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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band66.0
Band Length54.5
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width13.8
Cup depth22.5
Depth ratio1.6
Wire length23.0
Cup height16.5
Cup separation1.8
Gore height5.5
Wing height10.0
Strap width1.5
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Alright, let's start this wave of posts off with my first impressions of the BM Porto! I may or may not add a more in-depth review once I've worn and washed it a few times, but I assume it'll be very similar to my other BMs. First of all, I love the appearance! The lace is gorgeous, I love the silky patterned knitwear, and I love the jewel decoration. It's a rich, deep kind of black cherry or wine colour. Perfect for the holidays!

In terms of the first impressions of the fit, it does fit the largest overall of my new bras. It's snuggest on the second-to-last hooks (the band does feel quite stretchy), and the cups feel quite capacious. It's not measuring particularly large (from smallest to largest fitting in this size for me according to cup depth, smallest is Krokus, then Bibi Perla, then this, then Szafirowa Pantera, and then my Szmaragd in 30F), but the cups do feel fairly full-coverage. The cups are giving me a slightly peaked appearance right now because the apex is fairly high and the lace is slightly stiff, but I'm sure it'll round out more as I wear and wash it.

Overall, I'm super happy with this one! Stay tuned for more on my other new bras!

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  • 2 looks great on you!! Nice with your skin tone.

  • 1

    That is gorgeous! I was close to ordering that one from Ewa with the sale in my size but I stuck with the Cabernet from Broad. Do you find it shallow at all or that it wrinkles somewhat at the wire? I have my pics up on my 65FF and plan to wear it today for a bit so I can do a proper review soon. I have not worn mine long term yet, as I did not want to test it out on a full day of work.

  • 2

    This is beautiful! I Love the colour and the fit looks great!

  • 1

    Thank you everyone! Calluna, unfortunately I'm not someone who usually has issues with projection at the wire, so I can't say for sure. In the short time I had it on, I didn't notice any wrinkling issues near the wire, only in the top section of the cup along the horizontal seam because of the aforementioned issues with the lace being stiff and the cups having a higher apex than me.

  • 1

    Sonya this is who I confused you with that had a BM Krokus.

  • 1

    It looks great on you!! Glad it's a good fit. :-)

  • 1

    I love this colour on you! So great!

  • 1

    Looks beautiful! And I agree with others... this colour does look nice on you! Would you say that your BMs have different apex heights? I guess I just always figured they were the exact same cut with every BM... (I hope the Antonia that I have coming doesn't have a high apex, because that won't really work with me).

  • 2

    Wilderness1 Now that I think about it, I do kinda feel like they're all slightly different. My Krokus and Bibi Perla seem to have a lower-apexed profile (and they're my two most shallow BM's in terms of cup depth; not sure if that would be correlated or not), and my Szafirowa Pantera and now this Porto seem to have a slightly higher apex, but that's more evidenced in the visual appearance and the feel than the measurements IMO.

  • I’m wondering if my Cabernet is also a slightly higher apex...

  • I’m wondering if my Cabernet is also a slightly higher apex...

  • 1

    This is simply stunning! I looks amazing on you.

  • opps *it looks

  • 1

    Thanks sherrach898 ..I'll know in a few weeks if mine fits or not. I'll have nothing to compare it to though, since it's my first BM. Thanks for the review.

  • 2

    @wildnerness I'm looking forwarding to your review. I also have my first BM on the way - and have no idea whether it will fit. Its so helpful to see others reviews

  • rachaelll totally agree! Especially when they're in the same size range.

  • 1

    rachaelll and Wilderness1 I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for you to get your BMs. 🍿

  • 2

    rachaelll Wilderness1 Calluna I am also waiting for BMs. 65FFs. I have Fluo and Antonina coming direct from EM and Wersal from another user. Also awaiting HM Sekret, SM Wanilla and S Pralinowy in the same size. Lots of reviews and fit data coming up!!

  • Interested to see how the 65FFs work for you AprilGoulding. I have my 65FF Cabernet pics and measurements up, but I have not been able to write a review on it much beyond my initial impression (in an adventure I wrote). Like all of my new bras, I want to wear it around the house or for short periods first, before an all day work shift. Only I’ve literally been in my pajamas for the last two days (my days off) and I don’t want to get dressed and go anywhere. I just wanna cocoon at home. I think that I might be coming down with something. I thought it might just be the pressure from the wind storms that we have been having, but I am not sure now.

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On Nov 2022 It fit her! View measurements

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Strap separation:
Are too far apart
Top of the cup:
Wrinkles, can't quite fill it
Band fit:
The back of the bra is not at the same level as the front (rides up)

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