I’m really excited to bring you all this review. I bought my first Cleo by Panache brand bra and it’s a stunner. I knew that I wanted to try a Cleo because I’ve heard nothing but good things about the support, patterns and styles. I’ve also wanted to try new bra brands as well. I did a little online shopping with Nordstrom and lo and behold they had a few new Cleo options for me to try. I fell in love with the pattern on a balconette instantly and decided to get my usual 34G size.

Meet Meg from Cleo by Panache:

Center detail of Cleo Meg

Meg is a beautiful navy blue bra with silver and blue bird and silver tree branch print. It also features a red mesh detail along the top of the cup and the cups have scalloped edges. The bra’s straps are fully adjustable and includes 2 rows with 3 hooks on each row.

I bought this bra in my usual 34G, figuring that if it didn’t fit I could exchange it for a size that would fit. The band measures 1 inch shorter than my beloved Freya bras, but I don’t feel that the band is too tight on me. If anything, the shorter band helps support my breasts better. This bra is a true balconette, it pushes my breasts up while still fully supporting them. I usually have

Full frontal view of Cleo Meg Me wearing Cleo Meg 34G

When I first tried this bra on, I thought that it made my breasts look wide on the sides. I used a white t-shirt and two of my favorites, the Freya Naomi and Freya Jolie to compare the shape that they all gave me.

Wearing my Freya Jolie 34G

How Freya Jolie looks with a shirt on

Wearing my Freya Naomi 34G

![How Freya Naomi looks with a shirt on](http://media.bratabase.com/uploads/blog/naomi-comparison_small_watermark_bcfe6be1L.JPG

As you can see, both of these bras give me the same shape. The shape that these bras give me is more of a natural one in shape and size. I tend to prefer this look over my breasts looking round and pushed up. So if you’re a fan of the Freya Naomi or the Freya Jolie make sure to give the Meg a try in the same size.

At first I thought that the Meg made my breasts look pointy, but once I had the t-shirt on, you can see that it does not give a pointy look. The Meg gives my breasts more of a lift (as a balconette should) and I feel that it even minimizes them a bit. I feel like this bra would look good under sweaters to give an uplifted look.

Meg by Cleo is in a fun pattern without compromising support and comfort. I love the support and shape it gives me. The only thing that bothers me about this bra is a small wrinkle in the left cup, near the red mesh. It appears to be a defect in the fabric, so it’s likely that I’ll end up exchanging this bra for another Meg. As previously mentioned in Hourglassy’s post about the Cleo Meg, the fabric is stiff and I also wonder how that will change with washings. Overall, I was very impressed with the Cleo and its Meg balconette.