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I currently only have 1 sports bra that fits me and it doesn't even fit well, it's the Panache wired one. It's way too tall, so there's empty space in the top of the cup (I have it in 32H). In the past when I was bigger I wore a Kris Line sports bra (75KK) holy shit it was good, but seems like it's discontinued or something, they've not restocked any sizes on their website for like a year at least.

Before I ended up with the Panache one I also tried one from Dalia Lingerie (polish) but my god that was the worst "bra" I've ever tried, it was so bad I didn't even put it up here I just threw it out straight away, it was an embarrasement how bad it was.

But I need more sports bras, but tbh the Panache one is so uncomfortable, but the KL was super comfortable.

So I am wondering if there's any other brands that do Sports bras and where the heck to find them (in EU). Allegro etc doesn't have much at all.

Nessa has 1 sports bra on their website and I am thinking about trying it but they don't have my exact size , only a sister size (70K).

On Lace Lingerie they have the Freya High-Octane Sports, but I really hate UK brands since they just make your boobs go east west, so I am guessing that one will just be similar to panache? (The other freyas I can just tell they're too east-west for me). Also it looks like it'll be very pointy from the side

Anyway the freya and the nessa are the only 2 I have found so far. Don't know much about other brands.

So I am looking for other recommendations :)

I'm about a 30HH UK size for normal bras.

Only requirement is that it is wired. but yeh any tips??

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  • I tried the Dalia sportowy and I thought it was fine!! I'm like one cup size to big to fit into it right now though.

    I thought it was pretty similar to Panache's sports bra, but Panache doesn't work for me.

    Dalia sportowy is like $120 cad through this website in Canada

    Is this the same one you tried?

  • yes that is the one I tried but in red. It gave me the droopiest shape I've ever seen, it was like it was pushing my boobs down past the band!! I can't remember if I threw it out-out or just tossed in my clothing donation bag, I will see when I get home in 3 weeks and actual post it haha.

    It had the strangest fit I am so suprised it worked for you, I was debating in my head when I got it if I got like a defect one because how could they fuck it up so bad :D

    And I ordered it from their actual website! It'll be too big for me now tho, I got it in a 70L (this was a year ago apparently, god damn I thought it was about 6 months ago :P)

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