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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band67.3
Band Length54.6
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width11.2
Cup depth17.8
Depth ratio1.6
Wire length19.1
Cup height10.8
Cup separation3.0
Gore height2.8
Wing height6.6
Strap width1.0
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Here's another bra that I have waited entirely too long to write my review on. Oh, my life and it's ever falling bricks. I fell in love with this bra the instant I saw it. I think Skarlett Blue has a set if patterns that they re-make every so often in new colors, patterns, and fabrics. I think the newer one of this style is their Entice bra. That unfortunately does not come in a 28 band. I can't understand for the life of me why Skarlett Blue only have two of their main styles available in a 28 band. They even have a style or two that's only available in 32+ bands. Yeah. It sucks. I LOVE S.B. and their timeless shapes and styles. This bra does not look the same on me as it does the model. IMO, this bra is essentially a full coverage bra. Perhaps if you're taller, or you have lower set breasts or more "average" proportions this would be more of a low coverage bra on you like it is on the model. At first the bra appears to be very delicate but is in fact pretty hearty. The lace doesn't feel like it's going to rip easily. The colors are just beautiful. A neutral slate grey covers the majority of the bra, but the differing fabrics have slightly different shades of this grey. From the slate grey cotton used on the cradle of the bra, the satiny smooth and stretchy grey fabric used for the straps, the grey elastic expertly hidden in the seams of the band, to the very fine slate grey mesh netting used for the band and the "gore." All this grey is balanced out by the white lace used on the cups that features some grey threading. Just a beautiful bra, picture's do not do it justice.
The straps are fully adjustable with beautiful gold hardware. You can tell they focused on the small details of this bra be cause it's not just two gold circles used for hardware, it's two intersecting ovals. Which is a separation from the norm. Although, I wish they were silver. That's just my personal preference though. The straps are made of a fabric I have not yet seen used on bra/for the straps. It is this very lovely smooth fabric that some stretch to it. Perhaps a stretch satin? It's not overly stretchy, but certainly has some spring to it. The straps are really comfortable and just slightly thinner than most straps at about 0.4" width. Thin straps always have their pros and cons. They present no cons for me though. They are a bit wide set for me, but tolerable. If you have particularly narrow shoulders or a very heavy bust, you may want to avoid this bra.
I really like how this band is sewn together. There is two layers of a very fine mesh netting with the elastic sandwiched between the two layers. So the bras elastic never actually touches the skin. I think this makes the band very sturdy even though it is not made of a firm power mesh. The mesh is so fine that if you weren't looking closely you might think that it was a solid fabric instead of a mesh. The mesh is fairly stretchy while the elastic is fairly firm which can easily create "rolls." You can even see indents on my lean torso. I don't think that this band would stretch out as quickly or as easily as other bands made of a stretchy fabric due to it's construction. The band is smooth and soft.
The under wires are about average width for this size, 4.4". They're perfect for me. The under wires are attached with about a half a centimeter wide piece of cotton. This piece of fabric makes the top of the "gore." There's another piece of fabric about a half a centimeter below the first that makes up the rest of the "gore." It's made of the same mesh as the band and is a half inch wide at the top and 1.1" wide at the bottom. Because of all this, the cups are set slightly too wide for me and like most bras, the wires sit on my breast tissue instead of encircling it. Thankfully I am shallow there and it isn't noticeable to me. Perhaps it would change the fit if the gore base was narrow all the way down. The under wires are firm with a bit of fled to them. Which is probably a good thing. Within the cotton under wire channels there is padding to protect you from the firmness of the under wires. This is my first experience with padded under wires. It was nothing short of comfortable. There is about 0.4" inches worth of empty space in the right under wire channel and 0.3" in the left under wire channel. This does not affect me with this particular bra, certainly note worthy. They also come up high enough on the sides to efficiently hold all my tissue in the cup with digging or poking in any where.
The cups are made of a hearty lace with a single strip of mesh sewn vertically in the middle of the cup. I originally thought that this was a two part cup and that the mesh strip was used to reinforce the seam in the middle of the cup. Upon further inspection it became very clear that each cup is made out of one piece of lace with the mesh strip sewn in the middle of the cup to provide shape, lift and structure to the cup. The mesh strip is sewn on the inside of the cup and is not irritating to me. Unfortunately it was not sewn expertly enough as there is some wrinkling in the mesh that is easily visible through some clothes. Which sort of just looks like my nipples are showing through my clothing. The top of the cup is really open. The cups also have a decent amount of projection through out the whole cup.
All in all I really like this bra and the way it fits. IMO, the wrinkling caused by the mesh not being sewn to the lace cup perfectly is my biggest issue with it. I'm not sure how well this would work for very shallow or very wide rooted women, but it seems to me that a huge variety of women could have this bra fit them quite nicely. I have to say that this bra does not give a s**t ton of support or shaping. Yet I don't feel wholly unsupported in this bra. This bra also gives a more natural shape instead of a very lifted and rounded shapem. And who knows, according to my S.O that not-so-flat support & shaping seam may have only been super visible to me and not the general public. This bra does make me feel beautiful and sexy!

Slate/Bouquet colorway

Updated on Jan 24, 2018 Flag this

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Fit information

On Nov 2018 View measurements

Center gore placement:
Doesn't lie flat against sternum
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)

On Nov 2017 It fit her! View measurements

Gore/Cup separation is too wide for me and wires end up sitting on some tissue, but it's comfortable so it is OK. Wish the straps were closer together. Band is stretchy but runs about one size small.

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