It's been a while since my last update, but that's because I've been pretty busy working on new stuff for Bratabase :) , here are the highlights:

The Bradar

Bradar - Bra recommendations

What this does is show you where are you located in the Bratabase "bra space" and why are the recommended bras being recommended to you or why you don't have any recommendations ;).

I'll make a post talking about this on more detail.

Short URLs and link sharing

Twitter share

I hope this one is useful because it costed money :P hehe.

Now I own the domain! so now you'll see a box inviting you to share the page you're seeing in Twitter or Facebook, and it will also show you the short url for that page since urls were getting a bit too long in order to preserve brand and model names :) .

So yeah, now there are shorter links to share :), so please do :D

Don't forget to folow @bratabase on Twitter and become a fan in the Facebook Group :).

Improved search

Similar bra sizes ins earch results

I should write a post about this too, but now the search bar you see on every page is improved (more than previous time) and I'm trying to improve it.

It will now suggest alternative sizes to search. If there are no bras in 32E it will recommend you to search in 32DD. You'll also see a small "Bra size matrix" with nearby sizes to navigate through your search! :D

Support for international sizing systems

Intternational bra sizing systems

Bratabase always allowed you to insert mostly any bra size when you add a bra, Although now when you ad a bra in European system or New zealand systems you'll see an equivalence next to it. So you'll see "34G" next to a "75G" bra.

I'm still considering to add these bras to search results, so when you search goe 34G you also get results for 75G.

Also, I'm still working on metric system which is used in Spain because it conflicts with the european system, since an 80 band in European system is a 36 in American, but an 80 in metric system is equivalent to a 30 band.

So given an 80G bra, I wouldn't really know what which one did you mean :( . Any suggestions?

Anything else you'd like to see fixed or improved? Let me know! :D