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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band70.0
Band Length57.8
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width12.6
Cup depth20.1
Depth ratio1.6
Wire length23.3
Cup height14.9
Cup separation2.5
Gore height6.2
Wing height9.0
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Last week I was on a trip in Montréal in Canada. I have been looking for a strapless bras for a long time and I thought it would be nice to find one in a shop: I can't find my size (28E/30DD) in my country (France) so I normally only shop online. So I go to the shop Hudson's Bay. I had a hard time finding something in my size (many matrix sizes avaible). But thanks to Bratabase I knew B.tempt'd By Wacoal was selling 30DD bra and luckily I found this bra in 30D and 30DD with a discount. First I tried the 30D bra but it was too small in the cup but it was not a surprise. Eventually the 30DD was an okay fit both in band and cup and now I can wear strapless dresses without straps showing off!

-On this bra the hooks are on the side which makes it easier to close: I know some ladies here find it difficult when there are many hooks in the back
-This bra is less boring because of the lace
-The band is tight and more a 28 band than a 30 (I mostly wear 28E bras). The bra stays put throughout the day without bothering me

-There are many hooks (5) and only two rows
-The lace can be visible though a tight shirt and maybe I will try the Freya Deco Strapless Bra soon in 28E for a smoother look
-The size range is not wide enough (no 30DDD in this model but thankfully the 30DD was a nice fit)

Nude colorway

Updated on Aug 01, 2018 Flag this

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  • I'm so happy this fit and very happy to see we have some native French people here! I know how bra sizing is in france as I am obsessed with several french brands but they practically scoff at the idea of a small band big cup. The few times I find 30/75 bands through french brands they only offer A and B cups. It's quite sad.
    But if you do decide to get the Deco Strapless make sure you get the 28F! I typically wear a 28D and the 28DD fits well on me, if not a bit small. It tends to run small in the cup.

  • Thank you for your comment LeProfessor !
    In France bra fitters put me in 85B bras (32B) because they judge I have too small breasts to be a 80D/E (30D/DD) and also to try to sell me something. Some French brands (Etam , Aubade , Lejaby ...) stock 80/30 bands with cups like D/E (or even F for Lejaby) but they are only available online. Too bad!
    I agree most French fitters consider it is impossible to have a small band with big cups. In store it is really hard to even find 85E/F (32DD/E). They point out that if you outgrow your 85D then you buy a 90D and not a 85E! The most popular band here are 90/95 (34/36 UK) even on small ladies but I think it is the same in the US, isn't it? They also think the 75 band (28 in UK sizing) doesn't even exist or is for anorexic!
    When I say I wear 28E bras in UK sizing, French fitters just laugh at me! It's such a shame!

  • That's so crazy, like my boobs are too big for the 85D, not my rib cage!
    Makes you want to scream at the fitters "Would you like to see my bra tag! This 85B you want to give me soo badly smooshes my breast tissue under my arms, do you not like my breast tissue being on front of my chest!??!?!"
    And yes, a 90/95 is the most popular band here in the US as well, as I am sure it is over most the world. Though women with very small rib cages like I are fast to discover 85 bands. One girl I know has a smaller rib cage than I and she is wearing a 85D and completely spilling over top of it. Poor girl. I tried to tell her about real sizing. Can you imagine the size she would actually be wearing her real band size of 65/70? She'd probably be like 65H/HH or a 70GG/H. Has all sorts of back problems.
    I'm a bit surprised that they don't fit you into a 90B instead of 85B, I could only imagine how you would be falling out of 85B. I was wearing a 85B most of my adult life, but then again, I get sized into anything from 85A/AA to a 90A depending on where I go. So perhaps I shouldn't be surprised!
    If only those brands weren't SO EXPENSIVE. I LOVE YSE LINGERIE! It's a french brand made for smaller busts, and they just introduced D cups, but ONLY in 85+ band sizes, and I have literally been begging them for anything but an A or B cup in a 80 band. BEGGING! XD

  • Of course the 85B is way too small ! Even the 85C is too small ! Now I simply avoid bra fitters: they tend to measure my underbust loosely and squeeze my breast tissue with the measuring tape!
    One or my friends wears 90E (34DD) but her band is riding up, the cups are floating over her breasts and she is also spilling over the cups a lot. She was wearing 95D (36D) for a while but recently she convinced herself to try the sister size down. I guess she is more a 32FF/G or even a 30G/GG. Like the girl you are talking about she has had serious back ache. She is considering getting a reduction when a better bra may solve her problem. I should tell her about real sizing but I don't know if she will listen to me.
    I hope your friend will listen to you and try some 28G/GG to begin with. Maybe ordering custom sizes from @Ewa Michalak or @Comexim is for later and a bit tricky. When I was a 28DD I ordered the 3D Satine in 26F and it was too small both in the cups and the band. I couldn't return it so I give it to a friend of mine.
    On Monday I will receive Aubade bras on sale. (I can't afford to pay full price!) I hope some of them will fit me.

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