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Bra » Ewa Michalak » Bm Croptop Topaz (1434) » 60KK » Bras » Owner


Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band69.2
Band Length56.9
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width15.9
Cup depth41.3
Depth ratio2.6
Wire length32.4
Cup height24.8
Cup separation1.3
Gore height10.2
Wing height12.7
Strap width1.9
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BM Croptop Topaz 60KK
This one is a standard full coverage, full lace BM, but with an extra lacey frill on the base of the band. The lace is a wonderful earthy brown with a beige lining. The gore has a small beige bow and a teardrop pearl dangly. I really love the color, and find it quite beautiful. As with all BMs, the top half of the cup is stretchy, while the bottom half is not, though it still has some give to the whole cup.

For the technical specifics:

All measurements are taken prior to trying the bra on to insure no figure is obscured by the body. I also take all flat measurements before taking the stretched cup then band measurements for the same reason.

The band measures 22.4” and stretches to a max of 27.25” so it is nice and firm. It has 3 hooks and 4 rows of eye loops which is standard for this size range.

Cup Depth as measured by:
1 Hovering the cup between the knees, then placing the tape measure into the cups without any resistance.
This measurement is: 13”
2 Placing the cup over the knee and stretching it similar to what a breast would, to the maximum resistance.
This measurement is: 16.25”

I feel these two figures give you a general idea of the minimum and maximum depth that the cup can accommodate, just like the flat and stretched band measurements do with bands. Since Bratabase only has one cup field, I enter the larger of the two, as it’s this larger number that determines if a cup is going to fit me or not since I am on the max end of the cup scale, but do realize that some may need the lower number to determine fit for their needs, so I will always include both figures in the reviews for full disclosure.

The height is 9.75”, width is 6.25”, while the gore is 4” tall and ½” wide, with a 5” wing. These figures are about average for the size and style.

As for fit,
The lace on the cups of this one appear to be more stretchy than most of my BMs, while the band is firmer. This is the perfect combination for me right now so I am very happy with it. My breasts have been “possessed” lately and on a swelling spree (still not 100% convinced this is permanent new growth) so I was convinced that this one wasn’t going to fit. I was down to one 60KK BM that still fit (and only 2 bras total), but luckily for me, this one appears to have a more open top and a bit more give to the cups, so hopefully I can get a few wears out of it before it doesn’t fit, haha.

The gore sits 1.5 fingers off my sternum, which as long as it’s comfortable with all day wear, isn’t a fit issue for me. The base of the cups do feel a bit snug, but I am used to my cups stretching out a bit with wear, so I anticipate this to go away after a few wears, assuming my breasts do not grow again.

I should be past my low tide for the month, but still a good week away from high tide, so this is a perfect time of the month for fit assessments.

The band is comfy on the tightest hook-set, which is standard but was surprising since the max stretch from band tip to tip was 27.25”. I am okay with this, as I have yet to have an Ewa band stretch out on me, and I typically wear all my bras on the tightest hook-set from the start anyway.

I only had this one on for about 5 minutes to do a quick fit assessment, so if my initial fit feelings change after all day wear, I will update my review.

Updated on Jan 08, 2019 Flag this

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  • 1

    It looks really nice on you. I'm pleased that the depth seems to work in your favor (at least partially since you say it feels a little snug right now). Hopefully it manages to stretch out a bit for you! Super happy that you have a couple more bras to wear again!

  • 1

    That looks really good on you :)

  • 1

    It isn't a terrible snugness in comparison to my other BMs (or SFs :-|) so I am confident it will loosen up with a few wears. I am happy with it. :-D

  • 1

    Based on your SF measurements, I feel like EM seems to struggle with increasing the depth on an SF when compared to a BM. 🤷
    Woo! Hopefully it will. I'm happy to hear you're happy with it :)

  • Yeah I agree DerangedDragons19. I am waiting to do full reviews on the SFs until I wear them for a few hours (the 60Ls, I won't bother with the 60KKs at this point) as I am not confident in their fit ......

  • 1

    MamaPagan That's probably for the best. I was super disappointed when I saw the measurements on your 60KK SF's. I'm hoping the 60L will be a little better of a fit for you. I think that it takes the SF a little more time to stretch out. I can't really be a good judge though as I've only had the Pin-Up and it seemed stretchier than any other SF that I tried (and hated mind you).

  • 1

    I have Pinup on the way as well, haha, in the 60L. As well as 2 custom SFs (Porto and Arlekin) which I am hoping fare better as they were pricier than I care to admit. I also have a few BMs in 60L on the way. Hopefully they don't run too big!!

  • 1

    Pin-up is my favorite! I have it coming in a 65K haha. I might buy it in a smaller band too, because that price is crazy good compared to some of their other bras 🙈 oooh! I'm excited to hear about those! Hopefully they're better! I'm sure it'll be okay, especially since you feel topaz might be a little snug right now. If anything, you could wear them at your high tide moments :)

  • 1

    Exactly! If nothing else, it's for bra science and any crazy boob days!

  • 2

    DerangedDragons19 I'm not convinced the SF will stretch. It's too uncomfortable and painful to wait for Blueberry to, at any rate.

  • 1

    Wow, this looks amazing on you!

  • 3

    Sovavosi I agree. Maybe I should start selling you mine that never fit, haha. Blueberry in 60KK. :-D And Iris and Zenith still with tags-never even tried on. Then there's all those 60K BMs I never wore...Fluo, Antonina, Absynt, Kleks, Wersal, Kawa, Fioletowy .....boy have I wasted a lot of money....o.O

    @Wilderness1 Thank you :-)

  • 2

    WOW! How many times can I upvote this? :)

  • Isn't it gorgeous? Should be the same lace as Brownie, just without the extra band lace and a different bow!

  • 1

    This looks lovely on you!

  • 2

    MamaPagan Looks beautiful on you :)

  • 1

    This looks great on you MamaPagan and I love the colour on this.

    (It makes me even more excited for the brownie)

  • 1

    Yay, I'm so glad it fits! Looks great, too!

  • 2

    Beautiful and nice colour too...different. don't see many brown bras.

  • 4

    It is lovely! MamaPagan I like the croptop part way better on you than on her website. On you it looks like a cute croptop, whereas on the website it was awkwardly loose. So glad to see this isn't the actual case. I am so glad to see you have a new bra that is comfortable :)

  • 1

    Sovavosi eep. Well scratch that then. I never bought blueberry mainly because it didn't LOOK like it would stretch any to accommodate our size range. I felt the same about Iris. I actually asked Kaśka if it had any stretch and she was very vague about it, saying a little. So.

  • 2

    Iris fits great, but the material is softer. Blueberry is so stiff, it just hurts wearing it. 😑

  • 2

    Well that's great! I'm glad Iris is softer :)
    Boo! Dang blueberry.

  • Thank you all. :-) Hopefully it will be comfy all day!!

    @VeggieChic I guess I have the right amount of belly pudge for it to work haha. The lace is really soft so the lower lace feels nice on the skin instead of scratchy.

  • 1

    So beautiful! might be the same lace as my 75J - Ewa Michalak » Bm Naomi (809) , which i dont wear any more as it doesnt really fit any more - but i loved that bra.

  • 1

    This looks beautiful. I loooove brown.

  • It does look like the same lace dbmamaz. :-) The new BM Brownie I believe is also the same lace.

    Thank you Sonya :-) I love Brown too! Earthy tones yay!

  • 2

    I miss my Naomi too, dbmamaz 🙁

  • 1

    I'm wearing a 75K SM today, and have another one to try one from the order delivered yesterday, but the FB really fits better . . .unless I lose weight, i cant justify buying non-FBs unless they are on sale.

    I did also get the green/animal print FB tho! pics . . . idk. Maybe over the weekend.

  • Don't you love the fabric on that one(Zenith)? I do!

  • 1

    You are too funny MamaPagan, I don't see any belly pudge! That vegan lifestyle is healthy!

  • Healthier yes-but I am admittedly a junk food Vegan. :-D

  • 2

    I havent actually tried on the zenith or even looked too closely. exhausted dealing with this dog. but she hasnt had a potty accident (that we've noticed) in 2 or 3 days so i'm starting to feel more relaxed. i'm seriously distrated - plus we're getting up every night to take her out, too, so exhausted. and more life too. just . . . yeah, hoping to love it once i actually take the time to look at it past - where can i stick this for now?!

  • 1

    Hopefully your life returns to normal soon and you get the opportunity to enjoy your new treasures (both bras and dog. ) :-)

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