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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.0
Band Length59.0
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width14.5
Cup depth28.0
Depth ratio1.9
Wire length31.0
Cup height0.0
Cup separation0.0
Gore height9.0
Wing height8.5
Strap width3.0
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You haven't experienced comfort until you have tried on this bra. Soft cotton jersey on the inside feels like your favourite lounge t-shirt, undyed cotton linen blend on the outside is soft and breathable. No more stickyness, sweating or itching. The natural fibers conform to your shape. Wearing this bra is like wearing your favourite pajamas, except with support for your boobs.

The band is nice and firm, the cups give a flattering natural rounded teardrop shape. The straps have the perfect amount of separation, and the underwires are a good medium-narrow width. The wires come up just high enough to enclose breast tissue without poking or digging in anywhere.

This bra isn't sexy or cute in the same way as most big-bust bras, but it looks VERY flattering in a relaxed, effortlessly sexy (maybe even a little androgynous) way that is nearly impossible to come by in my size. I think I'm in love.

Note that the sizing does NOT follow the standard EU size chart. I mostly wear 28GG/H bras, which would be a 60K/L in regular EU sizes. I got this bra in a 60J based on another user's tips and it fits perfectly.

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  • Leedlebra - could you give me some guidance on sizing (I've been staring at their chart for an hour and it's still... not clear.) I wear a 34DD but my under bust measurement is 37 and my over bust is 44. Should I get a 95 or 85, or split the difference and go with a 90? I've gathered that based on the difference between my over and under bust I'd be a C, just not clear on the band size. Thanks!

  • As I understand, in your size range, many manufacturers (Freya, etc) make bras that stretch several inches past their band size, which explains how you usually fit into a 34. The other user who gave me tips is closer to your size, and she said that she went one band size up from her usual in Melissa Dessous (so 85, in your case).

    What I did to get my cup size at Melissa Dessous was use my raw underbust and bust measurements to get my cup size, and then sister size down to the band size I chose to buy. Based on measurements only, I would probably put you in a 85E, but given that you wear a cup size smaller than your measurements, maybe an 85D.

  • Thanks for the quick response. I really love the look of your bra and I think it also looks like the shape I need so I am hoping to try one of them. My over bust measurement is a little wonky because I have "long" boobs so if I stand upright to measure, cups are too small, if I lean over to measure, cups are too big. The 44 in was reached by leaning over at a 45 degree angle, giving me roughly the projection I have in a properly fitted bra. Anyway, thanks for your help!

  • SunbathingJackdaw from /r/abtf here! This looks like it'll be my next bra, but I was hoping you could help me with sizing too. :) I'm 5'4", 120lbs; I measure 28" underbust loose, 26.75" BTT, 37" bust leaning, 35.5" bust standing. Also note that I have very soft breast tissue due to a 30lb weight loss, so my leaning measurement is a bit of an overindicator of my actual cup size. I'm a slightly FOB 5/6 shape.

    I don't quite fill out the tops of the cups of my Freya Eloise 28G, and my best-fitting current bras are the Comexim Paradise and Basic, both in 65G, but I quadboob slightly when I swoop & scoop thoroughly and could definitely stand to go up to a 65H in Comexim.

    I'd love to try this Melissa bra as none of my current ones are cotton, and I'm a real natural-fibers kind of girl. Your description of 'pajamas for your boobs' is exactly what I've been looking for. The only question is size!

  • 1

    knytta I have fairly similar measurements to yours except a couple cup sizes bigger, and I have a personal preference for super-snug bands. Melissa bands are definitely tighter than Freya, but due to being made of natural fibers, this bra stretches out a little bit more than some others. I find Cleo 28s and EM 60s quite tight on the largest hook- this bra is most comfortable for me on the middle hook in a 60 band (I mostly wear my Freyas on the smallest hook). Depending on how you find the tightness of your Freyas and Comexims, I would guess you would fit best into a 60H/65G at Melissa.

  • Leedlebra Actually, I found my Freya 28s to be snug on the loosest hook when I was around 130, but now that I'm around 120 they're sliding everywhere unless I use the middle or last hook (Freyas run loose anyway).

    My Comexim 65Gs are pretty comfortable on the loosest hook, apart from the cups being slightly too small, but it feels like I'm going to have to move to the middle hook on them sometime soon. Considering the give of the natural fibers and my own preference for snug bands, I think I would probably be comfortable in the 60H. The only question is do Melissa Dessous cups run larger than Comexims... *quick comparison*

    It looks like they do! Cup depth of this bra in a 60J you've marked as 11.0, cup depth of the Comexim Basic in 60J is 10.5. So I probably would do OK in the 60H. Thank you for your help. :)

    p.s. Shame about Strapgate :( I've seen your Brzoskwinka and it looks fine to me! I don't know what all this "too much coverage" nonsense is about.

  • 1

    Yep, the size difference between cup sizes is larger at Melissa than the standard EU size chart that Comexim uses - so the Melissa 60H will be between a Comexim 60H and 60K.

    Regarding Strapgate, while I can't say that EM handled that well (throwing a hissy fit and discontinuing problematic sizes when you get feedback is not a way to keep your customers happy) I do think that in general dialogue is good. The fact of the matter is that I wear my bands TIGHT, not just by Polish standards but also by English ones, and there were definitely people in that thread who were wearing bands even tighter, to the point where fit was definitely compromised. I still believe that the strap placement on EM bras is off in the small-band/big-cup sizes, not simply because of a difference in fitting practices (as EM stated, while this problem is uncommon in Poland, so are these sizes), but the discussion of bands and cups is still valuable irrespective of the straps fiasco.

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