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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band80.0
Band Length66.0
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width14.0
Cup depth25.9
Depth ratio1.9
Wire length25.4
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height6.6
Wing height11.4
Strap width1.9
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Yet another lovely bra from Ewa Michalak. In the SM style I've tried Czarna Mgielka and Malinowy as well, all in 75F; the fit between the three has been pretty similar - my Malinowy runs a little small in the cups, and Czarna Mgielka is a bit tight in the band, but Rozowa Mgielka seems to be pretty TTS all around. I was expecting a pink version of Czarna Mgielka, but Rozowa has the straps partially covered with the same lace that edges the top of the cups, which is a really lovely detail that makes this bra feel less plain - perfect for folks like me who love colorful and luxurious bras but still need a nude bra for thinner shirts - but may be a downside if you need very short straps. Also the satin fabric used on the seams of the cup and the typical Ewa variation in colors between cup fabric/strap fabric/band fabric/etc make this bra more visually interesting to me than Czarna Mgielka. The satin fabric on the bra seams is sewn wrinkled on one cup on one of the two Rozowa Mgielka bras I ordered, which does show through form fitting shirts, but in my experience with Ewa it's not unexpected to have a minor defect now and again - I consider it an acceptable part of having such beautiful hand sewn bras. The fabrics used are, as usual, soft and high quality; the straps are the typical 3/4" wide, but the band has only 3 rows of 2 hooks while my other 75F SM bras have 4 rows of 2 hooks. For reference, my breasts are omega shaped with very short and narrow roots; FOT but functionally even due to short roots; close set and center full; and pendulous, with soft tissue. The fit from SM is quite good; I have mild strap gap, which is not a fit issue for me as I have strap gap in every bra I've ever tried; and there is a little empty space at the bottom of the cup, I assume because of my omega shape. The gore is narrow enough and neither too short nor too tall, and overall I find SM to be very comfortable and the most useful bra in my bradrobe. Rozowa Mgielka will be seeing a lot of wear" alt=";)" />

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    TTS in the band for a 75 should stretch to ~34, not ~32? This bra definitely runs small compared to the index size. 🤔

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    Ugh I can't edit that apparently. I wanted to edit it to add that I'm sorry to have only said THAT, and congratulate you on a fitting bra :)

  • All of the 75 bras I have from Ewa stretch to between 31-32" when new. A good reasonable stretch, not stretching as hard as you can and distorting the wires. Czarna Mgielka stretched below 31" when new. I know they say 75 is equal to a 34 but IME that's just not true with Ewa. I've tried 8 Ewa 75F so far.

  • And thanks! I've had great luck with SM bras, the fit is not perfect but omega boobs are difficult. I should try a CH but I don't really like padded bras that much.

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    I mean I guess it's arguably closer to the cm number on the band than most EU sized bras (also a "real" 75cm bra would I guess not stretch more than 30 inches)... Ack, headache. :)

    As a community we also seem to differ a lot on how hard to stretch a bra for the stretch measurement. I think I need bras that _hard_ stretch to 31", but bras that stretch that far more gently (which to be fair is TOTALLY how the description on the field says to do it, to stop before the wires distort) are too big, so it's a bit of a Russian roulette :) If only companies could agree on their band sizing ;)

    I haven't tried CH or CHP yet though I'm looking forward to one that's coming in the mail.

    But I think for unlined Ewas your only options are SM and BM, yes/no? I might be forgetting a style that only comes in smaller cup sizes, since I'm too big for those...

    As per my own conversations with Jaimie @ BraObsessed, and the one unlined Comexim I tried, I can't recommend them generally, but...

    "their newer mesh styles are better (ie the Naomi). They also just created a great unpadded bra with stretch lace on top that I love (it's still being tested, and not on her website yet - but can be ordered through me). In my opinion it is the first bra that competes with Ewas SM or SF bras - which are amazing!!"

    So I'm looking forward to that :)

  • I tried one Comexim and the band had thinner elastic than Ewa's which also stuck out from the rest of the band more, and it was painful to wear - even extended until it was loose . I think Comexim band construction can vary, but I would be afraid of another band I can't comfortably wear :/

    Trying to figure out what UK size EU bands are supposed to be is utterly confusing for me... and Ewa supposedly has +4 built in...? Maybe? I don't know :P The 75 bands I get from Ewa are all just a tad tight when new - I extend by one or two columns - and my snug/BTT are around 32/30.5 or so. I do like my band a little loose though, something like 32.5 stretched is perfect.

    There's also the SF style which comes in my size range, I haven't tried it or heard a lot about how it compares to BM/SM. The smaller cuts like 3DM and M don't come in my size - they stop around D/DD/E cup, and plunges aren't good for my soft and center full boobs anyway - they fall into the middle.

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