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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band71.0
Band Length57.0
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width14.7
Cup depth27.5
Depth ratio1.9
Wire length26.7
Cup height19.8
Cup separation2.8
Gore height6.5
Wing height10.0
Strap width1.4
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Didn't fit

I'm posting this for the hilarity of it.
Had I bought this bra (and my upcoming Lily) in 30GG, they probably would have *fit*. If they both came sooner, they also would have fit.
Unfortunately I ordered it a while ago and before I had this sudden growth spurt, and then it took a while for it to get here and so this is what I got.

That being said, I don't think the issues I have with this bra would be fixed with a different size.

For me, this bra does not allow for upper fullness. I don't care what anyone says, I don't even *have* a lot of upper fullness but look how closed the cups are on top. I'm not sure what kind of breasts I'm supposed to have for a Cleo bra to be honest. The shape I get is just... weird. Looking at this is like looking at Marcie when I tried it (and I so regret not saving those photos because those were tons more funny).

Anyhow. Three part cups with upper part being non-stretch lace. Invisible in the photos, but the different tension in the lace where there is and isn't embroidery cuts in in the shape of hearts, cause very soft tissue. This is the same thing I had with Fantasie Alex.
The wires are alright. They're not Curvy Kate wide, but they're not Ewa narrow either. Somewhere in between and I liked the wires.
The cups are actually quite deep, and they should technically fit. I genuinely don't understand the bad fit. I guess maybe I'm on my high tide days already? I'm gonna give this bra a whirl past period and update the review.
On my smaller side there's some major wrinkling at the wire going on. Actually I felt like my asymmetry was very pronounced in this bra.

The band is tight. Even with my measurements technically being a 30 right now, I'm just not used to bands that tight so this is where my issue was, not that the band was tight for a 30. The band is not suffocating me or making me feel uncomfortable, though. Just feels tight. It stretches out beyond 71cm but I didn't want to enter that in the database as the wires get slightly distorted. I initially thought this is why the bra fits so bad, but after putting an extender nothing changed.

The gore is... very wide. I measured it at close to 3 cm and this is the first bra I had that has a gore that wide. It didn't bother me, the gore tacks, but I felt like there was soooooome wire on breast tissue going on. A gore scoop and swoop fixed it but it's a thing to note. If I were to wear this bra, I would alter the gore.

The straps don't adjust long enough, the story of my life.

To be honest, nothing about this bra seems like it should be made in a cup over E-F. The straps are so thin even if they could adjust long enough they would cut in bad--the weight of breasts would just be too much for it. The double hookset is just not what someone like me needs (or wants). I often underestimate the extra stability from that third hook, but it is quite obvious I need it (as anyone with a fuller bust does). It makes me appreciate Curvy Kate cause for all their faults at least all their bras at my size range (and smaller even) have three hooks and wide straps.

The fun part: the colour is FANTASTIC. I am absolutely in love with it. I got this colourway cause it was the only one available, but I think even if that wasn't the case I would have gone for this one. The heart embroidery on the lace is fun and cute. Maybe some day I would call it juvenile, but I quite like it today, lol.

Overall, Cleo by Panache --> not for me. That's 0/2. I do have Lily still coming in, and we'll make a final verdict. But things aren't looking so good right now.

edit: I know the tone of this review sounds a bit frustrated but I'm really not.

Updated on Dec 17, 2018 Flag this

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    That’s always fun, the weird smooshing and cutting into the top slope. Sorry 😐

  • 1

    That's alright! Like I said, I didn't expect it to fit at this point lol :) Still good to know if someone's looking for info that this bra is no good for tall roots even if you are FoB (I know that Kali is meant for FoB shape, but everyone but the FoB-est of FoBs have *some* upper fullness.)
    Can't see it in the photos but the same cutting in was happening on my smaller side as well.

  • 3

    I think you’re FOB & this is just too small and any larger & the wires would be too wide.

    CK’s unlined bras haven’t had wide wires in prob 3 years now. Ever since Bardot came out & they revamped their fits. But they’re also all going to fit even more closed off than the Kali/Lucy.

  • 1

    That is very interesting as both the Ellace and the Dottie I got have had wide wires (15+ cm). Older colourways, maybe (but I doubt as old as three years)? Who knows.

    I am FoB (more so FoB to evenish, depending on the cycle, lol), but I also have freakishly tall roots--they go all the way up to my collarbone) that will often make bras meant for FoB cut in (no matter the size).
    In the beginning of my bra journey I tried all the bras (that came in my size) from the subreddit's list for FoB and almost all of them had that same issue.

  • 1

    It is a gorgeous color, but ugh on that fit. Wide gores are the number one reason I don't wear UK brands any longer. (That and being sized out, but I wasn't when I stopped wearing them. ) I could handle the wider wires if the gores weren't an inch wide!?!
    After the addition of stretch lace on top of the cups, I too would have a difficult time going back to no stretch. I'm still trying Ewa's SM again though because I want a sexy bra!!

  • 1

    I find the single Ewa SM I have is the bra that fits me best right now for some reason! Lol

  • 2

    Pretty colour, too bad on the fit though :( it does make me curious on how it fits others in general though, because of the close off shape. I guess I'll be browsing through that section on bratabase.

    If I were to ever try an SM it would be either the koralik (even though I know the fit issues on that one. I really like coral) or the Yennefer

  • 2

    There isn't much choice with SMs at the moment... hopefully we see some soon.

  • 2

    I am really curious what "the band is quite tight" actually means. I don't want to order a 65JJ because of that and it's 31" long. 😔

  • There are a couple of 60s and 65s added to Ewa Michalak Sm Wanilia (686) and as I recall it says there the band is quite tight as well in red letters.

  • 2

    Except that large cup bras have longer bands, so maybe they will negate each other?

  • 2

    I wish I knew! I also wish Kaska would just straight out tell us about that. I find Ewa bands to stretch out fast--for all the talk about them being tight they break in very easily.

  • 4

    Frazzleberry I ordered Koralik for a 3rd time in 60L, along with the sheer black SM (as well as SF PinUp in 60L and BM Flamenco in 60KK) on Black Friday. They shipped today, so hopefully we'll see how they fare in a few weeks.

    I love the look of the SM style, and I am hoping that the runs tight is to our benefit Sovavosi.

    I would love to see some more colorful sheer ones, but that's not in the foreseeable future last I checked. Just imagine a sheer electric blue SM....or neon purple!! :-D

  • 3

    Just bring back Sm Malinowy so I can order it in the correct size :D

  • 2

    MamaPagan awesome! I'll be looking forward to those reviews ;) hopefully the 3rd time is the charm

    @brasaremean that would be great. The Malinowy is such a fun colourway

  • 1


  • Interesting what you are saying about the fact that this is a fob style but that your roots are tall and the combination is weird with the fit. I’m still curious about the the 28G Lucy or 30FF Kali. I’m full on bottom with taller but shallow roots.

  • 1

    Calluna- I just received a 28G Lucy (and Andorra) so I will post measurements and pics soon. I think we have similar shapes, so it might be helpful.

  • Yes please, Sonya !

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Straps adjustment:
Straps don't adjust long enough
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)

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Straps adjustment:
Straps don't adjust long enough
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)

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Straps don't adjust long enough
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)

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