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MY SHAPE: Projected, center full, tall and narrow roots.

THE TAKEAWAY: Construction very similar to the 30G - Cleo » Hettie Balconnet Bra (9011)! The stretch lace panel on top makes this a forgiving bra, and I can almost get away with it in both a 65G (one cup size down) and a 75F (two cup sizes down). Good projection, handles my center-fullness admirably. Band is TTES (True To Ewa Size), stretching to ~31". If you mostly wear padded Ewa styles, you may need to size down in the cup for the BM. The stretch lace is good for my tall roots, but should accommodate both FOT and even-full breasts well.

DETAILS: In my review of the Cleo Hettie, I note that it (and the Marcie) square me off on the sides, lending to a somewhat odd torpedo shape looking down. For whatever reason, and despite what seems to be a very similar seaming construction, the BM does not do this; I get a very round shape from all angles. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the stretch lace covers the entire cup? Maybe the lace is molding me into a rounder shape? I guess we'll see, when I eventually try the SM.

I have so far tried three BM bras: 75F - Ewa Michalak » Bm Szmaragd (794), 65G - Ewa Michalak » Bm Bibi Flamenco (808), and the Naomi. All three were beautiful, but I think the Naomi is a stand-out for me, with the way that the lace is only on the cups, the exposed band pleasantly-silken to the touch, and the choice to leave the stretch lace panel unlined, which creates a very elegant look on the skin. That said, do note that the Naomi is unlined: the seam on the inside of the cup is much more prominent against your skin than in the other two BMs, and I'm sure there are people for whom that would be a sensory issue.

I've read several reviews that call out the BM as having hard wires. I'm not the person to ask about that, because I've never actually met a bra with wires too hard for my comfort. The only time I've even really noticed wire hardness was when I used to (gulp) put bras on upside-down and backwards, then wiggle them around and yank them up. Doing that with some of my Panache bras caused a hilarious, audible SLAP as the gore viciously whipped into place. But even then, when I wore them, they weren't actually uncomfortable. I will say that the BM has the firmest tack I've experienced in an Ewa Michalak, but since I've probably worn most of her padded bras in the wrong size I'm not really sure that's not the reason.

Currently, the BM is my best-fitting bra. For many of the others, what I'm calling good is in practice a little small in the cups, or a little big in the band, or a little wide in the straps. The Naomi BM is none of these things, at least not for me. (The strap width is especially good in the too-small Flamenco, though, so that in itself might be a good reason to try more BMs in 65...)

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    I LOVE the naomi too!!

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    Beautiful on you and what a fantastic fit! Lovely!

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    It looks beautiful on you! I just ordered their new Gorzka, which is also a simiar colour/lace (though I got the M cut).

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    I get the same "square" /00\ shape in the Marcie, Minnie, and Lily, and it drives me bonkers because otherwise they are such great bras! I've never had that issue in Ewa's bras. I feel like it's caused by how the bra distributes the weight of your breasts, but I'm not really sure.

  • klilly3 wow that emoji is PERFECT, that's exactly the shape! I know that it's part of their effort to get me "front and center" but it looks SO SILLY when I glance down. Thankfully it's really not noticeable to other people, but I do tend to look down ;)

    With the Panache Jasmine, which also does it, I'm sure it's the side support sling. I'm center-full and fairly soft, so side support slings are pretty much always overkill. Marcie and Hettie both lack an actual sling panel, but their two-part balconette cup (with the single vertical seam) seems to have a similar effect by not giving me enough space to assume my natural round shape on the sides...

    But the BM theoretically has that same construction. Is it seam placement? Are they maybe just curving the panel in a way that agrees more with my shape...? Or is it the stretch lace giving me a round shape all over? Seamless lace cups always give me a nice round shape.

    Wilderness1 I've never tried the M cut, entirely because I'm just barely outside its range :( 70G in BM, probably 70GG in other cuts though I've yet to find a padded Ewa that really agreed with me.

    Everyone else: thanks ;o;

  • klilly3 That's the shape I have naturally with no bra on. I'm all centre fullness, quite empty at the sides and I can never find bras that are designed for that shape. All I can find round me out but too far out, the apex is generally an inch away from where my nipples are so I get pushed apart uncomfortably into cups too wide. I can't stand the east west spread they create. I like my boobs to stay where they are naturally - in front of my chest, not pulled under my arms as if I want the lying down look whilst stood up! Lol
    So maybe that bra would actually suit me? Though it would have to have a very narrow and low gore (I'm not familiar with the brand or the style names) due to how close set my boobs are. I can hold the stylus from my tablet in between my boobs with no bra on, they are that close set. Pens are generally too wide though. Don't even know why places size the gaps using fingers. Nope! Ha ha

  • rainbrasspetals when I first got my Lily and was self conscious of the shape I made my mom who happened to be visiting me look from all angles and swear it didn't look weird! I think it really is just disconcerting from our view looking down, because it's not what we're used to. I think it must be a combination of seam placement, the shape of each panel, and strap placement.

    AlexaFaie it sounds like you have the exact opposite situation that @rainbraspetals and I do. It does sound like the Marcie and Minnie may be a good shape for you, but they have fairly high gores that would likely be problematic with your close set breasts. Mine are moderate to wide set, so I can't help you much with that, but I'd check out Love4Pollinators great detailed reviews, I know she has worked hard to find a bra that works and is also close set.

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On Apr 2019 It fit her! View measurements

PERFECT. Straps are just on the edge of being too wide.

On Oct 2017 It fit her! View measurements

PERFECT. Straps are just on the edge of being too wide.

On Apr 2017 It fit her! View measurements

PERFECT. Straps are just on the edge of being too wide.

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PERFECT. Straps are just on the edge of being too wide.

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