Hong Kong Polytechnic University has a course named "Intimate textiles and accesories" by Joanne Yip. Yes.. this is a course about lingerie.

Part of the course includes visiting a factory and the bra surgery:

... I give them an activity called Bra Surgery in which I ask them to use scissors to cut off a real bra and then answer some questions about components of the bra. (...) giving my students a chance to study a real bra carefully and to identify its components and materials

Key Features of this course (from the website) :

Intimate apparel is one of the recently blooming local industry that demands new blood who can think sharp, analytically and creatively. To facilitate the development of these higher order thinking skills, I have engaged students in a blend of authentic tasks to nourish their knowledge, practice their skills and more importantly, confront their thinking so as to help them achieve the outcomes of higher order thinking skills and generic abilities.