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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band81.3
Band Length64.8
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width15.2
Cup depth20.3
Depth ratio1.3
Wire length21.6
Cup height19.1
Cup separation2.5
Gore height2.5
Wing height7.6
Strap width1.9
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This bra marks an important point, not only in my bra that fits journey, but also in my black women looking for nude bras quest....STORY TIME!! I actually started this quest in Victoria's Secret (ha what a mistake!) When I asked for a nude bra, the women told me they had dark champagne as their darkest. When I told her I had seen brown bras online years ago, she went to find her manager who exclaimed "A brown bra! Who would want that?"...Seriously? I thought to myself "Hm...maybe a brown person...or snap I don't know someone who likes brown. Ahhh I'm leaving! Your stuff is crap anyway!" I went to five stores that day, Macy's, Nordstrom, Nordstrom rack, VS, VS Pink, and no brown. Thank goodness for the internet. (If anyone wants me to make a list of the brown bras I found let me know!) Any who, I purchased this bra from the Nubian Skin website. Thankfully it was on sale and on top of that I had a coupon. For anyone ordering in the states, their shipping is $10, but it the items are tracked and arrive really quickly. So this shade of brown is cinnamon, their second darkest shade. I would describe myself as falling in the middle of the spectrum of dark, not super dark, but maybe 2 summer vacations away from Lupita Nyong'o. And this color works pretty well for me. That bra itself is of good quality. I personally think higher quality than their T-shirt bras, also I think this bra is truer to size than the T-shirt bra, although the band is a little tighter than my other 32s. I really love the lace, and it is not too obtrusive under clothing. HOWEVER, this bra seems super tall. I have relatively tall roots, there's still a little bit of gapping at the top where my breast tissue stops and the bra keeps going. So this may not be the best bra for someone with short roots. All in all though very pleased with this bra. It's nice to have options for us darker skinned ladies or for people who like brown. Also I believe they are currently running a 60% promo on this model.

Updated on Jan 11, 2018 Flag this

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  • 2

    I'm so glad you could find something to fit your skin tone! That bra is super cute :)

  • 1

    bustyand thank you so much!! I'm so glad there a more nude options out there! Some days I want my underwear to be understated!

  • 2

    That looks great on you and I love the pattern! Geez, that VS person...

  • 3

    I remember when I used to be able to shop in VS (so like 15 years ago I guess) they sold brown bras! The manager is an idiot. Sorry but I can't handle that kind of casual racism.

    This bra looks lovely on you and I'm glad you found a good nude for you!

  • 3

    This pattern is AWESOME on you!!!! Gorgeous!

    The racism is TOO prevalent in this country. We have SO much work to do!! I hope that manager has educated herself....!

  • 1

    omg i cant believe she said that to you., right to your face. but maybe i shouldnt be surprised ugh

  • Aww thank you guys!! So glad you like it. And yeah the women sounded clueless, don't actually think her manager saw me, but after that I was thinking "hmm...I'm going to leave. Its not like their stuff is super, super amazing anyway"

  • 1

    It looks really good! That is a very pretty, almost 70s tone-on-tone print. Yes from what I've seen Nubian Skin runs snug in band and somewhat shallow.

    Re VS: OMG, that heifer! Not to mention, she must not have been in the undies business very long to say that... I am a very pale white woman and I wear brown all the time both in lingerie and outer clothing. I have not been without at least one brown bra in rotation in, oh, I'd say 20 years?!?? Also, most or all of these brown lingerie sets were made by brands from France, unquestionably one of the LEAST diversity-respecting and socially conscious major producers of lingerie... so if French brands sold this color 2 decades ago yeah I think everyone else does too pretty much at least from time to time. (And also: "dark champagne," lady that is NOT A COLOR! must be in the section with "reddish green" bras :-D)

  • 1

    EmmaOh i read your post to my partner and he was like, i would have said "why would anyone want a beige one", haha. i thought that was pretty good.
    glad you found a lovely nude. :)

  • Love4Pollinators maybe i'm out of the loop, but how do you know what country the original poster is in? it doesn't say by their profile like some ppl's pages do? i'm confused? sorry, i'm not good at the internet, haha.

  • moriko it's not an internet thing--only a location in the United States would have all of these shops located close enough to each other for a day's shopping trip, as far as I know: Macy's, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, VS, VS Pink. VS has expanded internationally but Macy's and Nordstrom are really almost exclusively in the USA (tiny number of Nordie's in a couple other countries). For me, without even thinking about it consciously, it was self-evident that she was in the USA because of that part of her story!

  • wendybien wow thats some detective skills! :) i wonder if canada has them tho?? just curious now. :)

  • wendybien You're always so full of knowledge! And yeah, I thought it weird she made brown seem like such an odd color. I mean they literally have every color under the sun, why not have all the basics? Sadly this was on of the flagship stores, so I expected the lady to be a bit more experienced...but hey to be honest I don't expect much from Vickys.
    moriko HA I wish I would have thought of that response! That's a good one!

  • 1

    moriko Victoria's Secret has expanded pretty much internationally so they're in most countries but the USA is the only place where you pretty much stumble over a VS shop anyplace there is a shopping center. I believe they have a total of about 20 brick and mortar locations in all of Canada. Nordstrom I believe has about 5 stores in Canada? So if she'd said VS and Nordstrom it could have been Canada, but Macy's is stictly USA and a couple of its unincorporated territories. Macy's isn't doing that well so I don't think they will be venturing into other countries. It wasn't even detective skills really, it's just the fact that she cited a typical US American mix of stores. So my mind immediately placed her here.

    Some examples from the other countries I've shopped the most-- if a person said "I went to Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, Orcanta, Etam and Monoprix" I would recognize it as a quintessentially French mix of stores that I saw again and again in France but did not appear elsewhere as a combination, even though all of those have at least one store outside metropolitan France. (And beyond that I'd know the poster was in or near a large-ish city as the first two chains put their stores in urban centers.) Or if someone said "I went to Bravissimo, Debenham's, Boux Avenue and Rigby and Peller I would be pretty sure she was in the United Kingdom even though R&P have expanded out of the country.

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