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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.7
Band Length58.4
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width14.0
Cup depth19.1
Depth ratio1.4
Wire length22.9
Cup height13.0
Cup separation2.5
Gore height7.0
Wing height7.6
Strap width1.5
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I purchase this bra from a fellow community member. I saw: "60F Comexim Burgundy Half Cup," and immediately wrote. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! I've been drooling over this model since I saw it and figured I might be able to get away with a 28:6 since my @Comexim , plunge bra fit in the same size. I purchased and received it within several days, first time I've ever had a transaction happen that quickly! I tore into the package and pulled out the immediate thoughts were: "There can not be this huge if a discrepancy in the sizing from Comexim...even if this is a half cup instead of a plunge." Then I looked at the says 30F not 60F/28F. That explains the difference. I went back to the users page and looked up their data for the bra where there was a picture of the tag saying "30F," not 60F. It was listed as 60F, not 30/65F, but there was the picture that I did not look at before ordering. So I can't be upset. I'm getting it worked on to be fixed right now. So, sometime in the future you will see this bra labeled as 30/65F instead of the 60F it was originally tagged. Even though I was convinced it wouldn't fit by eye, I decide that I might as well try it on since I purchased it.
That's where I was totally surprised! Some how, this 30F technically fit. I have to say technically because it DID NOT FIT. At first I put it on the third hook, just because I always hook the bra on the hook that I naturally close it on when first trying on a bra. I needed to loosen the straps a bit. But there it was. On my body, no gapes, it FIT me. This was quite astounding to me even though I previously knew that the cup depth was 7.5". Decided to wear it to work on one of my computers days instead if one of my laborious days. I only stayed at work for five hours that day, but that was still enough time for me to decipher the fit of the bra. It doesn't fit, so I will be selling it if it doesn't fit any of my nieces either. I have three nieces and I know it won't fit one of them because she wears like a 32/30F and VS has her in 36DD, she wears 36D from like Wal-Mart. Yes. I'm on a mission, lol.
The quality is pretty darn good per the norm for @Comexim . I have the same opinion on the fabrics of this bra as I do with my other Comexim bra. They're not very soft or supple and I could see the foam on the inside of the cup being irritating to those with sensitive skin. I really don't understand why (a lot of) brands keep using the really nice soft and smooth fabrics on the outside of the bra but then leave the inside of the bra raw. I wish they would just line the foam with something more comfortable. The fabrics were not uncomfortable for me, nor did they chafe or feel offensive. There was not much stretch in the fabrics either and the bra was very stable on my body. Even though I decided to use the middle hook instead of the tightest hook when I wore the bra to work.
This half cup bra was full coverage on me. Nothing like the stock photos would suggest. It was also VERY shallow compared to my other Comexim bra; take note that my other Comexim bra is a plunge style. Due to the bra being so shallow, it felt like my boobs were being compressed into my chest. The top of the cup was only a bit deeper than the bottom/middle of the cup. I'm used to half cup bras getting significantly deeper at the top of the cup, so this bra could be very good for shallow women with softer breast tissue. The side of the cup started rubbing against my arm pretty bad come the end of the night. This is one of the main reasons I won't wear this bra. I still think this bra could work for me in a 28 band, perhaps a 28F/E, depending of course. Hopefully it won't be as full coverage in a size more appropriate for me.
I want to say that these wires are very wide. They ARE very wide on me; sitting a good inch plus behind my breast root. I did some follow up research on how very wide these wires were because (A) It's a Comexim bra and (B) I needed to know if this was normal for the half cup in this size. No. It's not normal, not even for other bras of this same model. I suppose that this bra is the elephant in the room. According to the measurement table for The Burgundy Half Cup this 30F has the same cup width as a 30/65H. Perhaps the original owner (not the person I bought from) asked for wider wires? Or this one could be a fake? Who knows. I know that it is FREAKING WIDE! 5.5" when measured at the top of the wires, inside seam to inside seam, 5.25" when measured at the middle of the cup; again inside seam to inside seam. Because this bra was so wide, my breasts kept trying to migrate under my arms to fill up the cup. This was exacerbated by the shallowness of the cup squishing my breasts to my chest wall. I was constantly feeling the need to pull my boobs back into the cups. I think if I had put a little push up pad behind my breast root, then that could've stopped the migration. This is the other reason why I will not ever wear this bra. The wires are also really soft and flexible. I like this about Comexim bras, but there are pro's and con's that come with softer wires. The gore would not lay flat because of these soft wires. I typically do not have a problem with gore's tacking or laying flat on my sternum. Even if they are sitting on breast tissue they still pay flat because I am fairly shallow there. Instead the gore sat diagonally on my body. The wire on my right side (smaller breast) sat against my sternum while the wire on my left side (larger side) sat on breast tissue. Since the wires were soft and not being forced to sit flat, this was not uncomfortable and I did not notice until I was taking the pictures for BtB. Look at my pictures for a visual explanation.
The straps were not as wide as I imagine they could've been for a 30F. They sat at the edge of my comfort zone for strap width and I did not feel the need to pull them in on my shoulders. Of course, they're wider than I would prefer and I'm sure wider than most women in my size range would prefer. But they were OK. Not really big on comfort or softness. They weren't uncomfortable or scratchy. They were not thin nor did they dig in. The straps are practical and get the job done. Not much else one could ask for besides a more luxe feel. If I'm recalling correctly, they are fully adjustable.
The band was very stretchy feeling. Though this could be attributed to being a used bra. I easily stretched it to 30", but the very soft wires began to warp at about 28".
All in all, I still really like the bra despite it's minor short comings. Perhaps this was a bra ordered with customizations that I don't know about or maybe just an odd one. At any rate, I look forward to trying it again in my size. I hope the cups will be less full coverage and give me this oomph, this "cakes on a plate" sort of cleavage that people keep talking about! At least to the extent that me boobs will allow. Let me know what you think and if you have any insight or recommendations.

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    If the tag says 30F, it was originally purchased from a third party seller, not Comexim direct. Third parties try to convert Comexims EU sizing into UK sizing. In Comexims terms, this bra would be a 65G... hence the reason it measures more like a 65H in sizing. I’d be surprised if the cup depth is actually only 7.5.” 5.0-5.25” is about right for a Comexim 65G. Yes their 3HC cut is shallow at the apex compared to their plunge cut, however it typically has more immediate depth. Or rather, it used to, although I’ve seen reports on the contrary lately.

    A bra bought directly from Comexim will have no tag, just the sewn in label, which unless they’ve changed things lately will always read just their EU size. If you need a UK 28E or 28F in Comexim, you should look for EU 60F or 60G.

  • I have this bra in 65G (I usually wear a UK 28E/F for reference) and also found it to be on the wider/shallower side. So much so, actually, that I have a crease near the wire where the cups have collapsed. I would double check the cup width and depth for you, but I bent the wires narrower when I first got it and I'm sure it's pretty stretched out at this point.

  • I ordered 4 half cups from them late last year, and they are all very shallow at the wire. Do you have conical breasts by any chance? It's really hard to get cakes on a plate with them, think about how much you have to push on a cone to get it to ball up. Not saying you can't, but I've never been able to achieve it.

  • The user I bought it from bought it from someone else thinking it was a 65G.
    The only "tag" with this bra is the sewn in label which says 30F, and is pictured , lcl0706 . I know their sister brand, Wellfitting, labels their bras with US/UK sizes. But all my other Comexim bras have only an EU size as well.
    The user whom I purchased from also had the cup depth as 7.5". I measured several times as even I did not feel it was quite right. I tried stretching the cups, measuring at the very top. 7.5" was the maximum measurement I got unless I measured on the outside of the cup. kohakuriver , measured the cup width a dozen times. Straight line, inner seam to inner seam at the top of the wires was always 5.5" (with a human error measurement about a quarter of a centimeter) and at the middle of the cup was 5.25".
    Ty. ^.^

  • I know Sovavosi Lol. I typically say I am conical because my nipples are pointy and I have much center fullness. Even my SO said the same thing lol. But if I use my hands I can get cakes on plate cleavage!!! *whines*

  • I can get if I use my hands too, but I have to flatten my boobs completely to get it. :(

  • 1

    Sovavosi same here, squished WAY together or squashed almost flat are my options for cleavage.

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Fit information

On Jan 2021 It fit her! View measurements

Gore is tiny bit too high and wide. Great fit IMO.

On Nov 2017 View measurements

Band is OK on middle hook. Cup WAY to wide, boob escape! Outer cup too tall, it rubs arm. Gore tilts instead of laying flat.

Center gore placement:
Doesn't lie flat against sternum
Cup's width:
There is empty fabric on the sides (Cup too wide)

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