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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.7
Band Length58.4
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width15.6
Cup depth38.1
Depth ratio2.4
Wire length33.0
Cup height24.1
Cup separation1.4
Gore height10.2
Wing height11.7
Strap width1.9
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SF Iris 60L (and 60KK)
I bought SF Iris during the opening weekend sale, and though it shipped on 11/30, it didn’t arrive until 1/7/19. When I ordered it (mid Nov) I was at about a 50% fit rate for the 60KK SF bras, so I figured I would take advantage of the sale and purchase this one (and Zenith) in both a 60KK and the 60L. For simplicity sake, I am reviewing them both together here.

Iris is a gorgeous purple. The bottom has a beautiful pattern yet is smooth, while the top is a purple lace. The inside of the bra is lined in black, and the band is also black. It is the standard SF style, which has a stiffer bottom cup with stretch lace on top. This typically provides more support than the BM but without any padding to add bulk.

All measurements are taken prior to trying the bra on to insure no figure is obscured by the body. I also take all flat measurements before taking the stretched cup then band measurements for the same reason.

The band measures 23” and stretches to a max of 29” on the 60L and 22” to 28.75” on the 60KK. They both have 3 hooks and 4 rows of eye loops.

Cup Depth as measured by:
1 Hovering the cup between the knees, then placing the tape measure into the cups without any resistance.
This measurement is: 12.2” on 60KK & 12.5” on 60L
2 Placing the cup over the knee and stretching it similar to what a breast would, to the maximum resistance.
This measurement is: 14.2” on 60KK & 15” on 60L

I feel these two figures give you a general idea of the minimum and maximum depth that the cup can accommodate, just like the flat and stretched band measurements do with bands. Since Bratabase only has one cup field, I enter the larger of the two, as it’s this larger number that determines if a cup is going to fit me or not since I am on the max end of the cup scale, but do realize that some may need the lower number to determine fit for their needs, so I will always include both figures in the reviews for full disclosure.

The 60KK Cup height is 8.75” with a 4.5” Wing, 4.15” gore, and 6” width
The 60L height is 9.5” with a 4.625” wing, gore 4” and 6.125” width

Needless to say the measurements are disappointing, as there is not enough of an increase from the 60KK to the 60L to justify calling it a full cup up. I have a few 60KK SF bras that measure the same max cup depth, so this isn’t a true 60L cup. I had Magda ask about getting this one (and Zenith) in a 60LL, but she was told no. I had to push for months to get Ewa to be willing to allow me to get the 60L, so I imagine that I can work this no into a yes with a little bit of requesting and persuasion Kaska, and hopefully they won’t sell out of them before I can do so. Even if that one is too big, I still want it for comparison on the sizing, as this 60KK to 60L cup scaling cannot be correct. :/

As for fit,
I didn’t bother with even trying on the 60KK based on the fit of my other ones, and the fit of the 60L.
The band feels loose on the tightest hook-set. The gore is just under 2 fingers off my sternum, otherwise the cups feel tight but not terrible within the few minutes of wear.

Updated on Jan 09, 2019 Flag this

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  • 1

    Sorry to hear it's not a perfect fit, but oh my that colour looks gorgeous on you!

  • Thank you :-) It really is a gorgeous purple!!

  • 1

    This reminds me of the J/JJ measurements... she just makes them taller instead of deeper. Awful :(

  • 2

    I seriously have 2 SFs in 60KK with the same depth (Szaron and Kobalt) so it is difficult for me to think this is a true 60L. It's really no taller either....All 3 of the 60L have a max of 15" depth.

    I sent Kaśka an inquiry last night about the 60LL but she hasn't replied. I also have prepared my rebuttal statement for the no she will inevitably give me, listing the depth of each SF I have received and my breast perimeter etc. :-D

    I am determined to win this battle!!!

  • 1

    Fingers crossed she says yes!

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