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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band78.7
Band Length63.5
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width15.2
Cup depth24.9
Depth ratio1.6
Wire length26.7
Cup height20.3
Cup separation1.9
Gore height9.5
Wing height11.4
Strap width2.3
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MY SHAPE: Projected, center full, tall and narrow roots.

THE TAKEAWAY: Called "semi-padded" by the manufacturer, this bra has a lightly-padded three-part bottom cup topped with (NON-stretch) lace. Impimi recommends it especially for fuller-bust folks. Good projection, seems to handle my center-fullness well. Band is on the bigger side of TTS, hard-stretching to ~31". The lace is fairly stiff, so truly FOT folks might want to look elsewhere, but with my tall roots I was able to go from an FF to a G and get a good fit. Straps are wide-set.

DETAILS: I find the 30G to actually be a liiiiittle bit big on the right side tonight (which is funny, as that's usually my slightly larger side), but while tightening the strap fixed it, it's worth pointing out that Impimi does asymmetrical bras for no extra cost, so if I wanted a 30G that was an FF on the right side, they could simply... make me one. Nice.

The straps are a bit of a problem, though, for me -- and I say that as someone who doesn't usually have issues with strap placement on a 30 band. (I had problems much more regularly when I was a 34.) They're definitely threatening to give me some armpit chafe, but I'll probably keep it anyway because it's so nice everywhere else.

For comparison, my usual UK size is 32FF/30G, depending on the band, so for me this was a pretty straight conversion, although the FF might've also fit in a style that was a little more flexible on top, so when I make my next order (it'll probably be the Impimi Colette with the STRETCH lace top), I'll try 30FF and 30G again.

The Adell probably won't fool you into thinking it's a luxury bra (and for this price point, I wouldn't expect it to), but the lace is fairly soft rather than actively scratchy, and so is the inside of the padded cup. It's also just a very pretty bra, but admittedly I'm weak to black and red colorways.

After my catastrophic failures with the 70H - Gaia » Annika Soft (553) in both 70 and 65, it was wonderful to put on a bra and have it seem to just... work! And this one definitely does.

The shape it creates is very nice, I think; not extremely round, but not pointy either. Uplifted in a gentle way. And the light padding is sure to be appreciated by people who worry about unlined bras and nipple show-through.

An interesting note on the gore: it isn't actually as high as it looks. The top inch of it is just soft fabric, the wires having stopped lower down, which is kind of perfect for my center-heavy boobs. It keeps them a little bit separated, but doesn't press in, and might be more comfortable for people who have issues with other gores.

Also, the Adell and many other styles are currently on sale for as low as $20 USD, so you might wanna head over there now (or wait to see if they do a sale for Christmas).

Red/Black colorway

Updated on Dec 15, 2016 Flag this

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  • 3

    I wasn't sold on the bra based on the Impimi pictures but it looks really nice on you.

  • 2

    Aww, thanks! I was kind of unsure what the lace portion would be like when it arrived, and I definitely think it'd be problematic on a more FOT person, but I keep looking down and smiling a little. It really works well for me.

  • I wear 32DD or E in Freya, 70G in Comexim, do you think 70F in this bra would fit me?

  • Saphiro My Comexim size is around a 70HH, if that helps. They have a pretty decent measuring chart, but also responded to an email I sent them in English. This is what I said:

    "70H is described on the chart being more or less equivalent to 32FF. I do take a 70HH/I in Comexim (usually), and a 70G/GG in Ewa Michalak. I measure ~68/97cm. So I think 70H is probably where I want to start?

    "My shape is center-full and I am tall-rooted, but I am hopeful that the Adell will have enough room 'on top' for my shape. :)"

    This is what they said back:

    "There is no problem to write us in English at all.
    Thank you for information. For you we suggest size UK 30FF- EU65H Adell bra."

    I was surprised, so I compromised and ordered the 65H but also a 65I. And that's my suggestion to you, too, if shipping back or reselling a bra that doesn't fit isn't too big a deal for you.

  • 2

    This is gorgeous on you!!

  • 3

    This looks so pretty! Black and red together is growing on me. Please add measurements! :)

  • 1

    rainbrasspetals , thanks so much for the detailed review! I made a big Impimi order a few weeks back, including an Adell but in beige and 70G. I'm also usually a 32FF but my next best sister size is up (34F) not down (30G) like yours, and my shape is opposite - narrow and close but side full and short roots. So I am interested in seeing the fit comparison since we need more Impimi measurements! I'm sure you will be adding yours soon, in plenty of time for me to fret that I ordered the wrong size, before the package arrives and I can still take advantage of their terrific sale, lol...

  • 1

    letstalkaboutbras jennyanni measurements coming soon for sure! Both the FF before I send it back and the G! :) I'm a little slow on those alas......

  • 1

    Love4Pollinators also thank you!

    letstalkaboutbras with my super limited sample, I would think 70G has a good chance of working for you... if the band genuinely runs a little big (say 33"?)... the cups might be too big is my biggest fear for you but that's also gonna depend a LOT on shape. I promise I will get my measurements up this weekend (I have class tomorrow and a two hour hair appointment tonight or I would promise sooner >> ) But fair warning, I am crap at depth measurements ;; I don't know how other people do them but I consistently seem to come up short.

  • 1

    Wearing the same bra today myself! I was pleased to find this brand...the price point isn't too bad and so far, wearing it over a few days has been comfortable. The fabric is not scratchy, I agree would only bother me if I was getting sweaty so I don't think I'd wear this bra in the summer months.

    Looks fantastic on you too! Yay for a good fit!

  • I have this bra in an undetermined size. The tag said 65E. The sewn in tag says 65D. I find it interesting you think the lace is soft. In fact I haven't read a review yet saying otherwise. I've yet to review mine, but I find the lace to make me literally claw my chest off. It must be made of steel wool. It's awful & ruins what is otherwise a very good fit.

  • 2

    This bra is beautiful on you!! That georgeous black lace over the red is really striking. And at the prices you are talking about, I might have to try one myself!! :)

  • rainbrasspetals I need a firm 28 band these days, so any more than 29 inches stretched is a problem. I used to be even/full on top, now I am FoB, close set and center full. My boobs have shrunk a lot and I need super narrow and pretty deep cups :/ I'd like to try Impimi, the main thing that has stopped me is the cups seem to wide for me...

  • 1

    That bra looks great on you, rainbrasspetals ! Thanks for contributing to Impimi brand knowledge! I'd never heard of a company that would do asymmetrical bras.

  • lcl0706 that sizing is weird. :|a

    I wasn't sure how to describe the lace. For me, it doesn't itch. (My Empreinte Melody... now that, to me, is rough lace.) I wouldn't necessarily say it's like, silken? Maybe soft is less what I mean than smooth. But clearly whatever word I would use, it's a deal breaker for you. :(

  • rainbrasspetals I also have pretty sensitive skin, but nothing so bad it can't tolerate a Marcie, so I was shocked the lace irritated me so much!

  • Huh. I would've thought I had sensitive skin (my mom keeps insisting I do anyway :P), in that I can't bear to wear wool, even soft wool... but I've long thought that might just be an allergy lol.

    It's definitely worth warning people about, I'm just. Well, probably slightly less surprised by your problem than you are that no one else so far has had it. :( I'm sorry it didn't work for you.

  • letstalkaboutbras In my 30G, they're about six inches across (at the top of the gore wires, anyway; slightly wider if you go by the top of the channel). That wasn't wide enough to bother me, at least not on a short wear, although I can go as narrow as 5" and be happy. I think a bigger problem for me than wideness itself is the shallowness that comes along with it.

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