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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band78.7
Band Length59.7
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width13.0
Cup depth24.1
Depth ratio1.9
Wire length25.4
Cup height0.0
Cup separation2.0
Gore height7.0
Wing height8.3
Strap width1.5
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Didn't fit

My particular bra is narrow and immediately projected, with an extremely stretchy and generous band that I've since had to tighten. This one is a good fit on me, but I hear the fit changes every dang season. So, I'm a little hesitant to order another one... but despite slightly too tall cups, I like having this one around! Full review on my blog.

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Mar 19, 2016 Flag this

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  • Beautiful!!

  • Now that is a beige bra I would be happy to wear , beautiful . Yes perfect for summer .

  • Boo only goes to a g in this brand .. c'est la vie.. still beautiful

  • 2

    What we need is a compilation of which dessouses were from which year/season, and that seasons fit. So if you're looking for narrow, deep, wide, shallow, tight, stretchy etc you know which colorways will work for you.

  • 4

    Robin from Claudette replied to my review on the blog. Here's what she said

    "Thanks for the review, glad the overall feedback was good.

    I would just like to offer a little insight in regards to the changes of fit. This should help you and any of your readers.
    The first season of Dessous- the launch collection Neon and black trims and the Sucre colors (pink trim on orange, black and leopard) were the first put into production. The band was a couple CM to large with the extreme stretch of the mesh.
    The following season which you reviewed, did have a CM removed from each side of the band, however it need for ther adjustments. We fit these bras in both Los Angeles and out of the U.K. Office but production was found still to be a bit to large in the band. I believe this was the first season we added 28 bands.
    In 2014 we changed factories, yet again, resulting in a small evolution in the production of Dessous. We improved out elastics and wires with this change. This season is the SS14 and would be the Hot Coral trimmed programs. Smaller band yet again, slight changes and minor adaptations as a result of the feedback over the seasons. The change in wires and second reduction in the band results in shift in neckline. Additional revisions needed.
    The production we delivered for SS15 reflect the final changes we made to Dessous. This is the program's trimmed in Raspberry or cream. We believe the band is appropriately sized, the wires not as narrow and the neckline more of a plunging V like the original that we loved.
    There have been no further changes on Dessous since SS14.
    On the early colors, general feedback is to size down a band and up a cup, however it can be subjective as you know.
    We created Encore so people could find the older colors they search for as available and we sell them
    At dramatically reduced prices, knowing people want them, however they may need to play around a bit with sizes etc...Encore is primarily a means for us to sell past seasons goods at great prices direct to the consumer, and by and large we have received a great response from our fans!!

    Sorry for the lengthy response, hope it helps direct your shopping choices and explains a bit more the reasons behind the changes by season."

    Helpful, but it still doesn't really tell me which ones are shallower. I assume the newer ones with wider wires.

  • I'm pretty bummed they're using wider wires and making shallower cups. I guess that also explains why my 2013 black fishnet bra fit like a dream and the Goldie I bought last year in the same exact size was a total nightmare.

    I guess claudette just isn't for me anymore.

  • 1

    I tried the S15 season Claudettes in 28F, 28FF, 30E and 30F and none of them worked. While I loved the colours, the fit was too shallow, especially at the gore, wires wide in 28FF and 30F. Then I went for a 30E from an earlier season (dark blue and lime), but that was also too shallow at the gore. Since then I found some great fitting thin mesh bras from @Lejaby and @Kris line I am kinda giving up on Claudette. :(

  • 1

    I've never tried Kris Line and would have no idea what size to begin with. I just want a nude unlined bra! Without colored straps or embroidery or anything else that defeats the purpose of wearing a nude bra.

  • Kris Line designs are pretty eclectic and I haven't actually seen any minimalist nudes from them. In their mesh bras I take a 65DD or 65E and I am a UK 30E FOB projected, centre full with tall roots if that helps. Sizewise for you a good starting point would be around 60FF / 65F in soft cups. Try to stay away from their older style semi-softs - torpedo alert!, while most of the padded are really heavily padded. The overall quality is really high, so you might want to give it a try.

  • Erispe how do you find the lejabys? I've been eyeing a couple on eBay. I went ahead and bought one but the band and cup seemed large to me. The cup almost seemed like 1.5x too. I tried the Marilou deco Kris line. I sized up the band from reading blogs it was too big for me, I felt like it ran more like a Freya and less like a Cleo if that makes sense in the band. I think I could have gone with my typical brittish cup can been okay but I might have been able to go down one cup. Hard to say.

  • I saw your beautiful Marilou revisa , would love to own one in 65E or 60F some day. I have a similar cut, the Cristin brassiere in 65E which fits as a UK 30E, but I also experimented first with a 60G, that turned out enormous in the cups. I beleve Kris Line follows the Brirtish sizng's letters with the use of EU numbers, but only 2cm cup depth difference instead of an inch, which is why there is a cup size discrepancy in the larger sizes, but not necessarily very noticeable in the smaller ones. I find their band sizes about the same as the UK brands, so no need to size up usually.
    Almost all of my Lejabys are from e-bay. It is a bit of a hit and miss as it would be with any brand, I guess. I was advised about my possible size by wendybien and ordered FR 80E, which has worked so far. What FR size do you have from Lejaby? I just received a 80F that might actually fit you. Will PM you with details.

  • I have a 80E which I measured today and the band was up to 31". The wire seem soft. 31" was distorting the wires. The depth however is just over 10" and the width around 5.5". Which explains why it is too big for me. I should have measured it sooner lol

  • Sorry I hijacked your Claudette post! I still think the American Tan might work for you for Claudette and I highly suggest avoiding Seafoam green.

  • No you're fine! You got me curious & now I'm browsing eBay for Lejaby which I've never even heard of. Nothing in 30F/80F. A lot of 34/36/38 A/B/C. One strapless in a sister size of 32E which could work if the cups run a little big but I bet it's shallow as hell & the band would need altered. The bras are gorgeous though! From the measurements of your 80F, I could wear that size.

  • Oh yes, lcl0706 - sorry for the hijack. :)

  • 1

    You need the one I just bought unless it's too wide. Its basically the same too big for me as this Claudette..... And it's a flesh tone with no other colors!

  • lcl0706 you might have more luck looking for lejaby 65F. here you can find some for example

  • 1

    Holy prices, batman! Nope that's out of my budget lol, eBay much cheaper. But I'll bookmark that site, the bras are gorgeous. How do they tend to run, in general? Sometimes I can fudge a little on wire width because very little is as narrow as I am, but they have to have projection at the wire or I'm SOL.

  • I haven't tried one in a while, as the 65 bands have always been way to big for me.. so I don't think they will work for you either to be honest.. I might have a look at a shop nearby if they still sell them and try one and let you know about wire width and deepth. I need so narrow wires aswell.. even my comexim has too wide wires :(

  • 1

    I found the Lejaby wires narrow to average width (13cm/5'-ish in my size) and bands on the tighter side of TTS, cups pretty deep. My go-to size is FR 80E in this brand, which roughly corresponds to 30E. Their sizing isn't rock solid though, can vary from style to style.

  • 2

    Thanks ladies. BronteBeach I've pretty much accepted the fact that a lot of bands I'll find need altered. If I want to attempt anything outside of my go-to Comexims, then I'm usually stuck with a 30/65 band at best. Sometimes they run tight (I'm looking at you, Figleaves house brands) and are fine. Most times I just take the damn things in a bit. That's what my sewing machine is for.

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