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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band78.7
Band Length61.7
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width14.2
Cup depth25.4
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length26.7
Cup height18.8
Cup separation1.5
Gore height7.1
Wing height10.4
Strap width1.5
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Didn't fit

I haven't decided if I'm going to keep this bra or not. It's really pretty, but something is off about the fit. The top of the gore sort of pushes into my smaller breast and makes a weird gap at the top of the cup, and on that same side (my right) there's a good half inch or so of space. My left side fills the cup nicely, but the right does not. I seem to have more problems with my smaller breast in Ewa bras; that's always the side where the strap placement digs into my armpit.
Usually I alter the straps myself by removing some of the top part of the cup and moving the straps inward, and that seems to help with the cups fitting me more perfectly. I can't decide if I want to risk that with this bra, or send it back for a refund. These are pricy (well, to me!) bras, understandable so! But I would hate to change it and then have it not fit even afterwards.
Oh, I ordered this from Levana Bratique, which is based in the US. I've had nothing but good experiences with them so far! I had ordered a different Ewa bra that didn't fit, and it took about a week for the refund to come back. I had used a promo code for $5 off for signing up for their email list, and when it didn't work for the second order I placed, Judy refunded it to me. I thought that was nice! Also, even with choosing USPS first class mail for the shipping option, it only took two days for the bras to reach me.
So overall, I recommend Levana Bratique!
Unrelated to my fit woes: this bra is so pretty in real life. It's a really pale pink, lacy fabric with soft white lining on the inside. There's a little gemstone on the gore, similar to the BM Kleks.
Now maybe someone here can help me decide if I should keep this beautiful Apricot bra or not!

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Jun 04, 2018 Flag this

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  • This sounds familiar. Is the gore a smidge wider than your others?

  • I don't think so, but the wires are overlapping in this one, whereas my other BMs are not. Could that be the issue?

  • A Fit Request would be most helpful to you. Narrower gores eliminate the gap for me. But, it sounds the opposite is true for you. A mystery ;-)

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    Yeah, I really need to get over my nervousness of taking pictures of bras on my actual body. :s
    I decided to return this, though, after all. I think the wires were a bit too close, and the gore just short enough that it was giving me issues.

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    I completely understand. I, too, had to work through that, but I realized the photos help so many others that I did it despite my anxiety. "I survived" ;-) ;-)

    Best wishes finding a great fitting, light-colored bra. Red and lime-yellow have worked for me under white. It was a big surprise.

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    mandapandarawks I think many of us went through the same photo concerns, myself included. But if you think about it, a "bra on" photo really isn't different from a bikini top photo, & most women will go into public in a bikini.

    Just because someone decided long ago that "this" fabric is acceptable for public display, while "that" fabric is for private & makes a woman vulnerable doesn't mean we should feel that way.

    Most bra on photos couldn't be associated with you personally, so chances are you won't be walking down the street and have someone say "Hey! I seen your boobs on Bratabase!"

    I have quite a few tattoos & I still post the bra on photos. If someone happens to see my tats and recognizes me, so be it. My bra is no different than a bikini in my mind, and usually provides more coverage than a bikini haha.

    But like Love4Pollinators said, I know the bra on photos can be very helpful for many. So I take a bunch, probably too many, to try and cover every angle and detail. Each photo is helpful to someone, & if it helps even just one person, it is worth it to me. :-)

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    MamaPagan You make some very good points! Ya'll inspired me, haha. I just spent some time altering another beige bra I got and taking before and after photos of them on. I figure if I'm gonna be a bravangelist, I better go ALL OUT BRA.
    I'm gonna post my first ever fit request. I'm afraid I seriously messed up this friggin $67 bra, and hopefully there's a seamstressy type on here who can give me some pointers! *crosses fingers

  • mandapandarawks We are all each other's inspiration here on the BtB ;-)

    There are several here who are quite skilled in the seamstress arts, so I'm sure you'll get some great pointers for sure. : -)

  • 2

    Way to go! Overcoming fear and anxiety is great for our brains, too. :-) :-)

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