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I need help for a project. all help is needed and welcomed! » All bra adventures

I need help for a project. all help is needed and welcomed!

I am going to try to calculate bra projection. I know, I know its much more than just how far a breast sticks out from a chest and how deep a bra is but I think a guide or scale can be made to rank bras by a calculable projection level which I believe can greatly benefit the community. Especially those who don't have time or money to buy and return hundreds of bras.
So I will need lots of data and help from all of y'all over time but right now I need a group of volunteers who feel they have one of the following
a) a good (or better) understanding of projection
b) know off the top of their head a list of bras that they would say are shallow or projected
c) know or feel they can look at a picture of a naked breast or a person wearing a bra and determine projection
d) has experience trying on bras that are too shallow or too projected for your shape and it took a while for you to figure it out
-basically knowledge or experience.
As well as a few "sample" sizes. I am a 38h/hh (still trying to find the right bra) So if you are my size and want to contribute pictures and other data please let me know. I WILL VET people to weed out any creeps but I'm not going to give away any specifics so creeps can't try to manipulate me.
I'm thinking of maybe making a discord channel to communicate but I'm open to other ideas.
Much later in the process I will need people to fill out some surveys (and maybe some survey testers to let me know if the surveys are understandable). If you are interested in being a part of the first batch of surveys leave a comment stating that or message me! And when it is survey time send it to your siblings, partners, friends, parents, any person equipped with boobs is needed.

Also any statistic or math oriented people will be needed so if you would like to volunteer with that aspect, let me know. If you aren't a math or statistic person but have a partner (or someone who can see your boobs or has their own boobs) who you think can help or would like to help please send them my way.
I am also interested in anyone who wants to help in any way.
Here is my starting overall project outline
Get volunteers and get data. As I said I am a 38h/hh so any people with my size contributing anything (pictures/measurements doesn't need to be time) is needed. Plus one or two more sizes in different band and cups probably a 32g+, something in a 28 band (whatever cup size has the most data), and also a 34 band (again whatever cup size I can get the most data for)
Using myself and other volunteers as an example, volunteer "experts" will look at naked breasts from me and others to obtain a ranking of breast projection both visually and hopefully mathematically. Then look at pictures of me (and others) in bras and determine projection based off visuals. Finally hopefully determine a method to calculate projection of a bra at different places of the bras construction. Make a preliminary scale or ranking of both breast and bra projections
Making a small test guide about visually determining breast projection and where in a bra a person might need projection, then posting it here and bratabase to get a wider range of feedback.
More volunteer pictures and data to hopefully confirm and support any determinations we have made.
Probably a few more repeats of steps 2 and 3
post a survey to get as much data as possible on many different bras
Create a final ranking/scale/guide/list or whatever of bras based on a calculable level of projection.

This is probably going to be a big project and take a while. But I want anyone reading this to know I will take help with whatever you are willing to give! Know of a specific person or subreddit or website or blogger or instagramer or youtuber or anyone else who may be interested in helping, send them a link! You want to provide pictures let me know! You want to take a survey at some point comment and I can know to send it to you when it's ready!

I will not be able to do this without community support and your data. Please feel free to message me privately if that's what you prefer. I also posted this on abrathatfits subreddit if you'd rather contact me there.

So again what I need first is longer term volunteers and/or experts and some pictures with measurements. All shapes, sizes, colors, genders, ages, AGAB's are needed and welcome to participate. Thanks!

P.S. I hope this doesn't break any rules and I hope no one is upset that I'm kind of unintentionally soliciting pictures of your breasts, I hope you can check my account to see I have added many bras and pictures of myself on here and am not a creep, just a desperate gal trying to make the bra finding experience better for everyone! I'll answer any questions or concerns you may have or need to feel comfortable joining this endeavor.

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