I'm sorry there haven't been many updates lately. I've been working on the site in order to introduce lots of important changes on how Bratabase works. The first batch is almost ready to go, which includes:

  • Now you can enter your measurements multiple times without overwriting the others. This is useful to help you know which bra may fit you under certain circumstances like pregnancy, holidays, hormonal changes, etc.

  • Simpler process to add a bra, since now you can report how a bra fits for each time you've measured the "Band fit/Cup fit" just didn't cut it any more. That's why when adding a new bra you won't be asked for much more stuff. All the other information is part of a process you can do later on :)

  • Updated list of your bras. Since There will be a bit more information to show I tried a bigger list to display your bras information.

With those changes lot's of other improvements were needed as the question of whether a bra fits or not got much more complicated by having multiple measurements (it fit before I got pregnant, then it didn't).

This is the first step towards more changes in the site, I am working on a big overhaul of the site's design which will be a long process and also working on a replacement for the Bradar which should hopefully work much better :)