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Bra hopeless-ness in Denmark.... Again » All bra adventures


Bra hopeless-ness in Denmark.... Again

Yet again, I ventured into a store, knowing they would not have my size... I knew they had Freya, so I went straight for that section. The Freya girl was quick to tell me that they had up to H-cups. In UK or EU sizes I ask? This left her very confused. In my attempt to demonstrate what I meant, I grabbed a bra, to show her that there are difference between cup sizes in EU and UK, but oh, Freya doesn't translate the sizes, so it said "75FF" for the EU size... She then cheerfully explained that this was a half size, between F and G. I responded that the UK system pretty much always used double letters for sizes, and that it is not half sizes, it is whole sizes, which is why FF is more like a EU H-cup. She was quite happy to tell me that this was what made Freya such a great brand, because it was one of those rare brands with half sizes. Oh my, what a load of BS. <--- this is why I am reluctant to apply for a job in a bra store, I think there is a limit to how much of bra ignorance being passed on to poor bra-searchers I can take....
I was however recommended to check out a bra store not too far from my uni, which on their website states that they have up to K-cups. I'll have to esquire what K-cups that might be. And I don't think I'll be buying bras from there, because all their Freya bras are listed for 1000dkr at their site! That's £107!! The most expensive Freya bra I could find online was £31. What, did they get flown to Denmark with elves or what? I really can't think of anything that would justify that big high of a price...

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  •! You should have asked her if Freya ever made BB or CC since those would be "half-sizes" as well, because that brand carries all the way down to a B.

  • Was the bra store near your uni Change? They're great and they have crazy sales a couple of times a year. Their facebook page should notify of sales, maybe they have an e-mail list as well. I've gotten great breas for as low as 5€ in Change.

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