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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.7
Band Length55.9
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width11.4
Cup depth18.3
Depth ratio1.6
Wire length21.6
Cup height11.4
Cup separation2.0
Gore height7.1
Wing height7.4
Strap width1.5
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I have been lusting after this bra for a long time. I really love how it looks on the model and a variety of other users. It's super cute too. It doesn't really look sexy IMO. I saw the measurements on another users account, said "Wellp, they're close enough," and decided to buy. I figured this bra would help me figure out my "cup depth max." Unfortunately it did not as this bra is very stiff and has an odd shape at that. I really can't account for comfort. About ten minutes of wear doesn't really tell me much. From what I recall, it felt no discomfort during my short time wearing it. I will not be wearing it out any time soon because of what I presume to be a shape mismatch. I have ordered this same bra in a 28D just to see how it fits. I have an inkling I may have gone smaller than I should have, but we shall see. We shall see.
The straps are of course really wide. I do not believe that they would be a huge bother to me or fall off of my shoulders. That little loopy detailing on the sides of the straps makes them feel rougher than I imagine they would otherwise be. I don't feel this detail is really noticeable when being worn so I really think it's an addition that should be left off of most bras; it seems to be a common decoration. The straps are also fully adjustable. Albeit that same bit of detailing makes it a bit difficult to adjust. I'm sure that same detail also makes it harder for the hardware to slip. Although I have never had an issue with straps self loosening.
The cups are super interesting to me. It appears to be a cut and sew foam cup made exclusively with vertical seams. I imagine this is supposed to push the bust way up and create Antoinette style cleavage. It also creates a very shallow cup with the largest cup depth near the top of the cup. Although this bra is not sold as a half cup or anything short of an average coverage cup, so the cup being designed like a half cup bra doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Nor do I think a "half cup" should provide full/average coverage as I have seen this bra do on almost everyone that wears it. It does have decent projection next to the gore. For those women with a lot of inner fullness, this bra should accommodate that pretty well. I do not have a lot of inner fullness, so that's the area of the cup that gapes the most for me. The foam is pretty smooth feeling but it is not lined so it is just foam and seams directly against the breast. It wasn't very noticeable to me but worth noting. I could see the ruffle like detailing above the edge of the cup being rough and annoying to those with sensitive skin. This style seems to run pretty small compared to most curvykate models that I have looked at. This 28:6 runs more like a 28:5 or 28:4. If you have all the fullness on top this bra should fit you pretty well. If you have soft, easily moulded breasts than this bra should also fit you. For me, this bra simply encased my breast tissue and did a bit of smooshing.
The wires were not hugely noticeable to me. Although they are pretty firm to the touch and do not warp easily at all. They say that Curvy Kate bras have wide wires. This bra does not. These wires are pretty narrow for a bra in this size. It also appears to be constructed similar to my Comexim bra; of course with a whole lot less projection. What I'm referring to here is how the under wire and the cup are attached to one another. It's REALLY hard for me to describe. This bra would have really good projection if it have a better shaped cup.
The band is once again an OK fabric. I'm certainly not impressed with the fabrics used in this bra. The elastic feels like it is high quality and it is nice and soft to the touch. The band feels super stretchy and I it only stretches to about 29". I would say it is TTS, yet have this feeling that it would stretch out fairly quickly because I immediately felt like I needed the tightest hook. My loose under bust is about 27"/28". I don't think I absolutely NEEDED the tightest hook and could probably use the middle or loosest hook, but it just didn't feel as secure as I like it too. An average 28 band wearer would think this band was perfect, IMO.
The wings of this bra go from being 3.5" inches tall (connected to the cup) down to 2.5" in about an inch worth of space. So, the wings of this bra decreases in height really quickly IMO. I thought that was a little note worth mentioning.
Oh, and the Gore! It's pretty narrow, which is nice. I am finding that there really is not that many women whom have wide set breasts. I thought I had wide set breasts for the longest time simply because my tissue is shallower there than the rest of my breast. But when I push my breasts against my chest it is clearly visible that there just is not much space between my breasts. I feel that this happens to most women after finding out about correct bra sizing. The Gore also remains narrow down the entire length of the gore. Which is REALLY nice because most gore's may be narrow towards the top but then get very wide at the bottom. I almost always have wires sitting on my larger breast because the gore does not maintain it's narrow width all the way down.
All in all I wish the quality of this bra was a bit better over all. They're pretty costly when not on sale and should therefore have better materials used. The construction is fine, although I believe the cup could be designed better. To eachs own as they say! I realize that this bra was not made for a shape like mine and due to this shape mismatch it may never fit me right. BUT! It is a really adorable bra and I hope that the cup width doesn't decrease too much with a two cup size difference. Because I want the 28D (or 28DD if the ladder is way to small) to fit as well as I can get it to for our shape differences.

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  • That looks like a half cup to me. Seams are like my CHP or 3HC.

  • 1

    I appreciate the detail you put into articulating a bra's characteristics!!

  • I appreciate the detail you put into articulating a bra's characteristics!!

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    Vertical seamed cut and sew bras are very common, they're called half cups. Ewa's CH and CHP cuts are like this as well as Comexim's half cups. Not all vertical seamed bras like this are shallow at the wire - in fact both Ewa and Comexim's 2-seamed half cups have much more projection at the underwire. It does appear most UK bras with vertical seams are rather shallow at the bottom.

  • Thank you yogurt !

  • Adorable! Hope another size fits better.

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On Jan 2021 It fit her! View measurements

Fits well. Band very stretchy. Cups a bit wide.

On Nov 2017 View measurements

This was determined after about 10 minutes of wear time.

Top of the cup:
Wrinkles, can't quite fill it

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