indicator for Gorsenia yet, but maybe magdalenahukalowicz knows how to tell them apart?

    Otherwise I'll see if I can do a bit of research and come up with a pattern or style number like with Gaia. I'll let you know if I figure it out. :-)

  • I looked up the Soleil, and now I have a MIGHTY NEED for a yellow bra like that. It's so pretty!!
    And if you find out anything, report back your findings! I'm sure there are others here who would be interested in that, too! Thanks!

  • mandapandarawks I am so sad this wasn't the right size for you! I know you were looking forward to trying it. :( Hopefully you can find a Gorsenia that works perfectly for you!

    MamaPagan I too am so thankful for all your information! I'd looked at this same model and would have gotten the wrong size.

  • That's what I'm here for. :-) I know I based my Gorsenia purchases off how Soleil fit & was sadly disappointed when the others did not fit the same (or at all haha. )

    I've downloaded Gorsenia's catalogs (2012-2018) and I'm going through them to see if I can find patterns now. Not sure how long it will take but I'll let you all know what I find.

  • 2

    Alrighty! Soleil and Vivaine are both from the SS15 line and they are the only two that look like they follow that "runs large" pattern . I'm still going to dig deeper and see what I can find *which will consist on doing a visual side by side compare of the similar description. Gorsenia bras in all 13 catalogs and seeing if I can find a pattern* :-) but figure that may be why the style is still available new 3 years later as it's most likely a regular return due to sizing.
    Hopefully Magda will have more info on differentiating Gorsenia styles.....

  • Would you say the Viviane and Soleil fit bigger as in cup depth, so more projected?
    I found a Viviane for sale in 65J on; I've never heard of that website, so I am a bit nervous to order it straight away.
    Amazon and eBay don't have it for sale in any size close to mine. :(
    I can't find Soleil anywhere, either.

  • I'd say just more "space" all around. So for mine, they were more projected by 1"+ at the apex compared to the other 3 in the same size, plus more room in the cup altogether making them more than just 1 cup larger that a 1" difference would indicate. Both above and below the apex had more room. (Think Vaulted ceilings and a drop floor mansion compared to a turn of the century cottage. :D)

    Unfortunately I do not have the Gorsenia bras any longer to compare details specifically and I never took "bra on" photos of them due to poor fits, so I can only go by memory & my notes. But if it helps, the other 3 Gorsenia soft cup bras I tried in 65M (30:13) fit in the cup more like a Ewa SM in 28K(equate to a 30JJ or 30:14), while Viviane and Soleil 65M were more like a 28L(30KK 30:16) SM. The Soleil in 65K fit like the other 3 soft cup 65M Gorsenia which confirmed my 2 cups bigger theory to me.

    There are two Gorsenia soft cups with measurements in a 65G on here, maybe comparing those to this one might help?

    This is the only listing I can find for Soleil right now:

    And if it helps at all, here's the link to the Gorsenia catalogs, 2012 to 2018 pdf downloads:,38

    Maybe comparing fit (cup height/depth, gore, & strap placement) might help? Also there are a lot of cute designs coming this fall! :-)

  • Alrighty, so just to throw a monkey wrench into the logic, I must point out an additional tidbit. The other 3 Gorsenia 65M I tried are not from their 2012-2018 line and doesn't follow the G or K numbering system but instead the former 5 # system. So..... I now don't know if those older models were true to their current offerings or if Viviane and Soleil are more true to their current sizing. There's 46 models entered that predate their catalog stock (the 3 mentioned included) and use the 3-5 numeric system, then several from SS12 that started the G/K system but predates the catalogs as well.

    So with that all said, I'd assume the 3-5 numerics will fit the same, and would venture to say that they K/G system most likely would have the same fit for style (so the soft underwire bras would fit them same as others in that K/G system but not necessarily fit like the padded styles.)

    After reading several of the other reviews, I do see the unlined do seem to run larger in general, with a few noting needing to go 1-2 cups smaller than their UK/Comexim size equivalents.
    Another common theme was the wide cups/wires/strap placement as well as the unpadded being full coverage and tall.....
    Okay. I think I'm done now. Hope it all helps!

  • 1

    Thanks for all that info!
    So I emailed Magda, and she said she had a 65I and 65J available of the Viviane, so I went ahead and ordered the 65J. Here's hoping the wideness isn't an issue and it fits me!
    Unfortunately, no Soleil available. I'll just have to keep an eye on eBay and maybe I will get lucky. Or perhaps there will be a different sunny yellow bra I can try!
    My goal is to get a bra of every color, hahah.

  • That's one of my goals too! Ewa has this one but it's now down to only 3 bras left :-(

    It's so pretty!
    Was Magda able to get you the Kostar Lime bra?

  • 1

    Yep! I should be getting it, and a couple others, in the next few weeks. ( I ordered a flowery blue Gaia and a black Ava bra with it) It was a balconette, which doesn’t tend to work for me, so I’m hoping it fits. I ordered the neon orange one today, along with the Viviane, so if the green doesn’t work, I’ll at least have a neon orange one on the way!

  • Awesome! I am so excited for you and hope they all fit!!!

  • 1

    I got a bra for Viviane and Orange for you. I sent it to you today ... I hope you will receive it soon and they will suit you :)

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