I was reached by Joanne from Coco-Bliss ltd (the Kush UK exclusive distributors). She was kind enough to offer one of the new Kush Duo Packs (2 Kush, different sizes) to one of Bratabase users!!

So, I'll make a draw among the users who have participated in the site.

  • Must have minimum reputation of 20
  • Must have had activity of any kind in the last 3 months
  • Must have at least one measured and fitted bra
  • Must have entered boob measurements
  • Must be at least 18 years old

Each 50 points in reputation increase a chance, that is 0 to 50 get one chance, 51 to 100 get two, and so on :).

I'll make the draw on Friday August 5 and use data based on a snapshot taken that day.

If you don't know what a Kush is:

Kush is a breast support that women can use when sleeping on their sides – the firm, ultra-lightweight support is placed between the breasts in the cleavage space as woman lays on her side to sleep at night. It helps to alleviate the effects of gravity and pressure in the breast area, has been endorsed by a plastic surgeon and a chiropractor, and it can help prevent the shoulder being pulled forward and down often leading to back, neck and shoulder discomfort upon waking. It is particular suitable for larger breasted women, although any woman with a C-Cup bra size can use the Kush as it offers comfort (by maintaining the breasts in a more natural alignment when laying on one’s side) and also it may help prevent cleavage wrinkles caused by the gravity/pressure when breasts are unsupported. Kush is suitable for natural breasts, breasts implants, during pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause etc.”

If you win, you will be reached by me, then by Coco-Bliss ltd in order to arrange shipping and decide the best size to get. It would be cool though if the winner could send back a review telling her experience with the Kush :) .

Discount code for Bratabase users

Coco-bliss is also sharing a privileged discount code for any Bratabase user to get a duo pack for £26.99. You can order and find more information, testimonials etc on coco-bliss.com, just enter PRIV2011 in your order page to redeem it ;) .