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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band71.1
Band Length58.4
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width14.0
Cup depth24.8
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length24.1
Cup height17.1
Cup separation1.5
Gore height7.4
Wing height11.0
Strap width1.8
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My love for Comexim extends well beyond the exceptional construction and customization of their bras. I feel better supporting a company who manufactures inside their borders, and the smaller carbon footprint associated with travel from Poland vs China is compelling for this treehugger. Serendipitously, Comexim made a butterfly bra. Because I adore pollinators, it was my first choice." alt=":-)" /> This bra I ordered with overlapping gore wires, straps moved inward, two seams, and cookie pockets. Undoubtedly, narrow gores are critical to my comfort. This gore does roll a bit to the left, but it does not sit on my tissue. Fantastic! I sincerely appreciate the .7" strap width: this width better distributes the weight of my breasts. The band length was surprisngly snug at 28". If you need a 30" band you will require an extender or need to size up. The cotton used for cookie pockets is some of the softest I've ever felt: unbleached, perhaps dye-free knit. Bliss." alt=":-)" /> Initially, the cups created quad boob. But, after my second short duration trial, the cup edge is stretching to allow for more upper fullness. Like Anna Pardal cuts, this bra lifts, centers, and rounds beautifully. I was certain this cut was minimizing until I wore a thin knit. Giggle. Wow. I have narrowed the wire to create more depth. This bra was 5.75" wide initially. I bent them to 5.5" and that increased the depth enough to dramatically improve my comfort. I am in love...with a butterfly bra." alt=":-)" />

Edit: This fits one week per month. Yesterday, I ordered the 65K 3HC. I'm optimistic these two sizes are all I require for a month of comfort and support." alt=":-)" />

For those needing more or less immediate projection in Comexim/AP 3HC, here is a list:

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Updated on Mar 04, 2017 Flag this

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  • 2

    Looks fantastic on you! The butterfly print is insanely adorable!

  • 4

    Totally with you on the reasons why I love this company and butterflies, too! Haha, I just yesterday ordered it in a longline, been eyeing it for so long and now that summer is coming and I finally know their 3 part HC works for me, I couldn't hold out any longer! It looks fab on you and I wouldn't be surprised if every time you put it on your day starts off with a smile :)

  • 3

    Girl. This is the best fit I've seen on you to date.

  • 4

    Ooooh butterfles! Love the bra and the fit.

  • 4

    I think once I sell some neglected bras I might finally try comexim

  • This looks really pretty, must nicer than the stock photos. Do you know what UK size equivalent you would say this 65J is based on how it fits?

    Also when you ask Comexim for cookie pockets, do they include the "cookies" and do they charge you more for that alteration? Thanks!

  • 1

    letstalkaboutbras The cookies are not included, but the E.M. cookies should fit. Free alterations!! :-) :-)

    Because I have super short roots, I have not yet worn a 30GG in UK bras. 65J is "equivalent" on Bratabase to 30GG. The band is 28." The depth is 9.8". I strongly suggest using the measurements.

  • 4

    DressTheTwins Oh. I don't have any EM bras or cookies. I guess I can try to find equivalents online. I have a feeling that I might be between a 65HH and 65J in Comexim 3HCs (I'm a 28G/30FF in UK sizes, often sizing up in the band because 28s hurt my ribs, but technically 30s are too stretchy, so a 65 sounds ideal). There are surprisingly few measurements on here which is why I'm super grateful for your review! I figure 65J might work with cookies if necessary, I fear gore tacking problems in a HH. You say the depth is 9.8, but Bratabase is listing 10.2 ... Also I'm not entirely sure the bras I have are perfect fits in terms of depth (I can probably handle more projection) and the ones that do fit me have very varied depths. Boobs are complicated.

  • 2

    My letter phobia combined with very short roots has made this journey more complicated and expensive than I prefer. This bra has 9.8" of depth because I bent the wires. It arrived shallower and wider. The second 65J was less projected than this one. I ordered the cookie pockets hoping the cups were larger: no room for cookies. ;-) I hope the 65K has 10.2" of depth :-) :-)

    Perhaps the patterns are evolving... Best of luck :-) :-)

  • DressTheTwins Hi, I'm going back on this old post to ask if you have the cup height measurement for this bra? :)

  • letstalkaboutbras It's listed in "measurements": 6.8" tall :-) :-)

  • DressTheTwins Oh, I was looking in the wrong place! Thanks. That's much taller than my 65HH which is only just short enough. I think I need to size up in the cup and now I am perplexed again! D:

  • I've noticed as bras are more immediately projected, I can tolerate more height. But, if they are shallow, I swim unless the strap is very tight. For instance, this 65J height was perfect until I tried a 60L and 65K with more height. They were not too tall despite the added height. And, I'm hoping a 65L will not be too tall, but I can use a cookie when need arises :-)

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