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Comexim's basic is all sorts of crazy awesome » All bra adventures


Comexim's basic is all sorts of crazy awesome

In the past couple months, I have learned a few things about my Comexim basic. #1: I was visiting family in June and they all decided to go to one of those new trampoline bounce places, but I was hesitant since I only had my basic with me. I decided to try it out anyway, and not one time did my boobs fall out while jumping, nor did I have to shove them back in like I would have with the Deco (where they'd have fallen out of the front). It was totally unexpected and crazy. My boobs not only stayed in place, but I bounced without feeling like they were going to rip off my chest.

I am very impressed!

#2 happened today. Husband & I went to a taste fest thing downtown (we are new to the area). I recently visited my parents and left my tennis shoes there, so I haven't been running. There was a tent for a running store that had Vibram shoes (the same company makes those hideous individual toe running/walking shoes, but mine are normal shaped runners with less padding). I'd been wanting to try them for a while (they change your running style completely-to be more like running in bare feet), so I found a pair that were my size and headed inside to walk on the treadmill to see how it felt. Wearing my basic again today (hadn't planned to run obviously, so didn't have my sports bra), as well as my Urkye tuba dress, but decided to give it a go anyway. Success! Same thing! My boobs didn't bounce around, they didn't feel like they were going to rip off my chest, and did not pop out of the middle at all!

I don't know how the Polish do it, but man am I impressed!

TL;DR: I managed to both jump on trampolines and run with just my Comexim basic, and it went really well! No spilling out/popping out, no feeling like my boobs were going to rip off, no feeling like they were going to smack me in the face. I am soooo totally impressed with this bra!

And props to my Urkye Tuba dress as well, as it stayed in place during my (albeit short) run, and didn't expose my bra once!

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  • Mentioning Comexim Basic (170) so this gets shown on its page, and also. I may paste the link to this adventure on your review for future reference ;)

  • Okeedokee!

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