Last week I rolled out a new feature that allows you to ask other Bratabase users for bra fitting help regarding any bra you have. When asking for help, any user can write a suggestion and can vote on others to indicate which are most helpful. You should be familiar with this behavior from the bra reviews. The twist here is that the user who asked for help can then go ahead and pick which suggestions she found helped her sort out her problem and have that logged for prosperity.

Why is this great?

There is an amazing amount of bra fitting knowledge and experiences collected among the users, it can now be used to help you. You could have the same issue another user had and see how she fixed it, based on the same bra that you may have

How to ask for help?

First, you need to add your bra to the site. Then you should indicate how does the bra fit you and must add pictures of how the bra fits. These pictures should be of you wearing the bra from different angles, the more the best.

Read here for detailed instructions

Once you list your issue, feel free to share the link so other people can share their knowledge with the rest :D.