Have you ever hated how a bra just won’t work for you? No matter the size?

Most of the times it is breast shape that determines which bras will and won’t work for you.

Bratabase has tried to address this with the current breast shapes but there is a huge problem:

It is very difficult for most women to tell whether or not your breasts are “wide?”, “narrow?”

After all they are just your breasts and they are normal to you :)

Because of that we want to build a breast shape gallery with pictures of real breasts, and use that to match different breasts with bras.

Common symptoms

You’ve heard these phrases and they’ve been of very little help:

  • I have full on bottom breasts
  • What bra is best for my breasts
  • My boobs are low on my torso
  • My boobs are perky or full on top
  • I don't know my breast shape

Current situation

When entering your breast measurements on Bratabase you are asked to pick the breast shapes that resemble yours the most.

The problem with that is that the available shapes don’t depict all possibilities and it is very hard for someone to tell their own breast shape.

This leads to data we can’t trust and probably lead to bad recommendations.

Proposed solution

To build a gallery with pictures of real breasts where you can pick the ones that look more like your breasts. Not only by shape but also by size and even possibly body built!

Currently the 007b breast gallery is available, and even though it is extensive it is not classified, hard to browse, has irregular pictures and not matched to bra information.

We want to put together a gallery with contributed pictures that will be made available for users and to the internet to best describe breast shapes without having to coin names to them (read: “full on bottom”)

So you can pick from a picture instead than from a drawing:

Sounds good?

Then please consider submitting your pictures (you don't have to be a user), they are completely anonymous and one advantage of having your picture there is that you will have it easier than anybody to pick your own “shape” ;)

Contribute to the Breast Shapes project!

We need all possible boobs :D

Please help spread the word, as this will need to have a lot of pictures to be fully comprehensive!

Update 201-09-09

We have launched the breast shapes gallery.