Do you have a blog where you write about your bras? review them and/or comment on them?

Well, now you if you added those bras to Bratabase you can now link to those reviews instead of re-writing that review here.

Not only that, but by doing so, other Bratabase users will be able to vote on your linked review from your site by using the new Bratabase widget.

Linking your reviews

In order to link to your blog reviews, you should first indicate where will you be blogging from. Once you do that you will see an option to link to your review from the bra review page.

Your linked review will be shown as a snippet on the bra reviews list, with rich information about your blog post ;)

Here's an example by Bybabysrules

Linked review

The widget

By inserting the widget on your blog, users will see your Bratabase profile summary, such as your pictures, number of bras and other data. Now, then that widget is shown inside a page that contains a bra review, it will show voting controls for that review and the size and model of the mentioned bra, which will provide more information to your users while reading :)!

Here's a couple of examples by CurvyWordy and Denocte showing the widget on their blogs: