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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band74.3
Band Length58.1
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width13.8
Cup depth24.5
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length24.1
Cup height17.1
Cup separation1.4
Gore height6.5
Wing height10.8
Strap width2.0
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I started the new year off with bra alteration adventure! I got this bra in a swap from martka00, despite finding the straps on my 65FF S far too wide. This bra, in its unaltered state, was not a great fit. The straps were cutting into my armpits and I had gaping at the top corners of the cups. I liked the fit of the rest of the bra enough to try my hand at some alterations. I found this strap alteration tutorial online and followed the instructions. I moved the straps in by 2cm on each side of the bra - and the fit is now almost perfect. I will admit that my alteration did not turn out as neat the one in the tutorial, but it is passable. I need some more practice before I try this on a bra with more detailing, but I am really happy with the improved fit. This bra is super comfortable.

Updated on Jan 01, 2019 Flag this

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  • Nice! Are you thinking about trying this on your Fluo as well?

  • veggiechic I'm a little nervous about trying it on the Fluo, as the lace is so delicate. I think I need a little more practice first.

  • This looks great!

  • 1

    I think it looks better like this! It’s so elegant with its wider straps. Like a old Hollywood glamor.

  • cupandahalf I agree. I love the wide cushioned straps.

  • And those straps are super comfy for all day wear..... All bras should have straps like those.

  • 1

    MamaPagan agreed!

  • 1

    Yay!!! You got an S to fit. It looks great on you now.
    I'm taking another shot at an S. I included one in my order with Magda. If it doesnt work in 65G I'm gonna give up on ewa padded styles..

  • 1

    rachaelll I had forgotten about this tutorial. Thanks for posting it again. I might try this on my new S, it can't possibly get any worse than it already is.

  • 2

    AprilGoulding you might want to ask Magda to take the straps in for you on the S. MamaPagan said that Magda can arrange alterations before shipping the bras to Canada

  • 2

    Sovavosi that's exactly what I thought! Hopefully, it works well for you.

  • If only there was a tutorial for adding depth at the base without adding height to the cup......

  • MamaPagan Someone on Reddit did that but they had to cut the bra apart and insert a new panel in vertically.

  • O.o Fabric matching would be difficult. .......oh, and my lack of seamstress skills would be an issue. Haha!

  • rachaelll if the bra fits but straps need moving, I'll get Julia at Ellesmere to do it.
    I dont want to alter before trying it on, in case I need to sell it

  • 1

    AprilGoulding that is a much more sensible idea.

  • Yes, @savovosi and MamaPagan, with my mediocre sewing skills I would imagine inserting some triangular darts at the bottom part of the seem(s) would be a way to do it. I would certainly be nervous to try, but it might be better than having a bra that doesn't fit sitting around.

  • 1

    veggiechic I have the hardest time getting over the "you're wrecking it, OMG" feeling whenever I think about altering something.

  • 1

    Been there, done that.....horribly, haha! Just remember if you don't succeed, it can't be worse than my Frankenbra failure, and I can send you that link to make you feel better. So far it has worked everytime at making others feel better with their sewing fumbles. :-D

  • Wow! It looks fantastic! I am so glad that it’s a good fit now. I really do love my 70E S Szykus but I know it is too small and I really want to try a 70F or maybe 65FF in another S (band has to stretch to 29” minimum, so whichever size will give me that). I would be so nervous about altering it myself, but it is probably among the easiest of the alterations as well as most useful. Well done! I hope you enjoy your new S bra.

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