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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band72.4
Band Length56.6
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width15.9
Cup depth35.6
Depth ratio2.2
Wire length30.5
Cup height22.9
Cup separation1.6
Gore height10.2
Wing height12.7
Strap width1.9
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SF Trapez in 60KK

SF Trapez is classified as a Semi Soft bra (aka Semi Padded), though it has no padding what so ever. The logic is that the material is stiffer, and thus EM considers this padded, which it clearly is not. If you are looking for a padded bra, this is not for you. If you are looking for a supportive bra, then this one is perfect for you. Aside from the misleading description of the SF bras on EM’s website, this bra style is quite nice. The color on the cups is a plum or reddish purple with grey cross lines, and the lace is more of a violet purple. Personally, I don’t feel these two purples blend well together. The upper lace is stretchy which allows for fluctuations in fullness as well as asymmetry.

While this is a Ewa Michalak bra, it is actually produced under their Effuniak label, which does explain some minor differences between this and my other SF style bras by Ewa.

The band measures 22.25” and stretches to a max of 28.5”. It has 3 hooks and 4 rows of eye loops, which seems to be standard for Ewa bras in the upper cup range. Per Ewa’s site, the band runs rather loose, but at 28.5” max stretch, this is not the case for this particular bra.

Cup Depth as measured by:
1 Hovering the cup between the knees, then placing the tape measure into the cups without any resistance.
This measurement is: 12”

2 Placing the cup over the knee and stretching it similar to what a breast would, to the maximum resistance.
This measurement is: 14”

I feel these two figures give you a general idea of the minimum and maximum depth that the cup can accommodate, just like the flat and stretched band measurements do with bands. Since Bratabase only has one cup field, I enter the larger of the two, as it’s this larger number that determines if a cup is going to fit me or not since I am on the max end of the cup scale, but do realize that some may need the lower number to determine fit for their needs, so I will always include both figures in the reviews for full disclosure.

The cups are constructed in 5 sections, with 3 lower vertical, 1 upper outer wedge in the same material and the upper inner horizontal lace section. The height at the center of the cup is 9”.

The straps are wide set like most Ewa bras. The color of the straps is closer to the lace than the cups, in a deep violet color.

The center gore is set at .625” wide, with a height of 4”. The wires touch on the top then overlap mid-gore before separating into the cups. The wing is 5” and the wires are 6.25” from top to top. The oddity with these wires is that they don’t form the standard U but more of a lazy U that flares out a bit under the armpit area. Sort of a cross between a U and a V or J. Also, the wire does not fill the chamber, which allows for the wire to semi float throughout the day. For me, this type of wire & chamber setup can cause pressure point pain under the armpit by the end of the day. Hopefully this one will not be the same. I also know that when the wire floats in the chamber, it increases the likelihood of the wire escaping the chamber as well. The wire is 1cm shorter than the chamber.

Overall, while I do like this one, I don’t like it as much as my other SF styles. I love the support and separating I get from the SF style, as it’s something I don’t get from my other bras, which all seem to push my breasts together. Some days you just don’t want eye popping cleavage, and the SF style is perfect for those days.

Update 11/25/18: I pulled this one out of storage to try the fit again. I am at hi tide, about the fullest point of the month for me, so I opted to add new photos to compare. My breasts have grown a bit since I first got this one, but hi tide makes it even worse. Can't get my boobs in the bottom of the cup (only could at low tide when it fit anyway) and a lot of quadding on top of the cup. :-/ Back into storage for this one.

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Nov 25, 2018 Flag this

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Fit information

On Jul 2018

Center gore placement:
Doesn't lie flat against sternum
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)
Band fit:
The back of the bra is not at the same level as the front (rides up)
Cup's width:
Outer cup cuts into breast tissue in the sides

On Apr 2018

Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)

On Jul 2017 It fit her!

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