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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band66.0
Band Length50.8
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width11.7
Cup depth17.3
Depth ratio1.5
Wire length19.1
Cup height13.0
Cup separation1.9
Gore height7.0
Wing height8.9
Strap width1.9
This bra's measurements have been altered
missing center tassel
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Oh.My.God.Oh.My.God.Oh My God! Here I am wearing a size 28:7 bra! @Comexim Adore Plunge bra in 60F. This is my first shot at a Polish bra/ a bra based off of centimeters instead of inches. IMO, all brands should follow centimeters instead of inches as it is more accurate and allows for a greater range of sizes. It's so often you see women who need only a half cup size larger and that is just not available in UK/US bras. This bra fits! It actually FITS! It is my second real fitting bra (the other is more of a sexy bra, not an every day bra) that is not a sports bra. I will most likely try a 60E, 28:7 next time to compare and maybe get some cleavage like the Comexim models have.
THE BAND. This band was SO comfortable for me. It had no digging and did not move around. It was just really snug, like a firm hug. Which just seems like witchcraft to me because the materials don't seem all that different from my Claudette's or other bras. I believe it is just two layers of power mesh with thick elastic binding. There this very pretty "extended" band coming off of the bottom of the functional band that is a single layer if mesh and a very thin piece of elastic. As pretty as it is, it is highly unnecessary and non-functional. When I wore the bra to my ten hour shift, it rolled up almost immediately and could no longer be seen. I did make sure you could see it in the pictures.
THE CUP. This bra is considered to be a padded, plunge bra. Neither of which I feel are very descriptive of it. The cup is a three piece cup made out of very thin, stiff foam covered in a black mesh and finished with this darling gold binding at the top of the cup. This decorative binding causes the cup to be more closed on top, which is one of the main parts of this bra that I think make it fit me so great. While I do have tall-ish roots and I am mostly center/top full with more inner fullness that outer/bottom fullness, I feel that this cup fits me like a full coverage cup and follows the shape of my breast extremely well. The mesh does not feel particularly good or bad to my fingers, I don't really feel it all with my breasts. The left cup appears to be cut angled more upward and curled inward (smaller breast) while the right cup appears to cut straight coming out from the gore in an extreme-ish angle (larger breast). Because of this, the bra seems to fit my smaller breast better than my larger breast. The larger breast will gape before the smaller one will during normal activities where a stiff-padded cup bra would normally have a bit of gaping. The projection also seems quite perfect for me. If you need ALL THE PROJECTION, this bra may not be the best for you.
THE WIRES. The wires on this bra are fairly firm, not as firm as some I have tried, but they certainly aren't flexible by any means. They are also fairly short. Shorter wires usually cause my tissue to escape over top of these short wires but this rarely happens with this bra. During a ten hour shift I only felt the need to pull the top of my breast back in the cup like 2 or 3 times. They also have that "perfect" wire width for me, directly in between narrow wires and wide wires for my size range (about 4.5"). The wires never dug in.
THE GORE. Sits just about flat on my sternum and a little bit on my larger breast. I have this problem with are bra gores that are not plunges. The gore comes up way to high for me to consider this to be a plunge bra. It did seem to dig in from time to time. If it does not soften up with a few wears like my other bras have, I will simply bend them away from my body slightly. The wires do not overlap on this bra, they just sit cuddled next to each other.
THE STRAPS. The pretty gold binding along the top of the cup continues up the straps, stopping at the shoulder. This detailing makes the straps only partially adjustable. Which is generally just fine for me. The back of the gold detail/the rest of the strap is a soft, supple elastic which is comfortable and forgiving. They are what I would call an average width. They're not delicate and thin but they're definitely not super thick and unnecessary. They are pretty wide though. I would like to try the narrowed straps, but the wide ones don't really bother me. Them being so wide makes it really easy to show off the beautiful decoration." alt=";-)" />
OVERALL. I really can not think of anything bad to say about this bra besides it's name not accurately describing the bra. I'd definitely just call it 'The Adore Bra." The gore is a normal height, the cups are a normal height and it's definitely not a full-cup bra. It perhaps could be called a balcony bra with a plunge-like detail. IMO, the cups create a fairly straight line across the chest with a slight plunge down to the gore.
It's beautiful. It's comfortable. It fits like a dream and the quality is high and noticeable. It could easily become a push-up bra if it have cookie pockets or a nice bump pad in the bottom. Perhaps a sling to assist with pulling the tissue even further towards the center of the chest.
I LOVE THIS BRA & look forward to trying more from @Comexim .

Updated on Dec 08, 2017 Flag this

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    I'm glad you found such a great fit! be warned, I've heard that sometimes Comexims are inconsistent. Also, every time you mention a 10 hour shift I cringe a little and feel so damn lazy lol ok, and lucky, but still

  • I have noticed the inconsistencies among comexim bras....I've found such a huge variety of sizes that may fit me from them (seriously from like 60D-60H & 65D-65F, s**ts bonkers!). It seems that way with Ewa as well.
    I know the ten hour shifts can be brutal. At first thought it's like; "oh yeah, awesome three days off instead if two!" Until you realize your working an extremely laborious job and you essentially sleep the entirely of one if those days! But it certainly puts the bras to the test when it comes to comfort, stability and quality!
    I actually think I'm beginning to prefer non-padded bras dbmamaz the shape the good ones give me under clothes is just so nice. I never thought I would touch one. I'm quite eager to try the semi-soft and non-padded bra from comexim and other polish brands.

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    LeProfessor I think some of the older models fit differently than newer, mostly in the bands. I’ve been lucky, my Ewa’s are more consistent than the Comexim. I ordered four half cups and only one fits.

  • Would you say the newer bands run tighter or looser Sovavosi ? I really quite like this one. Super snug/tight without the tendency to dig in.

  • 1

    Mostly looser, like 29". I have a new one (Belen) that only stretched to 28". Your snug rib is significantly under 28 so this shouldn't make any difference to you though.

  • 3

    The bands tend to vary based on material stretchiness, but I've found that to be the case with all brands, not just the Polish ones. We just notice it more now since we aren't wearing the super loose bands that are a few sizes too big. Also custom made bras will run somewhat inconsistent due to the nature of production...then again the factory line ones were inconsistent too..... LeProfessor Try to keep in mind that aside from human manufacturing variations, we do have human measuring variations too, so the range you see isn't necessarily going to fit you. It's more of a guideline than a rule....and why am I suddenly envisioning The Pirates of the Caribbean? !? Parlay anyone? :-)

  • Hmm. That means I may end up being comfortable in their 26 bands then. All my favorite bands so far measure 26" stretched. This particular bra can stretch up to 28" but the cups start to warp after the 26" mark. Most thin women like me seem to like a band measurement closer to their loose measurement (28"), but I seem to like mine closer to my snug measurement (26"). So, if their 28/60 bands run a bit looser (28/29"), their 26/55 bands should theoretically run abit looser too, 26/27"..... so many bras to many bras. Super glad I'm not nearly as wide as originally thought (or my boobs migrated back to where they belonged very quickly) or I would be SOL on all these fantastic bras!
    ...I'm going to start sketching out designs and looking up patterns for bras...

  • 2

    LeProfessor I think you might want a band closer to your loose than your snug. A band that only stretches to 26" might feel too tight on you if your ribcage is bony. My ribcage is ~26.5", I could probably fit in a 26 but Polish 28s work and are easier to come by.

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    I agree with Sovavosi on this one. Going too tight is not good for your body-your skin or your breasts. Bands are more harmful tight than corsets. My loose underbust is 27" and honestly there are days I prefer the 65 bands due to sensitive skin.
    Measure your comfortable snug underbust in a seated position before making a decision for sure. Ribs tend to flare when seated & that will effect comfort and pain....

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    that looks like a super great fit on you. welcome to the glorious world of polish bras lol.

  • This looks fantastic on you! I tried this bra a while ago and it was a shape mismatch for me. I found the Rita similar in shape, so that might work for you too. The whole band length thing can be so frustrating. My underbust is 24/25/26" and I find 60 is usually good in Comexim. My latest 60s tend to stretch to 26".

  • Thank you for the recent information Sonya it's sometimes so frustrating that brands change their patterns/sizing year-over-year , but we all know it's for the best fit!
    I was so excited to finally be able to try one yogurt I'll be sure to not let many on here pass through my fingers again! I also wanted to thank you and let you know that I often wander over to your page and read through your reviews & compare the bra measurements of others to your measurements. Lol.
    I understand what you guys are saying Sovavosi and MamaPagan and it's the exact reason why I've only gotten 28 & 30 bands do far. But in my experience so far, my favorite bands currently stretch to 26". This one included.

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    Looks gorgeous on you!

  • Love the aesthetics of this bra. So glad you found a fantastic fit!!

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    Thanks so much for all your lovely comments! I hope I have a continuing success rate and I hope the same thing for all of you!

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On Nov 2018 It fit her! View measurements

Wow! Right cup is lower cut than left cup. Grapes only when arms lift up & away. Fits smaller breast better than larger breast(?weird). Smaller cup w/lower gore will be even better!

On Nov 2017 It fit her! View measurements

Wow! Right cup is lower cut than left cup. Grapes only when arms lift up & away. Fits smaller breast better than larger breast(?weird). Smaller cup w/lower gore will be even better!

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