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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band83.0
Band Length61.0
Stretch ratio1.4
Cup width14.5
Cup depth26.5
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length24.5
Cup height21.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height7.5
Wing height10.3
Strap width1.8
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I took (yet another) chance and ordered this bra in 70G, and I have to say, while my smaller side gets considerably less support it feels so so good on my larger side.
The wires are not as narrow as my 70FFs, it has way more coverage and it just doesn't feel as tight.

That being said, if I so much as lose a cm in my boobs, this bra will be too big.

The cups are your typical BM 3 part cups, with the top lace being super stretchy. The inside is lined with a beige mesh, and I have to say from the stock photos I would have thought the mesh would be lighter. The lace is pure white--another thing that in stock photos looked a bit more cream to me? But it doesn't matter. This bra is beautiful.
I will say that on my smaller side it feels like I could have gone down in cup with this bra. Even on my larger side I struggle to fill out the cup completely. One thing I'm very scared of is that after a prolonged wear, the bra will not be as supportive. BMs on me tend to do this, after 7-8 hours, they just sort of flop down. I used to think this is because my 70FFs are dangerously close to being small so they slide down and such but I don't know... it might be just how these bras are.

The wires feel a lot better for my larger side, mainly cause they are longer, so really the wings are higher and I feel a little bit more contained. On my smaller side... I mean I already know it will slide down as it's too wide for my smaller side.

The band feels wonderfully snug, not too tight, not loose at all, just right. The gore tacks, is very narrow, blah blah, bra makers take note, this is how you make gores.

I don't think it's gravity defying lol. I mean, there's considerable lift, but maybe it's the size, I'm used to more lift (and compression I guess?) It also looks like my boobs are a little bit wider in this new size, and I feel like maybe my asymmetry is more pronounced in it.

Overall, I'm not disappointed in this bra. It's beautiful, it's supportive, and as long as I maintain my boob it will probably fit. On the plus side, I'm at the beginning of my cycle and so my boobs are at their smallest right now, so maybe going into the month the bra will fill out better?

Updated on Dec 04, 2018 Flag this

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  • 4

    It looks beautiful, and like a great fit!

  • 2

    Thank you veggiechic it really is a beautiful bra!

  • 4

    It looks like a great fit to me. Gorgeous 😀

  • 3

    Thanks Sovavosi
    I have Apricot, Kleks and Fuksja on hold because I wanted to see how these will fit and now the doubt is killing me if I should go for 70G or 70FF

  • 3

    Apricot fit small on me. I hope that it was a fluke and works for you.

  • 3

    Hm by that a 70G might actually be better for it then!

  • 4

    This looks gorgeous on you!

  • 4

    This one looks so much better on than the stock photo. It’s gorgeous. Your worries mirror my potential concerns about the one I ordered. We just have to wait and see, I guess.

  • 4

    The fit looks fabulous! I love the lace. It looks so much prettier than in the stock photos. It's a hidden gem

  • 3

    I'm breaking my own rules here and wearing it without washing first and so far no sliding, very comfy, I feel like its holding up well (less so on my smaller side but it is expected).

  • 3

    It looks great on you! :-)

  • 1

    It feels a little too big :(

  • 3

    But it looks good at least. :-D
    My Antonina measured larger in the cup but didn't feel larger which was weird. Per my notes, Antonina fit like Kleks in the same size, if it helps.

  • 2

    I already confirmed the 70Gs.
    That being said, Antonina doesn't measure that big at all, I think it's just I lack top fullness to fill it. And at this cup size, I feel like the band might be a bit too loose? I'm gonna test this out with putting it on tighter hook.

  • 3

    would it help to put a cookie on your smaller side?

    and WOW what a beauty. i couldnt stop looking at it!

  • 2

    Hopefully a tighter hookset will do the trick brasaremean. Keep us updated! :-)

  • 2

    dbmamaz not sure how it would work with a non padded bra :/

  • 3

    Beautiful bra! I agree with dbmamaz, I couldn't stop looking at it either! I want get one some day!

  • 5

    Hooking the band on second hooks makes a ton of difference. A ton (I now understand the gravity defying thing, lol). So I feel like I could have gone for 65GG :/ but I hate squeezing myself into 30 bands cause I sit a lot and the band bothers my acid reflux. Esp Ewa's 65 would prolly feel more like a tight 30 which I just can't do. Oh well, looks like second hook it is.

    It also feels like my 70FFs or 75F just didn't have enough immediate projection. These wires stay firmly in my imf, I'm talking like they're glued there and not budging. This bra is definitely deep enough at the wire for me!

  • 2

    also Doriana I despise white bras but I bought two from Ewa and I love them both (Antonina and 70G - Ewa Michalak » Sm Wanilia (686) )

  • 1

    Glad the tighter hookset worked brasaremean! And the gravity defying is amazing isn't it?!? :-D

  • 2

    It's gorgeous! Obviously you know your body best but to me, visually, this looks like the best fit I can remember seeing in your photos out of all the bras you've posted so far (that I've seen--I admittedly have not been on much in the past week or so).

  • 3

    For sure wendybien This bra looks like all the boob is actually in the cup! I think the 70FFs were not necessarily small, just too short on the sides for that to happen.

  • 2

    I agree! I think this is a better match for your anatomy, considering the height of your roots and the overall distance between the base of the breast and shoulderline. And if you have monthly fluctuations and will gain some volume in the second half of your cycle you will REALLY appreciate that additional coverage and volume then, because it will feel so much more supportive.

  • 4

    Yes unfortunately I may have underestimated how low set I really am, but I am coming to terms with it. I'm not sure why, I feel like when I was younger my boobs were not really this low on my torso! I remember for sure at some point having that cakes-on-a-plate cleavage right under my chin, lol. But maybe I'm imagining it.

    I'm on the pill, so my low tide days are the days I'm not on the pill, literally those 7 days are when I'm small, and then the second I start again they just retain so much water (I imagine that's what it is) throughout, culminating in what feels like at least 2 cups larger than my usual--my laying perimeter goes from 26.5 (low tide) to 29+ at the end. It's crazy (but a necessity I learned to deal with). So hopefully this will work much much better for the end of the cycle.

  • 2

    My breasts are also getting lower seemingly. It’s really weird.

  • 2

    brasaremean usually when we experience boob growth, the base of the breast root gets taller more than it gets wider (in fact it is quite limited in how wide it gets on many people). So if your chest is larger now than it was then, your underboob crease has moved south! Or if you have had pregnancies or breastfed children that usually causes a loss of fat and a growth of glandular tissue, which means shape changes and often less full on top, even if you have always been low-set.

  • I've never had kids or breastfed but I've taken hormones my whole life for reccuring ovarian cysts which did make (and does make) my boobs just grow and grow...
    I guess that is probably it.

  • Yep that would do the trick. So you don't have particularly low-set boobs at all IMO, you just have full, tall and projected boobs, and if you are even a little bit tall or long-waisted, this means you can easily run out of strap length on standard bras. I am actually very short-waisted and slightly high-set but my boob projectedness and root height means I use almost the full length of the straps on most bras. If I were taller or longer-waisted I would absolutely have a strap length problem, and I'm several cups smaller than you.

    I must say I was puzzled looking at the photos in the red knit top--the arm is a typical reference point for someone's proportions and "low-set" boobs would at least be closer to elbow than shoulder level, but yours are right in between, if not a little higher up.

  • It definitely *feels* like I'm low set. Literally any bra -- the straps are too short. When I look at the photos, they seem really low as well.

    But maybe they're not. Either way the straps are a big issue (so much so my neck and back hurt from too short straps). I should really teach myself to replace straps on bras.

  • I'm about 172cm so I'd say average height (for this region, at least).

  • brasaremean well it is a very relative thing--your inframammary crease is obviously lower on the torso than most people with smaller breasts, less full breasts, or "shorter" roots (yours look tall as well as projected). So yes, compared to the general population this means your boobs are lower because they take up more room vertically, period. But compared to other people who share your boob size/shape, I don't think you look particularly low-set in these photos, though images may be misleading of course.
    Generally, though, again, this is a common problem because bra straps typically are not generously long --as I said above, I have a VERY short torso (162cm but disproportionate, so I have long legs but wear smaller, shorter shirts than my mother in law who is 145cm!!), I'm only a 32E/30F, and I'm wearing a Wacoal full cup bra today with straps almost completely extended. I have the strap on my small-boob side adjusted to just 4cm (total length--folded is 2cm) less than absolute maximum and on the big-boob side I am just 2cm away from maximum! And this bra is a little big in the cups for me so that actually buys me extra strap length.

  • And yes replacing them can be good strategy. Strap strain is sooooo uncomfortable.

  • I think maybe the reason so many bra makers don't put longer straps is because there are more short girls whose straps are too long, than us who need longer.

    Yes, strap pain is by far my worst offender when it comes to bras. Everything else I can deal with, narrow cups, short cups, wide cups, tight band, loose band, but short straps... nope.

  • btw wendybien Should I size up in band and down in cup with Empreinte and Maison Lejaby? I've been reading some reviews and the general consensus seems to be cups are on the larger side and bands on tighter one.
    It's kind of what I remember from French bras (and Prima Donna) that you can easily size down in cup cause they run large.

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