We have a winner!!


After filtering out users who did not meet the criteria I was only left with 41 users.

I added the number of chances each user got, and took a random choice of that list:

['j', 'j', 'j', '1h', '3d', '3d', 'a4', 'a4', 'a6', 'cy', 'cy', 'cy', 'cy', 'cy', 'cy', 'cy', 'cy', 'cy', 'et', 'gi', 'gm', 'gm', 'gm', 'gm', 'gm', 'gm', 'hg', 'hg', 'hg', 'hg', 'hg', 'hg', 'if', 'lr', 'm7', 'mm', 'mm', 'ni', 'oj', 'pq', 'pq', 'pq', 'r8', 'wa', 'wa', 'wa', 'wa', 'wa', 'wa', 'wa', 'wa', 'wa', 'wd', 'wd', '122', '13t', '13t', '148', '150', '162', '166', '16a', '17m', '17m', '17m', '17m', '182', '185', '18k', '18k', '18o', '1av', '1av', '1c8', '1d1', '1d1', '1d1', '1d2', '1g2', '1gg', '1gg']
>>> choice(ww)

Special thanks to Coco Bliss for the Kush!

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