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Finally altered my Cleo Marcie » All bra adventures


Finally altered my Cleo Marcie

Let me begin by saying I am terrible with a needle and thread. In home ec, my bean bag animal fell apart and lost all of its beads as my teacher was grading it. A five year old could hand-stitch a straighter line than me. That being said, I totally nailed my first bra alteration! In yo face Ms. Vessie!

I love my Marcie and actually have another on the way. The wing height is perfect and it's the only bra I wear that is unlined and unpadded. I love the low profile it gives me on days when I just want my boobs under control. The only problem is the gore height. It's around 3 inches whereas my boobs can only tolerate up to 2.5 inches.

I've noticed that by forcing the wires down, there's some room for it to move towards the back of the wire channel. I kept doing this thoughout the day and the gore discomfort disappeared. I took off the bra and measured the lowered gore height: exactly 2.5 inches!

Now the tricky part. Threading that needle with matching coloured thread and making those few vital stitches in the wire channels to keep the wire from returning to its natural height. 25 minutes and 7 or 8 uneven stitches later and the channels were successfully closed! :) :) Now the top half inch of the gore is empty and kinda just floats over my boobs with the pretty bow still intact. Luckily, I have enough center fullness that the fit is not affected.

I'm wearing my lowered gore Marcie now and don't even feel like I'm wearing a bra. She's doing her job and I'm doing my job reporting my recent success :) It's amazing how even one little adjustment can make such an impact on comfort in a bra I could otherwise only wear for a couple of hours at a time. I hope this story inspires others who are unfamiliar with sewing to start small and see what that can do for you :)

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  • Good for you! And congrats on actually using a needle and thread. I'm afraid I've heard more than one woman admit to using a STAPLER in that area.

  • @wendybien I winced in pain just reading this

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