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Which would you rather?

Many of us have to settle for a not ideal fit. What part of bra fit would you settle (if you have to)? Is there a particular thing that is a must over all the others?
I was talking with izzylawliet on twitter about this. I run into a gore vs wire width issue. If I size up to get a flat gore I have wires around my back. But if I go for a wire that fits the with then I have a lifting gore and some quad boob. It's a bit of a frustrating problem to have. It looks like I'll never get a true fit, so I'll have to rotate out my fit problems and settle with keeping comfort a priority.

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  • I am in the exact same boat with you. I can't stand too wide of wires. I rather have prefer quad boob. What can I say I love lots of cleavage! Explains why I go bigger soon.

    P.s this is lexis from JBI. :)

  • I can't settle for a floating gore. My boobs are very heavy and center heavy at that an I need the stability in the middle, so I put up with too wide wires and straps that cut off my arms.
    The last one is the worst thing I have to put up with an has left me with permanent discoloration of the skin -.-
    It's either that or loosening the straps and letting the bra drift south under the weight of my breasts.

    Bras that don't have that problem AND have a flat gore, without exception give me quadboob.

    I sometimes also put up with empty space at the bottom of the cup (it's not orange in The glass as all wires are too wide, it's my need for immediate projection and lack of bras that provide it) if I really like the bra.

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