Since Bratabase started, I decided not to worry about cup consistency across brands, at the end the system would realize that an F cup in one brand, may be similar to an H cup in another. Which is fine.

The problem arises when there exists cup inconsistencies within the same brand. That is, for different countries, some brands show different cup sizes. It is not be strange to see:



UK:28E - US:28DDD

Which brings us to the problem of which cup size to enter when you add your bra, and how to know if a 28DDD equals 28E on the same brand or not?

I have given a lot of thought to the problem and am close to a solution, but I want to make sure this solution does not leave anyone behind (or the least possible)

For that, I'm asking you to please send me a picture of your bra labels, as many as you can of all the varieties you can find.

How to send:

  • Send me an email to
  • Add your bra label picture to your bras, I will be looking at that information too
  • Tweet to @bratabase with a link to your picture

I have found different labels within the same brand:

Freya bra tags